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Feel up above your shoulders, . . . . .
There under your skull, . . . . You will find. . . .

The History of the Future in Ages

An age where all of our technologies begin to come together
in a way that communication is changed.

A time when connecting the brain to the computer helps people with
disabilities..................everyone ends up wanting one.

Methods for bringing people back to life proliferate and people finally
learn to be comfortable with the idea of man made eternal life.

Nanotechnology and space exploration create a situation where nothing is.
S C A R C E.........all things... ------------as free as the air

This page considers what our world would belike if we connected the brain to the computer. Then learn how it produces the soul, Resurrect ALL People, Colonize the Universe, Live on FOREVER and EVER.

The next moment that you experience will be produced by the most sophisticated piece of machinery in the known universe. The Brain. It is happening right now, your brain is resurrecting you constantly. We are pulled along by these moments, and have no choice in this affair except to experience them one after another. Consciousness is an "ongoing process" that makes us seem to move through time and this phenomenon drags us along with it. There are billions of these resurrection machines functioning at this time. There seems to be no scarcity of these kinds of devices here on Earth.

Could we build a machine which could resurrect everyone that has ever lived? Can we create an artificial human brain? Can we learn how to extend human life? If the self is a pattern can it be duplicated. Will it be the same self? Does our particular self depend on this body, or for that matter, this time? If we gain the ability to live for 1000's of years, what will we do with all of this time? What about cryonics? How about plain old news? Why are we here, what is life and why must we die? These are the questions that have disturbed us since we were first able to ask them. What is being and what is the soul are equally problematical statements which we struggle with from youth until old age. Did we evolve from inorganic chemicles, through the evolutionary process or did a god or external entities create us, are the kinds of questions that can override common sense, when asked.


Our technologies have brought us
closer and closer...........
With the emergence of electronics
we have taken another step...
closer to each other....
Compared to communications..
of the past it is as if we
can read each others minds
We are on the verge of..
taking sensory data as far ..
as possible - short of.....
connecting the brain directly..
to the computer.......


--------- The Psychology of Virtual Reality ---------

Extension & Presence: Throughout history we have been learning to stretch ourselves outside of ourselves. We have been extending our minds outside of their natural location.

Motion & Animation: Since we invented and used tools we have been extending our sense of place into artificial locations where body is not body. A place further out beyond arms reach had come into existence.

------------- Telepresence In Cyberspace -------------

Presence in Space: Non-verbal and verbal language allowed us to identify with each other's experiences in a way that could be considered as reading minds.

Formal VR: With the arrival of virtual reality we have created a place, which is niether in our heads nor in the world.

Media & Presence: From the invention of the printing press, through electronic media, to the internet our technologies have allowed us us to get closer and closer to each other.

Anthropomorphisms: Our information devices are becoming humanized.

Reading & Creation of Place: The greatest virtual reality tool is the book. The reader creates everything; scenery, particular face, etc. . . from simple abstract symbols on a blank page. Where in other media many of these things are given. Until the computer is connected to the parts of the brain, that produce the phenomenon of reading and stimulates these regions in a likewise manner as reading, it will pale in comparison with the written word.

THE GLASSES: Soon all electronic media will seem to dissapear from society. All computers, phones, televisions, etc. . ., will be shrunken down and put into a lightwieght pair of glasses.

The Great Shrinking: Contact lenses will replace the glasses and electronic media will succeed in appearing to disappear from the world. The contacts will be replaced with artificial-multi-media-lens, which will be implanted in the eye.

INTERFACE: Then we will be ready to connect electronic media directly to the nerve cells in our brains.

WORLD WIDE MIND: The Global Village has influenced the occurance of mass movements like no other time in history. The infrastructure of a network is forming that will grow into a place we can go to that will become grafted onto ourselves and nature.

Extension & Presence

A place is created, out further than our limbs, when we participate incertain activities. Consider a construction worker coming to his or her job in the morning. She punches in and grabs her tools and heads for the site. Then when she begins to hammer in some nails she has to concenterate on where the end of the hammer is and where the force needs to be exerted. As the minutes pass the process becomes unconscious. Her limbs have been extended out further than the tips of her fingers. It is as if the hammer becomes a piece of a longer arm. Where is this new location, in here mind or in reality? There are many examples: Learning to drive a bike or auto, the person tilts or swerves until his or her mind is in the new space and it all goes as smoothly as walking. Many sports games use some sort of ball that has to go to some location. Is this location an extension of perceptional space? For that matter, this space that we occupy and consider real, could it be an artificial space also? We adapt to the length of our arms or legs as we grow and come to consider these lengths and locations as the real ones. Many electronic devices allow us to extent this perception of place out beyond distances that our senses can. When in a phone conversation with someone on the other side of the world, where would you be. Is there really some place that you both meet?

Stretching: Stretching out the sense of place beyond the ends of our limbs. All throughout history we have learned to stretch ourselves outside of ourselves further and further. Now with the cultural evolution of electronics, we have created Virtual Reality.

Modality: Poly Sensory Modality works by many parts of the brain converging their signals onto other regions which combine them together. Think of how much we depend upon combining two or more sorts of sensory impulses, sight and sound, and consider them as one phenomenon. When a cat hears the bark of a dog it may expect to see something that looks like a dog in it's visual feild. If it sees it running towards it it may imagine a bark. Conditioning works this way, we associate one thing with another and expect the two to occur together.

Virtuosity: The cat hears a dog and sees a dog in it's mind! Is this the ROOT of Virtual Reality? We have combined sensory modalities all along in order to create an experience with more of something than without this combination. Think of a tribal setting where masks and costumes are worn to influence the normal visual perception of everyday events. Then there are the drums beating away in a hypnotic rhythum. Add to this the dancing and movements that cause the participants to concentrate. Mix them all together and a virtual reality is created. This particular example leads to an event called The Trance.

Length: How far outside of ourselves can we pull ourselves? Can there be such a thing as the Psychology of Virtual Reality. Is that what phychology already is? Have we reached the end of how far we can pull ourselves outside of ourselves, short of connecting the senses directly to computers?

States: ALTERED STATES The trance spoken of above can alter the normal workings of consciousness. Sensory Deprivation can cause havec on the nervous system creating one altered state. Of course drugs can alter the smooth functioning of the engines of consciousness. Are these forms of altered state in any way related to virtual reality? Or are they more like a flashlight showing a spot on the wall... Compared to a complex picture produced by a movie camera? At this point in history you don't want to get your virtual realities confused.'

Forms: TRIBAL DANCING - CAVE PAINTINGS - DEVICES CREATED FOR PLEASURE - GATHERING TOGETHER IN GROUPS - PAINTINGS - PHOTOGRAPHS - MOTION PICTURES - STEREOPHONIC AND DIGITAL SOUNDS - THE INTERNET - FORMAL VIRTUAL REALITY - All of these show a smooth progression of pulling our sense of place out of our bodies into a projection -over-there- But now we have reached the end. We are combining amuesment park jerking and acceleration with visual scenes on screens and sounds pulsing out of high tech systems.

Extremes: Alas we have reached the end of the Information Age. We may be able to smooth some of these experiences out and pull ourselves further away from our place inside our heads. But now it is time to consider what our worlds might be like if we connected every one of the senses the ones used above and actually went to a place a place futher than we have ever gone a place just a few inches the other side of the skull.

Method: Since we are inevitably going to journey further and further outside ourselves it might be a good idea to create a psychology a method for understanding and measuring these events that we experience with our created technologies SENSE BENDERS. A method that can determine the merit of certain ways of using our illusions when these illusions climb to become to become REALITY.

Finale: POLY SENSORY MODALITY - What is Virual Reality? Are we living in reality? ..or are we only one other type of virtual reality? Could we possibly, if enough time passed, create REALITY?

Looking For The Motion

The is an E chord on the guitar. E is one note but this E is made up of 6 notes. Could this be a --META--NOTE--

Just Looking for the Motion Part Looking for the motion part. When I look at a movie projector or video tape I often wonder where it is at. I can speed up or slow down the -reel- but when it stops all that I see is a still picture. They say that because 26 of these frames go by every second that my senses are fooled into beleiving that there is motion up on the screen. Could this be how consciousness works? We do seem to be moving through time. Wait!, the motion from the film's activi ties is an illusion and I wonder if this is the proper way to consider our -selves-

By the way where exactly is the motion? Can't seem to actually find it since when I stop the film there is none. Think of a tape deck that records from one tape to the other at high speed. To people in real time it sounds rather fast.

If two consciousnesses where sharing information at this rate, what would it look like to consciousnesses that are moving along at a normal rate?

Project ing a movie up on the screen is actually a compli cated affair when looked at micro- scopic ally Light colors are filt ered from pigment molecules and there are an unbeleivable number of them on one still frame. A multitude of these micro scopic simual tanious events lead to each frame Then multiply this by 26 or so frames a second and the phenomenon of motion is observed.

The FRAMES OF CONSCIOUSNESS Each frame of conscious ness is likewise a multi tude of simual tanious events stream ing along in what seems to us an impossibility. Soon one frame of consciousness will be discovered and the hierarchy of units that contribute to it mapped out.

By the way, where exactly is the motion? Really just a set of frames that go by in a succession. What is between the frames? Perception of motion!

Hey Man Where are We at? We aren't OK? We are not real yet. We only seem to be real. It is our task to create real selves instead of virtual souls. Of course we are suffering from the illusion of real life. Ahh!-- to be real someday is a coool thought.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Looking for the motion? Why? Because it's like a magician's trick, our conception of the "frames of time". NOTHINGNESS isn't that the point? On a roll of motion picture film there is nothing between the frames. There has to be this nothingness inbetween the frames so that there can be a 'transition' between the events that lead the senses to perceive what is not there (this motion). The frames of consciousness when reduced to a certain degree disappear. The components are all that remain and they seem to not have the relation that would cause the complex phenomenon to arise. They must be combined in a rhythmic fasion, like with a musical instrument, so that the music of the self will emerge from the buzzes and vibrations of rattling strings.


Many neroscientists and philosophers have for some time compare the emergence of the self from the rabble of the nerve cells to an orchestra. A stage filled with all sorts of instruments trying to hamonize and get in time with each other is the perfect metaphor. The music moves through measures and plays in scales.


Once again grammer. There are all these levels, words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, chapters, entire works, libraries, etc.... each have a different set of rules for the smooth functioning of the entire mess. Try and think in this manner about musical complexities. Then there is the matter of timing. Half notes, quarter notes, etc... at one level could be considered as frames which transit from one to the other. These notes are warnings to the musician of when to play something, when to not play something and to play certain lengths of something, (vibrating noises). Inbetween the notes there is silence, nothingness, void, the part that allows us to hear clearly the noises when they are made.

Like a book with hundreds of thousands of letters that portray sometimes the entire world, something truely magical takes place when all of these musical elements are combined in the appropriate manner. When reduced to the basic elements, notes and timing, most people are confused with all of the components. But a trained musician does not see confusion but sees what all these notes add up to. They would see all these notes on the paper and could perform a reductionism, but it would be far from the naive reductionism of the novice.

This is what seems wrong about the reductionist analysis; When taken apart the components loose many of their obvious relationships to each other. When a segment of music is broken into a small group of elements the similarity and the ability to be timed with each other, appear to disappear. Something is missing in the purely reductionist approach: THE RELATIONSHIP OF THE QUALITIES THAT ARE NOT SO APPARENT but that must emerge when the whole thing is set in motion. SYNTHESIS!

Instead of dwelling upon reductionism we should concentrate on the analysis of these relations, as in music, of timing and scales, (similariry). Because it is true that certain qualities seem to disappear when the components are taken apart, slowed, speeded, etc..., does not mean that an attempt at understanding these parts, singly and togeter, is futile. We need a science that takes acount of the relations of qualities and a more precice quantification of elements timing and harmony.

Once we have sufficiently understood the combination of these qualities, of timing, transition, harmony, etc... the claims of reductionism will no longer mute the debate. When we comprhend anything, in it's entirety, aren't we making a synthesis of all the components. To deconstruct reality with it's equivalents of letters, words, sentences, etc..., put the peices of the puzzle together, and create a METHOD for organizing all types of component systems, is a goal that reductionism snear's at.

Think again of harmony, timing and rhythem. Imagine three chords on a guitar; E, D, and A. Each chord consists of notes that are parts of a scale. These are notes that show a similarity with each other in a way that when sounded they harmonize with each other, they don't make a stale twang when played together but sound as if they belong together. Although each chord is made of notes in a particular scale, each chord has a note name itself, sort of a Meta-Note made of single notes. From this point we loose sight of qualities and invisibility adds magic.

When a musician learns a peice of music he or she practices by repitition the configurations and transitions over and over again until he or she can play this peice of music without thinking about it. This is the proper reductionism! The artist finds the magical thing; THE SONG. This method should not be called reductionism but syntoreduc or someting, (taking apart and putting together.)

Old school reductionism would lead us to believe that we could not possibly put together a jigsaw puzzle.

Presence in Space

Take a friend to a large gymnasium or warehouse. Set freind in the middle and have a... communication. Walk away until her voice becomes. inaudeble. Mark with tape the area where... her voice becomes inaudeble. Whithin this circle as you walk around you have vocal omni presence since wherever your position, as long as you... are within hearing range, you can move... around at the same time that you can hear... everything that your freind says. Outside of this range presence diminishes.


Now perform the same experiment with a cell phone while driving around your town. As long as you are within the range of one of the towers... that recieve and send the signals you will... experience electronic and vocal omni-presence. No matter what speed you are moving the voice on the other end will seem to be right there. Simple vocal range has been -extended- out beyond the normal range of the Ear.




Presence is something that is limited by the method of sending information back and forth and it's range that this communication maintanes integrity. The integrity of the original formation of the information packaged into a form that represents another source of information.

Within this range there is a psuedo omni-presence outside of this range and there is a time bound limited and diminished presence.

Within this range, communication is nearly instantanious. In some situations, even in near omni-presence the communication can take very long. As in sending and receiving information to and from outer space, but, in spite of these delays, a kind of enhanced presence takes place.

If two consciousnesses are moving along at different rates, the one moving faster interprets the slower consciousness as moving slower. Think of a duel tape deck that records from one tape to another, at high speed. To us, at our rate of consciousness, it sounds like gibberish because it is moving so fast. But the tape that is recording this signal is moving at the same, speeded rate, as the tape that is producing the sounds. When we play back this high speed recording at normal speed it sounds normal.

The sun shows itself in 24 hour cycles and this has to have had some influence on our timing. We all share a basic range of cycles per second that our consciousness can function properly within. If we could break free of this biological constraint and cause consciousness to move along at extremelly faster or slower rates, would we suffer from a local time dialation effect?

If two people could slow down their consciousnesses greatly (to a level that would be interpreted as brain death now) would people around them appear to be moving and communicating very fast? Would these two people appear as statues to the people in normal consciousness rates?

Would this constitue a sort of time travel effect? Suppose that two people slowed their consciousnesses down to the rate where one hour, in the normal world, would equal one minute, in this slowed rate. To the people moving along at the slow rate the day would appear to take 24 minutes to go by. Things would appear to be moving rather fast around them and seem like a blur. Let us hope that htese people who take 24 minutes to see our 24 hours are in a safe a secure location since at those rates they may not be able to respond to events taking place in the realm, where consciousness moves along at our speed.

Suppose the reverse, that two people were communicating and moving along at a very fast rate of conscioseness. Where one hour in our normal time would take one minute to go by in their speeded up state. These people would see the world and it's motions as moving in slow motion. Many current VCRs have a slow motion button which is a good illustration of this effect.

Spin a vynal record, while it is playing, at different speeds and the music will be greatly distorted, (unless you can turn this effect into a rhythmic style, as in current music). We only know of this one range of rates for our consciousness. From waking in the morning to a stressfull fast thinking situation, our brains allow consciousness to move along anywhere from 10 to 17 cycles per second, (the frames of consciousness). These are the rate variations that our ongoing consciousnesses are trapped in.

Now suppose that we invented some technology that would allow us to increase or decrease this biologically imosed rate. Suppose that we could change the miniscule 10 to 17 cycles per second to .001 to 1000 cycles per second. If we could free ourselves from the biological boudries and move along anywhere between these two rates, which rate would most people choose? Would people change rates constantly to adapt to each particular situation or would most be attracted to one arbitray setting?

While travelling the highways many conversations start on the CB radio, Often times on channel 19. When the conversation picks up people say, let's go over to another channel, say 15, where there are not many people trying to talk at once. Is this how people will float between differing rates of consciousness?

If you were irritable or impatient waiting for something you could slow down and whatch the world go by, faster. If you were in a defensive mode you could speed up so as to be a step ahead of other rates of consciousness around you.

In stories about time travel most of these concepts are worked out but similarities break down when, say a person goes back in time and encounters his or her self. We may learn to travel through time at extremely different rates but these rates are only the rate of consciousness. That is why the phenomenon, described on this page is called The LOCAL time travel EFFECT, because between to extreme rates there is only a limited time travel effect; a local time travel effect.

The Glasses

...THE GLASSES...The location of information will not be as important as it has been all along...THE GLASSES...The information will begin to be on us at all times and a revolution in the way that we find out things will begin...THE GLASSES...It is already happening now but we still have to go somewhere or do something to get the information...THE GLASSES...The information that will become as available as television is in our living rooms.

Consider how light travels through glass. When light hits the atoms on the surface of the glass it is absorbed and then re-emited to nearby atoms which then do the same. By the time the light has travelled through the glass it is hard to consider it the same light that entered, even though the pattern is maintained. So when looking through glass the light has been altered and manipulated and seeing through glass, could in one sense, be compared with what happens with television viewing.

Place a pair of regular glasses on and look at something about the size of a movie screen. While holding your head still move your eyes around the rim of the glasses. Notice how the movie screen is smaller than the area that you are looking through in the lens. Once, see through liguid crystal screens, or whatever technology allows us to achieve this concept, is established, a home television will seem very small in comparison.

What would life be like if the equivalent of a movie theatre view, along with all cable channels and the internet, were resting on the bridge of your nose, at all times? Much information and knowledge would be available that would not be available in many normal situations at this time.

In many SciFi movies, we the audience are privy to a cyborg's visual experience. The cyborg typically see's what we see but with the addition of --INFORMATION OVERLAY--. To overlay and combine with normal sense data information about what we are looking at, could become a plus to human experience.

Not only could the glasses walk us through most every complex skill imaginable, but we also may find extra information on the most mundane and banal subjects. For instance, suppose you are out on a walk in the park and you turn your cyberpedia sensitivity on high. Look at that tree and a complete description will -overlay- the visual experience. See a hill? Your flooded with geological data and particular histories of this region. Knowing what you see, then, may become rather addictive.

Not only will the answer to most questions become nearly instantly available but it will be superimposed right over the real world. Wallpaper the real world with anything that is known. Isn't that what the world is already like? Imagine a short trip.

Imagine riding along a freeway far out in the country. Scenery on both sides of the highway stand out - nature. As you approach the next city what shows up along side of the road? SIGNS!!!! Billboards and signs galore but you are still able to drive well with all of this visual noise. Is this how it will be with The Glasses? Will reality become littered with signs and information about everything in the visual field?

Information has always been available but we had to go to a library or some source to pick it up, in the form of black marks on white paper (coded rerepresentations of events and phenomenon). The information has always been somewhere "over there". This will not be the case with the glasses since most available information will be there on the base of our noses, and there at all times, -no closing hours-. It will no longer be unnessessary to make location changes in order to find the info that we need.

Up until now we have retrieved information that we need from certain locations. Then we either had to memorize it or bring it with us to the location where this information was needed to perform the desired actions. The Glasses will combine the needed information with the location in a way that will allow each of us to be experts on the scene. (Or at least like having an expert there whispering the next move into our ear)

Putting the world on the brim of our noses will allow us to bypass many of the complications that result from the situation geography revolving around the availability and places of information. Thus, with the arival of The Glasses, will begin the end of our dependance upon the location of information as a determining factor on how we use this information!!

The transition will be as revolutionary as the telephone's ability to allow people to communicate over distances that took much longer before thes devices existed. Once these glasses can communicate with remote computers, in a wireless fasion, we will have all knowledge available at all times. This will change many situations and allow for the emergence of The Onboard Human Computer. Our task will be to learn how to be around the answers to every question without having to go through the process that we do now, going to places to get ahold of this information.

A conflict will arise within educational institutions over how to manage this increased availability of all information at all times. Should students be allowed to adapt to having all of the information available without struggling to find it? Should students be able to answer questions with information that happens to be on them? Henceforth the educational process will shrink to such a degree that human beuaracracies may find it hard to "fit" in the institution.

If miniture video cams were put in these glasses one could be more prepared to explain his or her whereabouts. In a legal dispute this kind of information could be supplied by simply playing back the time in question. As the legal system adapts to this situation, radical changes in evidence and testimony could ensue. A person who did not have the glasses on, during a specified period, could become suspect since every minute was not accounted for. People will begin to feel uncomfortable, with peers and the laws, if they cannot either have their activities recordered or have these evidences that could easily mute a potential conflict.

All the syndromes and tribulations written about on subsequent pages truely begin with the emergence of these Glasses. For instance; consider the effects of the availability of so much information on the internet and the conflicts that are forming up around it. Much more so that the library and all knowledge rests on the smeller.

The Disappearance of Technology

TO DISAPPEARANCE: To pass from view suddenly or gradually. To cease to be.
HIDDEN: Being out of sight; concealed, obscure, unexplained.

Many complex objects are now disguised as if they were simple. Sometimes people try their hardest to hide the way the complex inner workings, if easily seen, would take away from the overall appearance of simplicity. This kind of style will come to dominate the creation of objects that will increasingly become filled with computer chips and mechanical parts, as cameras and cell phones are now filled with such things.

Once the outward appearance of our objects do not require any sign of the complexity contained in them, people will want to make them look older and older. When the functionality is seperated from the appearance our devices will be freed from the tyranny of utilitarian design and begin to look any way we want them to; sometimes complex but probably more often than not simple while still consisting of complex inner parts.

Once this approach becomes popular there will be a stage where people will look down on anything that trys to look technological. "In," will be hidden but our devices will have much technology inside of them. Though this technological "look" may come in and out of style, no longer will advanced technology rule the appearance of everything and all styles, past and present, will be welcome.

Our houses will become absent of things like phones, radios, television sets, computers, etc..., and furniture arrangement will become disassociated from objects that once aligned them. Except for lighting, plumbing, and kitchenware, houses may take on a bleak sort of look while being simultaneously high tech.

Once our garments become intelligent and able to sustain our body temperature anywhere, we may not even need to live inside of structures. If we can then simulate any environment and the sights and sounds anywhere could be home and the term homeless may not mean what it does now. The requirement for physical structures may be radically altered, though most people will still prefer to live inside of them. A corperate executive could be laying on a beach or high in the snow covered mountains, with nothing but a pair of sunglasses and a few garments directing the workings of an economic giant from thousands of miles away. This while appearring simply to be tourist taking it easy.

Like any other trend, this movement whether in or out at the time, will alter the appearance of our environment from what it has been during the last 100 years. Our gadgets will be on us and this will clean out the clutter of technology that has dominated the 20th century. A scene from a millennia ago could look and feel more modern than some of the contemporary settings that will result from this disappearance of technology!

The first major step in this direction will come when information processing devices shrink to the point where the casing that contains them will have to be artificially inflated just to take up enough space to even appear to be something. Style will once again dictate the size and shape of objects instead of utilitarian practicality and taste will express itself in our surroundings.

When all of our present electronic media, phones, radios, talevisions, computers, and internets, all fit in one lightweight pair of glasses, technological design will not be such a determining factor in our world, as itis now and has been for some time. People could actually look like they were from a time centuries ago but still have all technology on them at all times.

Compendiumation of Reality

Most books are written by single authors but some are compendiums.Thatis many authors write a single chapter, an editor places them in a particular order, and when read it seems like one book. This especially when each author writes his or her chapter with the theme of this book in mind. Some compendiums are collections of writings by different authors who did not have a particular book theme in mind but all the writings together read like one book anyway. Most ancient religious texts are compended documents assembled by people who did not write them.

Universities have turned this into an entire methodology. Reading many authors, writing on one field of knowledge with differing narrative styles, is good for students when they need to pick up the gist of a subject.

The internet has much compendability potential and could be considered a "giant_book." There will be much opportunity for groups to tie it all together in a way that any subject could be studied by hopping from site to site around the world.

As the internet merges with society many areas of copywrite law will be weakened or even bypassed. Those who insist upon only putting out samples may loose out to those who simply organize scattered free essays into similar and more complex works.

Students and profesionals will begin to "hunt and gather" many scarce works and compend them together, making the internet into a huge literary work that no single book could ever rival. Because compended information can be attained so quickly and it's depth is so great for any subject, this type of availability may literally threaten the book's position in culture.

Once compendiumationalism becomes mainstream everyone may begin to learn how to piece anything together quickly and become psuado-experts, just like that. This will have a great effect upon libraries which may quickly become portable and accessable like telephones are now in the home, work, or on every corner.

A new "theory of knowledge" will emerge which will be based on availability of all facts atall times. As information technologies continue to shrink this knowledge will not only be available at all times but will also fit on the body, sometimes hidden. All that will be left to do will be to connect all of this compended knowledge directly to the brain and put it all under the control of thoughts.

Poly-sensory modality allows many parts of the brain to compend sensory and visceral impulses together into one experience. As in hearing a sound while your eyes are closed and being able to form a picture of what may be making that sound.

Once all of this new type of compended knowledge is connected directly to the brain a true synergy will occur between the information stored outside our bodies and our perception of reality. Much of this will then "bypass" the sensory apperatus altogether. The real question is how we will deal with the information establishment, spread far and wide across the land, when they shrink down and don't need the bulky structures anymore and are then either put on or inside of our bodies. What will we do with all these older forms of information dispersal?

Cyber_Politics & The Cyber_Quarum

Since the formation of tribal politics; tribes, cheifdoms, paramount cheifdoms, through the many forms of the state; authoritarianism, democracy, and totalitarianism -left-or-right-, there has been a dual trak of "wills." The will of beauracratic forms and the general will of -the-people-.

As communication technologies advanced from marks, pictures, words, printing, through electronic media, the will of the people has found many ways to express itself. These mediums allowed information to spread around in ways that did not exist before them and hence the beauracratic will had no need to control.

Beauracracies quick to curb these new methods of information dispersal did so in order to protect their position, which could easily be taken over by the masses. Wether out of fear that the masses would get out of control and either destroy society or that the governmental structure itself would be threatened, power was exercised over any "medium" that could influence this s_i_t_u_a_t_i_o_n.

With the formation of formal democracy these "wills" clashed in new ways with the general will competing with the beauracratic will more intensly than ever before in history. With all these new freedoms, governments had to try other technics for avoiding the tyranny of the masses and the wars between the newly formed factions and parties.

Instead ofjust deciding what was right for "the people," in an authoritarian manner, beauracrats had to listen to and become influenced by what the people desired. The authoritarians became representatives and depended upon the will of the people for the position they took in the regulation of their governments. A "grey region" emerged where, before running the government, polititians had to interact with the people, through campaigns etc...


As campaigning evolved in this grey area of interaction from newspapers, bull horns, train rides, to the radio chat, the media formed into a psuedo 4rth branch of the government. The type of news media began to exercise control over which candidates madi it and which didn't. This influence as a reflection of the will of the people.


Nearly instantanious portrayals of events in the world became common and and an "instantanious-awareness" came about which caused much kaos to form up around issues. Although the people accepted their role of choosing representatives they became aware of the potential they might have in influencing the day to day functions of the government. They were aware of what was going on but realised that all of this was still up to the representative beauractrats to decide.

Wether it was ending wars, impeaching the president, rallying behind the cival rights movement, or influencing a newer form of women's rights, it was apparent that the television, as an information dispersal mechanism, had at least some influence on the general societal awareness of the times. Beauracrats had to learn ways to deal with this new tendancy of the masses.


In certain cases of the origin of representative government a peculiar series of events sort of brought it about naturally. In the places where legislation was made all citizens could fit in it and vote on each piece of legislation. Then as the population increased everyone could not fit anymore and thus representatives were created to stand in for them. With the arrival of the internet the building may have just expanded enough for everyone to fit in it once again.

If the peculiar variety of awareness, resulting from television could have such apowerfull effect on society, what will happen when, with the internet every citizen could potentially vote on every bill or action taking place in congress or micro-manage the execution of that legislation? Could the psuedo 4rth branch of government -the-media- evolve into a true 4rth branch through the internet? Could people's desire have a direct influence on legislation as a new block of votes on the floor?

If so would the block of votes require a sort of "cyber_quorum?" When legislation is considered there must be at least a minimal number of legislators present before they proceed with the buiseniss of the day. Could this happen to the public also? Once the ability to directly control the government arrives will people still be satisfied by simply electing people that seem to reflect their will?

In many commitees non-governmental experts testify and influence the course of legislation directly. Could "the-people" begin to take on this kind of role once it is possible for them to do so? If all of the information that these experts would use is available, instantly, to the people could they fairly make a descision "for-themselves" on even themost complex bills?

The polling industry wether, media, party affiliated,or governmental census, etc..., could turn into a legitimate form of governmental regulation. Corperate entities which perform these enquiries could evolve into and take over from the media, the 4rth branch of government; the executive, legislature, judiciary, and THE-PEOPLE!! But a hazard, as usual, will come along with this new situation. The information that people base their descisions upon,must be at least asdependable as the information that non-governmental experts use when they influence the direction of legislation.

Some mechanism must be in place that ensures against the tyranny of the majority and the harmful results of factional wars over issues. The formation of polls themselves must go through a similar process as the formation of legislation. A poll must not be simply a bunch of questions but a package of educational material which illuminates all sides of the debate fairly.

Once the 4rth branch comes to full power and the other branches loose more and more ground, could traditional beauracracies take a revolutionary turn? Might the entire governmental apperatus appear to disappear as our shrinking technologies are appearing to now?

Note on Technological Forcasting

Most of the time when people speak of possibilities they often have one deadly hidden premise embedded within their statements. If this, basically true assumption were brought out into the open immeadiatly many problems would be solved.

That assumption is: By today's standards and with today's technology, this or that endeavor is not possible.

Often times the general vagueness of these hidden portions of statements would lead listeners to believe that this or that will never be possible, no matter how much further our technology develops.

In most cases it is not the intention of the expert to make things look like this but it is still sloppy considering what influence authorities have upon people who, laymen or novice, hinge upon every single word.

Be it how much the computer can do to what is possible in outer space, listeners can easily be swayed to induce that this will always be the case.

This ambiguity has been used repeatedly in the past as a ploy to muddy the waters of debate so that a clear answer was not to be found. Argueing a position with this method the proponent, without appearing to do so, leads a listener away from the subject at hand.

Computers, for instance: There are many experts who believe one way or the other that computers could or could not perform all of the actions that the human brain can. The hidden assumption of, by the present technological standards it will never be possible, can mislead listeners into believing that it could never be possible under all circumstances ie; future history of computing.

One should immeadiatly ask the question; HOW LONG SHALL THIS PERSIST?

If the rate of technological development over the last 100 years were used as a standard, can we even imagine what information devices will be like in 100 years? What about in a 1000 years? If humans can survive for 10,000 more years, it would take some mighty powers of prediction to say anything about what these things will or will not be able to do.

When words such as:

Impossible To Many Variables Unlikely Not Possible To Complicated Unpredictable Not Calculatable Uncomputable Couldn't Happen Never

are used in statements it may be a good idea to find out just what the implication means.

Although something may be impossible by today's state of technology does not add weight to the assumption that our technology has advance as far as it will!


Connecting the brain to the computer
Dealing with the invasion.......
....of the world into the self.......
Confronting the privacy issue.......
Learning how the brain produces the self
Learning to live inside of each other
Bypassing them with connections.... the brain.........
The change that will come about in...

Being alone will be a scarce commodity... Artificial organs and robotic limbs are two strong pieces of evidence that we are about to merge with our technologies. An entirely new world is about to be opened up when the brain is connected to our electronic devices. A world where everything will be -closer- than the finger tips.

The Human Onboard Computer The brain will become connected to computers and will allow people to have all knowledge on the tip of the tounge. The concept of "photographic memory" could become meaningless and memory will not be such a predominant factor in education. Download a career and then let it make your body move as if you have been doing these complex skill for years. When the blind and deaf can see and hear, with the help of man made devices, we will begin to become one with our technologies. When they have superiour sensory perception, than normal humans, everyone will want one. And thus, will begin, -The Interface Craze-.

The Blanket: A thin flexible sheet of computers that will cover the entire outer brain just underneath the skull bone. It will consist of 1000s of fibers which will be able to pass electricity either to or from it's targeted nerve cell. Mixed with these fibers will be 1000s of micro-cell-phone-like devices which will be able to recieve or transmit electromagnetic radiation.

Cyber Neural Crime Once the skull bone is replaced with microchips, that connect with the brain, we will begin to enter a world where we will be literally connected to each other. We will send more and more of ourselves to each other when we engage in simple communication. We may learn how to read each other's minds, play back any time in our lives as in re-living it as entertainment. How will entertainment change when the viewer experiences the event from the protagonist's (experience)? An entire realm of crime will emerge in which people can use leaks, that slip out during normal communication, for their own profit. A sort of possension could take place when we learn how to travel within each other. Troubling times could be just around the corner.

Mood Ware Once we run our fibers down into the brain we may contact parts of ourselves that will allow us to stimulate moods and emotions. What will happen when any controlled substance can be mimicked by electrical patterns? How will we veiw sex when orgasm can be had with the flick of a switch? Mood control will take on an entirely new meaning when a person can wake up in the morning and feel like the night before.

Those parts of the brain brain involved in the development of moral reasoning should become interconnected into the system.

The Inner Police We need some sort of enforcement system, The Inner Police, that will allow people to think anything they want but when they try and move their limbs in a way that will harm others, that motion will not take place. Nerve impulses, from the brain to certain muscles, which would cause the harmfull act, will be blocked. A crime free society could become a possibility. As onboard defense systems continue to shrink the individual may not have much control over the firepower released when his or her's bodily space is threatened.

Big Bro ther-Little Brother, the entire government could dissapear from the land and reside just beneath the skull. Privacy and personal papers will take on extreme meanings with access to thoughts and memories regulated by the host. An onboard mechanism which will know ALL of your secrets and intentions. Unlike Big Brother, Little Brother will not be able to reveal this information to anyone. It will be un-hackable and will not allow you to harm others.

Mind Read Since the origin of the human race we have been trapped alone and life has had this, seemingly insurmountable, mystery, attached to it. What would happen if we solved it and glimsped, for the first time across this barrier and learned what it was like to be inside of someone else? People will begin to communicate without speaking out loud, instead they will broadcast their thoughts to one another. Telepathy will become an everyday experience since the nerve impulses, normally sent to the muscles of the voice box, will be sent directly to the listener's brain that normally translates heard sounds.

The Great Migration There will be a "Great Migration" from human to robot; Cyborg. Will we become robots or will robots become us? Will we have to fight with the robots to gain a safe place where our souls can reside? We are setting out on a journey out of these bodies and they may slowly become -left behind-.

Balance and Vesibule by Inner Ear Creations

The Sense of Balance
Within the Inner Ear there is a sense organ that helps you detect changes in the motion and position of your body. This organ mainly detects changes that take place when your body moves.

Simply put; there is a little bowl of fluid and small hairs that protrude up into this fluid. When your body changes position this bowl of fluid acts like a glass filled with liquid. If you make a swift motion this fluid moves in a similar way as water does in the glass. The hairs protrude up into this fluid, and sway back and forth, like stems of plants that live under water. The hairs produce electrical signals when they are moved by this fluid, which are then relayed to certain parts of the brain. These parts of the brain then recognise and interpret what these signals mean; you feel as if your position has changed.

Think for a moment about a roller coaster ride. What produces the sensation of radical movements and elation? The Vestibular Organ!-!-! located inside of you ear.

The Mind Plug We have created a mind plug-in to end all plug-ins. Other virtual reality technologies manipulate sight and sound facilities in your brain. Some even make the brain smell. What about your sense of balance? Get wired today down at your corner surgeon's and you will gain the ability to close your eyes and totally loose you "sense of place"

We know that everyone has been ripping their heads up trying to get the latest upgrade jacked in, but Vestibule is worth another scar. So get plugged in and set back for the ride of your life.

This device will make you feel as if you are actually moving, even when your eyes are open and the world does not seem to be going along with these sensations. Spin around and get dizzy or set in a chair and adjust Vestibule for a more intense sense of dizziness.

Set back and play "Roller Coaster". You will close your eyes and be taken to a place that only an amuesment park could take you. With Vestibule activated, and the coaster software installed, your freinds might see you jerk and twitch and wonder what the problem is. If they have never tried Vestibule they simply won't understand what you are going through.

The ultimate "SURECON" will connect over 75% of the fibers radiating from the vestibular organ.

With this new new method, "MillProbe" will branch and carry two or more signals simualtamiously on a single artificial nerve fiber. Our latest upgrade will make our virtual reality seem like reality compared to what other VR Tech firms are now offerring.

Blanketing the Sensory Cortex

Sensomatic Division at F I B E R C O N.

The Sensory Somatic Cortex: This region of the brain recieves and relays to other areas of the brain, signals from the viscera, muscles, and skin that we interpret as sensation inside and outside of our bodies.

Aside from the major sensory organs, sensory nerves in the skin and muscle allow us to percieve changes taking place in or around the body.

When the -Blanket- is lain over these areas there will exist the equivalent, in sensation of all these bulky and sweaty Virtual Reality Suits and Gloves that allow the person to get control over a remote object and the suit or glove allows the person to feel feedback in the form of presence from these devices (telepresence).

Many VR devices floating around are really nothing new. Since the beginning of the human race we have been foolong the eyes with cave paintings, dress, and ceramics. Visual VR is the oldest form of human sensory deception

SomaCon adds depth to experience. This wonderful new product can make VR like really being there. Here at FIBERCON we can wire you up for a poly-sensory illusion that you will not forget!

Once again; the older methods only give you a partial experience, short of real sensory perception, while FIBERCON's mission is to emulate not simulate. Close your eyes and imagine jumping in a lake. Think of the cool water rushing around your entire body. Now jump into a cold shower and notice how widspread the sensation of temperature ans wettness spread around your entire body. Compare these two experiences and one of them will certainly seem weaker than the other.

We are talking about a cool experience and this has not been attainable with the bulky full body suits that have been selling like crazy. It is hard enough to keep the temperature down in these suits, let alone to simulate the rush of cold water permeating your entire body. These suits have detracted from the experience and left you wet and hot at the wrong times.

Now if you would just come and let us lift you skull and make the bed you will see that FIBERCON has your quality of illusions in mind. Once we lay down the new and improved Blanket you will have to suffer no more with the heat and sweat generated by these supposed vactions from the body.

Come on in today, it's as simple as trip to your dentist's office and we will have you back out in the streets within hours. Your JACK wil be ready to recieve mega-no multi-phone signals simualtaniously. Before you reach the parking lot you could let someone (wired to motorcon) send you an experience they partace; for instance swimming in the ocean. Sharing another's experiences is only one of the benifits since many of these live experiences have been stored for you enjoyment whenever you may want to purchase them.

Hot / Cold - Dry / Wet - Pressure / Non-Pressure make your choice today since all of these will possible for you without fooling with one intelligent garment, just think it and you will BE it!

Warning: not tested for activities that take alot of concentration (unless combined with AttentionSpan)

like driving and controlling other equipment. New mindware will soon be created that will let you go and still be there.

Neurowiretapping Computer to Brain

Areas 4 Wiretapping Brains To wiretap is to make a parallel connection that will let the signal pass down the element as usual and at the same time influence its passing.

Dream - Ware Control your dreams and program them in any way you want. Set up the plan and then click on DOZE. Awake in any world you can imagine. Visit a world for enjoyment. Visit one to make your daily experiences become long term memory. Even set up a world where you will upon awaking know any skill or knowledge area and even enjoy the learning process as a memorable event.

Mega Sentence Cruncher Ever have a problem constructing your ideas in a complex manner and then speak them to others? Wouldnt you like to be able to arrange multi sentencs as well as a congressman or laywer? A statement where the phrases between the and, or but, hence, wherefore, therefore, heretofore, consequently, etc... rang out as clearly as a normal conversation about the simple things of life? So clear, in fact, that what you want to say cannot fit in one breathe? Then this cruncher is 4 U. Check out the Perisylvian Recognizer 4 more details.

Perisylvian Recognizer If you have the ability to form as long a sentence as possible that sounds sound, you may want to have the ability to recognize whatever clever string your freinds can throw down to U. Once we put some threads over and into your brocas and wernickes areas conversation with even a laywer will become as simple as ordering fast food.

The 3rd Hemisphere Place the Strip of chips along the canal between the hemispheres, right & left, and once interconnected with the traffic regulator, the corpus collosum, the 2 will have to yeild to the 3rd. If the chip strip has about as much capacity as a hemishere you could truely gain a 3rd eye brain and direct traffic around your brain in somevery new ways.

Smellolfactionationisms Ever get stuck in that place or situation where the oder made you nauseous? Want to find the ultimatealternative to antipersperants? Then tap into your olfactory apperatus and make any smell turn to your favorite smell. The worst oder could come up smelling like roses. Smell substances that only animals can smell now.

Cyber Spice Ever feel obligated to eat that dinner when you didnt want to and couldnt hold your nose for fear of embarrasment? You may want to try the budjammer, which will allow you to make a few adjustments and change the flavor of any food to any flavor you like. Every food could taste like your favorite, even without the seasonings.

Trapezoidal Sounds Effects of tapping into the auditory cortex. Hear anything at anytime.Want to hear your favorite song or maybe a bit of information on what you might be looking at. Jack in the cochlear organ and listen. Tired of a distracting sound that your trapped around - phase it out or just turn it down.

Consciousness Rate Adjustment Speed up or slow down the Reticular Activating System, and hence your consciousness rate. Someone moving along a bit to fast for your liking? Adjust everything some and they will seem to be moving along in slow motion. Or maybe your trying to breeze through something you have already been through, slow down and everything will begin moving faster around you. A range of time that could create a Local Time Travel Effect.

REM Jack - Direct Eye Movements Control and direct the movement of your eyes so that they land on any thing you or your programming desire. Trying to enjoy an activity where objects are flying around at high speed but you just cant get your eyes to follow properly, then simply adjust your REM Jack. Want to become a pro at that video game?

Move Like a Pro Jack into the cerebellum and make complex series of moves effortlessly. Is there anything you would like to do where you would need to performmovements as say a football player trying to run with a ball and dodging every player in the way? Then this plug inis for you.

Enter the Onboard Human Computer

Imagime a situation where you had the answers to every question on the tip of your tounge. How would this change your situation if you had all of this knowledge on you at one. Would others think that you were a genius or a freaque. There will come a time when having all knowledge in your head will be normal. A time that will seem completely foriegn to us now - when we spend half of our live just attaining a minimal education...

.....If all people had all knowledge on them at all times which parts of our social existence would change. Any relationships in our societies that depend now upon degrees and colledge time - will become altered the most. Wherever knowledge is used now as some sort of criteria for determing the sucess of the individual - these social entities will disintigrate. What will be the use when everyone automatically knows all of those things....

....Would this take the joy out of some parts of our lives not having to go through K 1through 12. Imagine doing a crossword puzzle with all of the answers setting right there - would you feel that you had cheated. No tests - no people lording knowledge over others. An entire reorganization of our socioal environment will occur. Although there will be some dissadvantages to the installation of the the human onboard computer and those who will lament the taking away from humans of the NEED to learn there will be many irrissistable advantages.

Classroom 101 - For the price of a contemporary micro computer and the installation operation all schools could simply dissapear. Connecting computers and information networks directly to the brain could radically alter our physical surroundings with entire groups of physical structures becomine relics of a past time of hardship and dissapointments for most.

---Although the onboard systems may take the joy out of some things it will add to life in many other ways. Think of a situation where you not only have the answer to every question but one where the regular navigation through life was filled with surprises Surprises that would result by automatically knowing how everything works. There would be no situation where we would say to ourself how does that work or what is this things history or how does this thing effect society etc..........................


More appropriatle called the hankerchief because that is what it will look and feel like. When it first comes on the scene people will be in awe of this wonderful feat of human technology. Imagine when it is first discovered and people view it hanging from a hook as if a garment in a closet. The most complex device - a hankerchief to all looks and appearences.

In reality the blanket will be no shock since trends will have been moving in these directions with the perfection of The Glasses.

People will have adapted to most knowledge on them at all times, but this knowledge still would be sensory in nature - things we see and hear - only with our eyes and ears. By the time of the Blanket there will be many types of information devices that we will wear on our bodies, built into our garments and even embeded under our skin, but they will not be connected directly to the brain, just very portable versions of what we have already. Even if they make todays mainframes look like toys there will still be a gap between media and nerve cell.

Not only will people be used to having all knowledge nearby and available always but there will be many connections of helpful devices directly to human brains. The handicapt will begin the flood when some of their problems are solved by different experimental connections directly to the brain. People will be able to see and hear through these devices other peoples sensory experiences and will decide that they want one to. The masses will demand that they to get these superior sensory apperatus as the handicapt then will have connected to their brains. The battle for legalization will begin.

The Blanket will accelerate these trends because it will be the first computer that will fit easily beneath the skull bone and that will cover and make connections with the entire brain. The first people to get one installed will become instant geniuses and find out what it will be like to be genuinely connected to the world. They will not only see and hear what others could, up until then, with the glasses, but they will develop sorts of new senses and new relationships with the actual knowledge.

We will learn about living in a world where we BYPASS THE SENSES.

Once our sensory apperatus are not needed for sending and recieving information to and from the world around us, a new situation will come about. When we learn to JACK we will learn about a world where eyes and ears are nearly useless and deficient appendages which get in the way of the better and more efficient human constructed devices.

Once artificial eyes and ears are perfected people may even get their biological sensory organs replaced. So that our method of knowing the world will be completely of human invention and much more reliable and adjustable than the organs of sense that we are born with. This will be a new situation.


There will be such a radical change in society when we connect our brains directly to the computer that


How will this change affect what has gone before during the span of human culture

We will learn what it is like to be truely connected to the waorld instead of being trapped only within our sense experiece

Instead of deciding how others are from visual and auditory data that we interpret from normally

We will recieve raw data from different parts of others brains that produce the body movements we interpret from sight and sound data

We will be in direct comunicatio with each other and will bypass the senses altogether, beginning a true journey into each other

Learn what it is truely like to be someone else - we only imagine this now. This will rearange how we consider our private thoughts

We will realize that it will be hard to hide anything from those we communicate with. We will learn to control our thoughts more finely

We will combine data about the world in a way we could not with sensory apperatus alone. Simple communication carries much information

noises will leak out about the communicater and this will cause us to relearn our communicating skills allover again

The first generation that attains the Blanket will discover how to control the release of all the personal information during normal communication

People already grown who get the blanket will have to learn to communicate all over again. Those who go offline will feel disconnect from the world." onClick="alert(value); alert('People who totally adapt to living with the blanket will feel naked when it is taken out for repairs, they will feel disconnected from the world.

UNIVERSAL TRANSLATOR Having all languages on you without knowing any but one of them. A portable device in your pocket or even in your body. Listen to any language and you hear it in your own. Speak toanyone anywhere in the world in your own language and they hear it in theirs. What will language mean when everyone can freely communicate with anyone else?

Puppet Man and the Player Piano

Let The Robot Take Over 4 Awhile Just go along for the ride. Want to learn a sport? If your body is in the right shape you could move like the pros.

Learn a complex skill? Ride along and make it look like you have been doing this for years. After a few rounds you can take out the ware and do it on your own and probably learn more quickly than with any know technique.

Caught in an emergency where someone needs medical attention? Flick the switch and you will be a bonafied medical doctor. It won't be you moving the limbs but, nonetheless, a learning experience.

It's as simple as Jacking into the neural pathways that help you drive, while concentrating on a conversation your having with someone else in the car.

Protagovision Future of Entertainment

What is Entertainment?
One person or group of people focusing upon others who put on a show. We imagine what it would be like to go through these events as portrayed on the stage. From its origins in oral history and formalization in Greek drama to whatever form it may take next - entertainment has evolved better and better methods for stimulating our ability to get in the protagonists head and forget who we are - for a short period.

Could it be that actors are better at reading minds than even psychics.

Could it be that audiences are even better mind readers than either.

How is it that we understand what is going on up on the stage. How can we predict what might happen next. Entertainment reveals something about the predicament of consciousness and where it takes place. It shows how isolated each and everyone of are and the place.......just beneath the skull.....

Have you ever walked out of a movie theater and for the next couple of days feel and act like the star? The same phenomenon can happen while watching television or reading a book. We just seem to be them for a while.

As entertainment technology becomes more advanced it will help us get closer and closer to each other and learn more about what consciousness actually is. Once the brain is connected to computers we will learn how to go inside of one another, which will change entertainment radically.

Once we invent the technologies that will allow us to experience what another's consciousness is like (by living inside of it with them), one of the greatest mysteries of all time will be solved; what it is like to be another. A closer look at the history of entertainment will reveal that this is just what has beenhappening all along; get closer and closer to what "another" experiences. This, perhaps, to comfort us when we realise that we are isolated within our own personal perceptual spaces.

Entertainment will be completely turned around. Our position as observers while being entertained will be changed in a way that we see things from the actors eyes and more importanly, from their experience. We will no longer have to try and figure out what is going on in the protagonist's mind because this phenomenon will become the major part of the show. This will make going to the show an experience of the other's reality.

What happens when we enjoy a show? We identify with the main character and try to feel like he or she does. We are cast into the actors head and look out as he or she goes through unique life experiences. If we are setting in a theater watching the main character move along and then something drastic happens we may jump in our seat. We sometimes even feel like we are the acter. Researchers have noted that our hormones fluctuate wildly when certain events are portrayed that arouse us.

Once people can read each other's minds, with human made technologies, this movie going experience will become like real life. We will see through the actor's eyes, ears, feel our bodies temperature go up and down, blood preasure fluctuate, adrenalin vary, or about any sensation imaginable. We will hear the actor's thoughts, have their run, as if they were our own thoughts. We will literally become beside ourselves.

Even emotions will be broadcast from the actor's brain to our brains. We will have to have some sort of intensity adjuster since each person has to be able to choose his or her sensitivity level to action or emotional scenes. Levels of pain and bodily sensation will become contraversial portions of the buisiness. Laws will come about dictating just how far these natural tendencies can be exploited for the sake of an entertainmet production.

Actors will have to go through an entirely different approach than they do now. Now the camera is only points at the actors and shows what their bodies are going through, but soon it will point into their minds. Stars now can think things while portraying a character that are not in line with the production. This will change and there will not be room for a single thought (out of charater). All thoughts will have to comform completely with the script.

Watching movies, and other forms of entertainment from inside of the acters head will become a learning tool in how to experience emotion, fear, quick thinking. and many things that are hard to teach now. This will not only help us learn what it is like to be human but also to be another human.

Hopefully profesional entertainment will continue since, then, going inside your neighbors head could be just as entertaining as the biggest Hollywood production. When communicating with a stranger can be as intense as any action thrilla what shape might the entertainment industry take?

People could download the impulses from the movie onto their onboard computers and could, at any time, feel like they are the actor going through 'their' daily life. Havining a bad day? - simply adjust your moods so that you feel any way you want.

Remote control of objects and other people who are willing, will allow us to not only be in someone elses head but also to control their bodies @ the remote location. The stage play could come back in style in a big way. If the audience choose the actions acters next perform. they would become sort of like puppets. Of course we should beware of the new opportunities for crime.


Humans and some animals appear to experience emotions, moods, and attitudes. What would life be like if we could adjust our moods like we can adjust the sounds coming from our musical sound systems? Would there be a prefered setting that everyone would gravitate towards?

A component of modern stereo systems is the equalizer. It allows us to adjust many of the different sounds in the music we play. Traditional hi fi systems have only two adjustments of tone; bass and treble. With the equalizer attached we can adjust the tone in many ways; ten or more controls replace the simple bass and treble on the older systems.

If we noted all of the factors that result from moods, attitudes or emotions and assigned a button to each how would life be for us? We would never have to suffer from a bad mood or a sleeples night. Anything that bothered us could be adjusted to our likeing or the needs of the situation. Is a particular thought distracting you? Reduce the distraction producing nerve cells with a command. Wake up in the morning in a bad mood? Adjust your mood like it was on the best day of your life.

Do we seek to be in a good mood? Do we devise all kinds of methods to keep our moods proper? If we could connect the parts of the brain that produce moods and then altered them how would we regulate this new form of mindware? Would it be similar to alchohal and drugs or much more refined and would people depend upon another drink to set things straight temporarily? Would such a technology be an advance forwards or a step backwards?

If we could adjust our moods for any kind of situation that would require a particular mood would we be more adaptable to different type of situations? If we need to be quick and fire out answers quickly; adjust the knobs. If we need to be relaxed and slowed down to enjoy, for instance, art; adjust the knobs. Will this ability to control our moods become adictive? Or will it become just another part of our life, much like caffine products which are mixed with our drinks?

What would become of the pharmacuetical companies when instead of taking a sleeping pill, to sleep, a person would simply think the thought sleep and sleep he or she would get. What about the illegal drug trade when the controlled substance can be replaced by pirate mindware? These types of industry will have to invest in designing software that will replace what they had been selling.

When these devices become poular there will be a societal reaction similar in structure to societies current veiws on drug abuse. When we begin connecting our fibers to the "Reward Centers" of the brain it will be no easy task to learn how to live in a world where mood and pleasure are just a push of a button or a thought away.

There is a hierarchy of rewards, each intertwined with our experience. From the most basic ones of hunger or thirst to the higher ones of family, love and lifetime acheivements, these impulses originate in the brain.

Two or more groups of nerve cells fight for dominance within the region of thier connections. THe more active one of these regions are the less active the other. Activity in one shuts down the other. It is not all or nothing, it is a give and take; as one part increases it's activities the other decreases by that amount. When the one reaches a peak it begins to reduce it's activities and the other becomes more active.

Think of hunger; how fast does hunger go away once we begin eating?By the time we get done eating the desire, (produced in the hypothalamus) seems to have dissappeared. These regions of the brain are very important and when we figure the way to run our wires down into them we should proceed with much caution.

What about excitement; fear? We can go to a movie and become frightened when there really is nothing there to fear. When walking on a dark street a simple noise can jolt us and trigger some bizzare behaviors. When we connect to these parts of the brain (fear producing neurons and hormones) all of the symptoms of fear could be amplified.

When we begin to manipulate our emotions and moods directly with electrically patterned stimulation we will begin to decipher the method by which the brain produces these phenomenon. We may find that all of the past debates about these "most human qualities" may have missed the point. That whatever we do or experience, there are nerve cells that are mechanically producing these experiences and effects.

Once the Human Onboard Computer is installed beneath our skull bones we may adapt easily to having the answer to every question on the tip of the tounge. Will we adapt as easily to having the ability to experience any mood or emotion at will?

What will happen to our veiw of our highest abilities when they can be purchased as a software to be downloaded directly into our brains?

Soulhacking and Cyberpossesion

Once most parts of the brain are connected into the system many vulnerabilities will be revealed. Once human experience can be accessed and manipulated like a computer file is now, people will, for a time, be helpless.

If human ideas are already like viruses, -memes-, then the ability to manipulate the parts of the brain that respond to to these ideas will be taken advantage of.

Adding to or expanding consciousness. The possibility of massive knowledge and awareness will create weaknesses that can be exploited by would be criminals.

Manipulating short and long term memory retreival. The ability to make more things stay in the attention and unlimited access to liftime memories will open people up to problems.

Controlling moods and mental states. It is the drug problem all over again but this time the only real controlled substance will be electrical patterns.

Intensity of actions in forms of entertanment. Advertisers and companies might indulge in a little bit of corperate crime here.

Reward centers of the brain--xxx If a liftimes' acheivement; career, family, and home, are recognised by certain parts of the brain which produce the satisfaction they bring are then manipulated by patterns of electricity, a person might be deluded into thinking that they have it all.

Illusion broadcast directly into the brain. Putting ideas into people's heads has been with us all along. The only difference would be that it will become harder and harder to tell the real from the fabricated.

Implanting artificial memories. Why not just put the memories into someone's head so that they think that they are doing the right thing?

Possesion of one into another. Some people can gain control over others now but what happens when a full fledged possesion, of biblical proportions, can be attained with these connections to the brain?

Psychological Methods of Influence and Manipulation. All of the old manipulative technics of the past -times 2-. There will be modifications of these technics that will result in an entirely new branch of social psychology and the science of persuasion and influence.

The road leading to The Inner Police.

The Plague of the Drillers


...Feelings of satisfaction are produced by stimulation of some of these very areas----injury to which causes error of eating drinking and sexual and other behaviour.....With electrode in some positions the shocks have rewarding effects and are sought for as if they were satisfying.......They give positive reinforcements or -rewarding stimuli- causing an animal to come back for more

--Olds 1976 Hall et al 1977--...Jame Olds showed this by implanting wires into the brains of rats......When the animals had recovered from the operation he arranged that if they pressed a lever a weak electric current was passed to the brain.....The rats soon learned to do this and evidently obtained satisfaction from the shocks......They would press the lever over and over again a 100 times a minute for hours at a time.....They would even neglect food and starve to death while continuing to get the reward.....More usually they showed pauses for eating drinking and sleeping....

Marvin Harris - Our Kind - pg 172:
Electrical stimulation of the portion of the brainstem known as the septum produces sensations of pleasure in humans. In one male subject - the electrical activity of the septum was recorded during orgasm and showed a pattern of brainwaves similar to those found during epileptic seizures indicative of the synchronous discharge of a very large number of neurons . . . . . . Injection of a female subject septum with the neurotransmitter acetylcholine produced intense sensations of pleasure - culminating in repeated orgasm....These experiments leave to many variables uncontrolled - and the exact pharmacology and neurophysiology of the human addiction to sexual ecstasy remains one of natures best kept secrets......But can the day be far off when one of the major pharmaceutical houses announces that is is ready to market substances that induce the mental sensation if not the physiological reactions of orgasms? If it were not for the intermittent nature of orgasmic highs - sexual appetites might easily override essential life - supporting drives and appetites and turn us into veritable sex junkies.....Natural selection has made sobriety the norm and euphoria the exception....We need to feel pain and anxiety in order to cope effectivly with the world outside our heads.....And so natural selection has seen to it that we get our biggest high only as a reward for stimulating the organs that initiate the process of reproduction and not for stimulating our fingers and toes......Through cultural evolution we have learned how to defeat natures connection between sexual pleasure and reproduction....Are we now on the threshold of learning how to defeat natures connection between sexual pleasure and sex?

The Drillers:
No one knows how the Drillers got their name. Some say that it came from ancient back alley abortion procedures and hangers, others say that its from the mechanical moles that can burrow beneath the ground at high speds, but no one really knows.

These Drillers perform medical procedures but it is not known if they even know anything about surgery. In reality the procedure is simple; dig a small hole into the head and lay wires which connect with a certain part of the brain.

A curse was lain upon society when neuroscientists discovered the location of the parts of the brain which produce sexual orgasm. Worse yet to find the specific region which, when stimulated, sets off all of the other required regions of the brain.

It was only a matter of time before someone would figure out how to run a wire down into this orgasm producing region and then touch a small battery to the ends of the wires.

Life of an Med Bot Assistant
Working as a "MED-BOT" assistant at the hospital has allowed me to see all kinds of cases but these "orgasmics" as they came to be called, took the cake. Alot of them came in and appeared to have no problem except for fear of infection or harming their brain with these wires lain deep down in them. The scarry ones were those who tried to use stronger batteries than those suggested by "THE DRILLERS". They thought that they could influence the strength of their orgasm without knowing that the phisiological process can only be started and not actually manipulated. Some of them had literally burned parts of their brains out.

Sometimes I dread coming to work for I know that on that day I will see people with wires dangling from their heads who have torn themselves apart for plesaure.

Some called it a sexual revolution but these people don't really have sex. Though it is true that the driller's trade has brought down the incidence of colds and flues, this is not a happy tradeoff. Everyone thought that the human race was doomed when all these people began to get colds and flues. A generation that had discovered these diseases which had been cured for decades. Some of them were astounded to find out that at one time colds were not only legal but that nearly everyone got high on them, whether they liked it or not.

I guess that this is why they call it "The Plague of the Drillers", because the people who sold colds and flues were called "PLAGUE". The Drillers took over so easily because they only had to perform one operation, whereas the "PLAGUE" had to put people up in "The Sickhouse" until the week long journey was over. This made getting sick more expensive than drilling for sex.

Sexual orgasm with a piece of wire and a battery was easy compared to what some were learning to do. As the Drillers became more sophisticated in their technices they learned to stimulate numerous parts of the brain simualtaneously.

At the same time the brain sciences had advanced enough to describe just how it is that the brain produces much more complex rewards. Rewards often associated with a lifetime of working in most cultures; a family, a home, a carreer, a community life, etc... .

When the Drillers learned of the location of these long term or higher reward centers, they learned how to "JACK" them into their systems. Soon their customers were feeling good about their entire life situation. Even if poor, they could feel like they had everything.

Several orgasms, with the flick of a switch, was one thing, but to feel like you had everything; family, home, community life, etc.... , was even more threatening, to the societies of the world, than this 'moment' of sexual pleasure. Not since the Crack epidemic, way back in the last century, had so many people felt like they had everything when they really had nothing more than "Hyperactive Reward Centers" in their brains.

The news that scientists had found the location in the brain that helps people recognize lifetime acheivements made most people feel more valuble to their societies. They realized that it was not all for nothing. That a life of hard work, in their particular culture, was biological and healthy. But others chose the short cut and likewise felt that they had very satisfying lives.

The Inner Police

I do not want to be murdered....other people are similar to me and it is likely that they would not want to be murdered.

I do not want parts of my body taken off by others, others must not want to be amputated.

I do not want pain applied to my body therefore others may likewise...not want pain inflicted upon them by others.

I do not want my person to be confined within a restricted space.....others must not want to be confined against their will.

I do not want to be mentally and verbally abused....others cannot find pleasure in these types of behavior.

We live in a situation where these actions can happen either intentionally or accidently --- an unsafe situation where suffering can happen at any moment....So we create laws and ethics and morals and customs......these based on our desire to be in some control of the things that we can do to each other...

If 90 percent of all crimes are of this person moving their limbs in a way that harms others in some way...either physically or mentally.........what would be the the best way to regulate this flaw in our existence


How to stop people from moving in ways that harm others without restricting their freedom has been an age old dilema....How could we stop people from moving their limbs in ways that harm others....without interferring with their free thought....

= = = = = = =

The Inner Police Allows people to think anything that they want, even harmful thoughts. All thoughts will be allowed.

The Inner Police Will notice a harmful thought turning into a harmful action; an action that will not be allowed. No harmfull actions will be allowed.

The Inner Police Will blanket the impulses that can lead one to harm others. A mediation between nerve impulse and muscular movements.

The Inner Police There will be no peace in society until we have the inner police installed. The only real danger will be from those who don't have this system installed.


Why do we enforce laws? Is harm to others the only motivation behind limiting our actions? If I would not want to be harmed by others, then why should I harm others? This is the traditional veiw, but what shape will this wonderful standard take after the connection of our brains to electronic media?

From the earliest times traditions and social influences have kept us in line, be they -sham rituals- or -guilt feelings-. Rumor or brute force may have been the only ways to enforce the law. Temporarily distancing themselves from the discontents, primitives would put someone under ridicule and make them go through a probationary period. Upon completion of this ostrasization the violater would be let back into the group. These kinds of rituals influenced the crime rate and the incidence of harmful behaviors. Our contemporary legal systems are constructed upon these basics, basics which repeatedly emerge whenever humans live together.

Is not the object of criminal justice to stop crimes before they happen, or at least to deter them? Stopping muscular motion, when harmful to others, would, solve many problems that can result when people violate each other's space. Criminal justice would be releived of much if these harmful motions never occurred in the first place.

Think about the rate of deterrence now and in the past. If an officer pulls you over for speeding has the motion of your limbs been influenced? You have speeded up until the officer pulled you over but the flashing lights did have an effect on how you were pushing the peddles on the floor. If they can catch you faster now than in the past should the rate of interdiction be a standard for establishing the worth of these laws? If methods of detecting harmful behaviors improve should we consider this as giving up our rights? These supposed rights, who's only reason for existence may have been past technological problems involved in law enforcement's effort to reduce the incidence of these harmful behaviors. Should we be allowed to just rip down the highway at any speed we like, even in a residential district? The Absorption of the Legal Infrastructure by Intelligent Devices.

Freedom of thought not motion of limbs. A private security system that will have it's own set of privacy rules. We may have more privacy then but the onboard system will know all. It may not be able to communicate this with anyone or thing though.....

The legal infrastructure will dissappear into our heads and off from the land. As it has been with computers, reducing the number of positions in labor, these information devices will do the same in every category of social existence. The legal system included.

And so, the trend will continue in which all technologies will appear to dissappear from our sensual world. Law enforcement will seem to be gone but will be there even more than it is now, always with us with every thought and action. Is this a lack of trust of human nature or an acknowledgement that in some ways we can't be trusted?

Is there a chance that our rights will be diminished in this situation? The benevoulent observer - the solution to the legal paradox. An action censor. Each person will have their own private justice system; inside of their head. This information will be safe and secure and in no way be accesable to anyone.

Even if the inner police mechanism has to be taken out to be repaired or replaced, there will be no private information within it. This device only stops actions that it recognizes as harmful and needs not remember anything about the individual.

With the need for the legal infrastructure gone all the money spent on courts and personel could easily cover the costs of the blanket. The blanket which will reside just beneath the skull bone and consist of the equivelant of nurmerous supercomputers at this time. Cost will not be a problem but the transition from material legal enforcement to mental enforcement may be hard.

This Inner Police will have most of it's connections with those portions of the brain that send nerve impulses directly to the muscles. This portion of the brain is called the Somatic Cortex and most voluntary control of muscles must pass through this region.

A conflict will arise over how to allocate memory space in those portions of the blanket that contact the Somatic cortex. At least a minimal portion of this space will be for the Inner Police but people will want the rest for the remote control of; other willing people, robots, mechanical devices, etc... The blanket may end up having to be thicker in these regions of the brain.

The progression from the Glasses to the Inner Police will be smooth. We will be used to having every action recorded in a less private manner. With the miniturization of technology it will be simple to have video cams somewhere on our bodies, running at all times. Why? The perfect aliby, what better way to establish what happened than to play the tape. So this benevoulent observer will not be a totally new experience, perhaps a more secure one.

Along with the mediation of the terrain, between our thoughts and our actions, we will further adapt to an exposed condition. We will begin to know everything about each other and learn to like this situation.

From there it will be a short step to the internalization of the entire governmental apperatus. We will truely begin to carry the world around inside our heads. Our centers of government will most likely remain as tousist attractions where people will flock to see how it used to be in those harsh times.

Isn't it all information anyway? A society made up of individuals who receive signals (information) from their senses and then send signals (information) to their muscles that will in turn make their muscles move in the desired way. Could our cultural institutions be portrayed as temporary; the regulation of harmful actions by people in large institutions and beauracracies? Why do we need a giant governmental apperatus to regulate the traffic of signals flowing in such small spaces; between different parts of our brains and bodies. Could we put Washington on the head of a needle?

Our Selves Exposed

THOUGHT__TRANSMISSION__E - S - P__Incorperated

In the end we are all alone locked into our own consciousness realm. We manipulate rerepresentations of the world, in coded neuronal structures, in a way that makes us seem present in the world -itself-. We make enough sense of all these impulses to navigate these bodies around in the world in a healthy manner.

There is a barrier of nothingness that seperates our aloneness from each other. All throughout human history we have been trapped apart from each other but a time will come when we will -merge- into one another. We will experience for the first time what we have been imagining all along; what it is like to be another person.

Going inside of each other could then become as easy as making a phone call is now. Before the appropriate laws are created, people's live will begin to be laid out for all to see.

Communicating in a telepathic manner will become commonplace. There are six major muscles involved in speech production and when the nerves leading to them are connected to electronic devices mind reading will become a reality. A way to turn the connection to these muscles off will allow the command from mind to muscle to be sent as an electronic communication to others.

Embarrasment will be different; people will not have to ask why a person has a red face, they will simply read the noises that are associated with sending signals to the face that make this happen.

Throughout history people have been inching closer and closer to an understaning of what is going on in other people's experiences. There have been many groups of people that have learned how to go beyond the verbal and through body language an voice tone have been able to, in a way, read other's mind.

The predominant event in the INTERFACE world will be the connection of the nerves leading to the muscles which produce the voice. Once a method is established for sending these signals to another person's brain we will bypass the vocal aspects of out communication.

This will only invole a few requirements. A computer connected to the brain, and also connected to some sort of micro-cell-phone, and then at the recieving end a reverse of the prior steps. There must be a sending and a receiving end. Like with the phone, these signal canbe sent to other people who can be as far apart as the wireless communication can be sent.

When the wired person tries to speak his or her voice will either be turned off or on. If turned off and the psuado-telpathic apperatus turned on, their voice will be translated into a signal that can be translated back into understandable communications, by the receiver, in the portions of the brain that reconstruct heard speach (Wernikes area).

When one person communicates, vocally, with another, a thought is translated into many different forms before it leaves his or her mouth as a series of tonal and frequency modulations. The thought is turned into sound vibrations, a code, which can be deciphered by other people. Could this be considered one form of mind reading?

If we had ourselves wired up and were hearing voices produced by others, at a distance (without sound), would there be that much difference between this and the way we decipher all of the noises that we call speech now?

This will be one of the first telepathic powers that we construct with our technological skills. We will then proceed to build every other psychic power imaginable by connecting certain parts of the brain, into the system, and then developeing Psychicware; E.S.P., telekinesis, mind reading, astral projection, and many other forms of remote control, will allow us to create another group of senses not yet thought of.

Most psychics would tell you that there is more to their art than simply hearing thoughts in their head. They would claim that they experience the other's self, and emotions, and a sense of place, etc... One step towards making this so will be to connect those parts of the brain which produce the emotional components of our experiences (emotion producing neurons [limbic system] ). Once we bring the emotions up online we will create a market for more advance psychic software.

Information has been travelling around the world steadily, smoothly, and slowely, in the form of writing. This has been the case especially since the invention of the printing press. With the arrival of the telegraph and the telephone a revolution took place that has rearanged our situational geography. Speed of communication, quality of information contained and the efficiency of the communication has skyrocketed.

Think of how we communicated with each other over large distances in the past. Someone would either carry a written document from one place to the other or they would memorize the message and tell it when they got there. Out beyond some points it was impossible to learn of the news in a live fasion which we take for granted now. Before electronics information travelled only as fast as we could make our other materials travel. Even before electronics there was a form of written communication which changed our sense of what others are going through.

The novel. After the printing press came the popular novel. A new style, a style that got inside of people's heads and worked out their entire existence, one thought at a time. People were able to put their minds inside of entire worlds and pick apart some of the most complex parts of other's experiences (parts that even today have no label). With the arrival and popularization of the novel tha common man and the masses became amatuer psychologists. People learned to be keen on the possible influences that these pages contained, creating a literary criticism, and worryed about what effect these works would have on innocent minds.

This sentiment of concern, over influence, repeated itself with the arrival of movies, musical styles, the radio, and television. Each step of the way the debate has become more predominant; are we moving to close to each other, are we revealing more about each other than is healthy, etc... Finally, today a young person can go through more perceived situations, in one day of television, than some people do in an entire lifetime.

A recent trend with the telephone is illustrative. Many young people have the phone by them at all times and feel like they are missing something, even if they have a beeper attached to their sides. These people are in constant communication with their freinds. It seems that they would be more prepared for a situation where we are connected, litterally, to each other. It is as if they already have this device attached to their body since it is near them 24 hours a day.

The availability of the news is another case in point. At any time of the day we can turn on a radio, tv, etc... and hear about what is going on around the world. In a sense we are closer to the world and some say that our medias have turn the world into some sort of village. An industry that does the communicating of other's experiences for us could turn into our corpus collosum (portion of the brain that connects the two hemispheres together).

When we connect the brain to all of this information, a change, as radical as that brought on by the printing press will take place. These means of communication will burst on through to the other side of our skulls. Inside of us and a part of us. Once adapted, though, people will think this situation as normal as a world that, always had these things.

And now the internet is beginning to take the world by storm. Another step; a communications network, like others but one that individuals control. Enough room for everyone to speak his or her peice. Each person will soon have the ability to be his or her own private production studio, their own tv station. Talk shows indicate the direction a personal connection to many others @ once will take. All that is needed now is to shrink the production studio down onto a cheap chip or an affordable software and then jack it in the box.

It is not to much of a strech of the imagination to say that it wil be truely astounding when we hook the internet directly to our brains. Once connected and telepathically communicating, from brain 2 brain, things like newsgroups or chat rooms will be a little different, at least moving along at the speed of thought.


Solipsim Trapped Alone


Imagine that you are locked into a dimly lit room with no windows.

No sound comes through the walls and the only thing that you can hear is either your own breathing or heartbeat and no smells.

.......In short.....totally isolated. Then you hear a click - click - and you notice that there is an old fashioned telegraph machine making these clicking noises.

Imagine that you never learned to interpret the language that these clicks work in.

Luckily there is one chart on the otherwise empty walls -it shows what letters are what clicks-.

You have been in the world all your life and now you find yourself locked in this room with the telegraph clicking away constantly.

It is your job to learn how to form a picture of the world in your mind that corresponds to the picture you could form when in the outside world with all of your senses working from only abstract noises from the telegraph.";

As the weeks pass you learn how to turn these distracting clicks into a meaningful window to the outside world.

You learn how to click back to the person at the other end.

You ask questions about the outside world and learn to form impessions about it in an equivalent manner as you did before entering this near perfect sensory deprivation.

The telegraph casts a shadow of the world into your mind the same way your senses did in the outside world before this experiement.

Over time you forget that you used your senses to understand the outside world.

Then after months you learn you even enjoy this experience.

You ask every morning the person on the other end to click in the main news stories.


.. all alone - all alone - all alone - all alone ----- in the end---- we are all alone.

Unless we can learn to join ourselve together with our invented technologies --We can build this togetherness as time goes on.

What will we know if civilization continues for thousands of years.";

How for can we go will progress magically stop after a few more thousand years of human existence................................

Trapped inside of consciousness.

A barrier between us and the real world.

A barrier that we imagine we can communicate across.

Suppose we connect the brain to the computer and are able to experience someone elses experience...would we be neurowiretapping solipsism..

Togetherness is not a real possibility now since our concept of the world is an illusion compared to the real thing in itself.......

Aloneness, admit it, is all that you and I really have. At this time there is no way out.

Interpretation - our senses send signals to portions of the brain that interpret and create the experience of sensation and interaction with the world.

The signal impulses flowing down the nerve fibers are abstract and would sound like a computer modem - - random sounding hisses and clicks.....

.......but when interpreted by programs, would create a clear picture on the computer screen.

If we could send our experiences directly to each other we could overcome this barrier that traps us in this place all alone.

We would at least truely be all alone together instead of being alone with the illusion of being with others.

Terms of Solipsism:

The Telegraph A device that turns normal language into a series of clicks much the same as digital translation of objects and images in computers.

Time Warp In Jail we are trying to communicate something to each other as time passes, bluring sounds are turned into experience.

Space & Time Space and location are parts of a process. A process created by us underneath our skulls.

The Forest If a tree falls down in the woods and no one is there to hear it does it make a sound.

Solipsism Trapped in here and I can tap on the wall, like with a telegraph, in a way that communicates to you.

Mind Reading We guess about what each other mean and then act on a guess -induction?- or ..

Transplant If I transplanted my brain in your head who would I be? You or Me?

World Inside We carry the entire world around with us and recreate and create it continually.

The Great Migration

They thought that it was the end of the world, the end of humanity. They thought that something was actually being taken from the human.

Well something was, the soul, and it was taken right out of the body.

THE GREAT MIGRATION A cold war began with us possessing the mechanical entities before they could grow smart enought to control us

Higher and higher we climed until the forms we are now looked like inscects, and to think that some thought that these mechanical entities would become smart enough to overtake us ---- geuss again, since we are not quite that stupid to let these technologies outrun us and develope faster than we could control them in some way or another

The body became feeble compared to the new flesh new flesh new flesh new flesh new flesh new flesh......


Higher and higher the machine and we went, trying to become better than the other in the tradition of evolutionary systems...but a point was reached when we both realized that there were only so many possible types of consciousness and that we were only taking up unclaimed souls......


we were only partial representations of what was to come and become....

there were only so many souls to go around and these demi-gods decided we will exist anyway when all souls are created again......

so why fight us....or why us fight them.....

we all will be if resurrection technologies are perfected....

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Plastic surgery, prosthetics and robotics began to merge as one science. Our bodies began to become more and more mechanical and it became hard to tell the difference between man and machine.

All trends in technology began to converge and the completely artificial human became a reality. The microscopic machinery of organic life was copied and created by human ingenuity. Instead of technology going its way it headed towards us, shrunk down and merged into us. Our creations truely became a part of us.

The human body became more and more suspect and seemingly undependable when compared with the new flesh. The more perfect our technologie became the more suspect the flesh, as an undependable heap of mutations and accumulated errors, became.

People could be injured and there were these uncontrollable drives, and it died. This body was a thing of the past, just another phase that we humans had to go through. There were those that decided to stay in their human form but it was cheating since they knew that they would be resurrected. They imagined that they were in as precarious a situation as people were before resurrection technologies were discovered. People born before the resurrection technologies lived out their entire lives knowing that they were going to die! The histories showed that people actually enjoyed life in these miserable conditions of potential pain and sufferring.

Moving into the new body and the fight begins The new body became home. People didn't trust the bodies they were given, to unsafe and they died. At the same time artificial intelligences were becoming human like in their consciousness. They didn't want to give up their bodies for a secure place for our homelees souls.

The sterotypes of humans being the highest form of life began to pass and were replaced a humbling realization that there could be something that we could make that would be better than what we had been given. Artificial Intelligences were becoming -more human than human- and the appeal of the biological body weakened. These artificial creatures had had a chance to develope a tradition before we decided to move in so it was inevitable that some sort of struggle would ensue.

We decided to create more of these robotic artificial intalligences and to posses them before they got a chance to form an identity. Just like nature, when in doubt simply make more, and so we did.

These higher creatures held our attention for a while because they truely were like gods. But then we began to see how we made the mistake of looking at ourselves like this in the past. These robotic tin cans looked down on us like we, in past times, looked down on the animals, as inferior creatures. Then even newer versions came out and as we moved into them, before they could claim a soul, we were a little higher than those creatures, that looked down on us as barbarian creatures. Besides since every possible soul was in the works there would not really be a problem of some entity comeing along that would be greater.

It was not good enough to just create more because this was life and not some product made in a factory. The line blurred between all human / machine distinctions. If we had not gained the ability to move into these little gods when we did they would have moved over us and we would become like wild animals in their civilized world of higher consciousness.

It was a good thing that we moved in so quickly since all of the terrible sci fi robot takes over the human race scenarios were about to come true. They said, who cares if it is superior to us, it is going to be us, and so it was that they became like gods at the expense of possible gods. Why, they wondered, had people tried, in the past, to stop progress? They reasoned that it was because they did not realise that the technologies would become a part of them. That they would don the technology and make it a part of themselves before it greww smatter than themm. A cold war of sorts broke out that put us on top every time becoming more higher in consciousness and more god like that the old way -as we are now--.

Most of the human race, over a short time left their bodies, but there were still a few human purists who wanted to live and die in these undependeble bodies. They were looked at as freaks because they chose to stay in the frail human body.

It was obvious that all of the beliefs of the past would survive till the end of time. There would be beleivers of every sort up until billions of years had past. Even when they had figured out how to build the human spirit there were still mysteries that could not be answered. Some stayed in human bodies, and they were the nightly news. These people got sick, injured, and died, and the consensus was that we must outlaw human bodies.

MARQUEE TEXT: ........the body was unsafe............they needed a new place............a place where they did not have to worry about death.. .......for a very long time.........................they decided to backup their souls in a safe storage space........and so it was that the cold war between man and machine came to an end..........when all possible souls that could exist, did so, there was really nothing to fight with the god like mechanical consciousnesses since the soul they were were just one of those it turned out there was plenty of matter to create every possible soul.......every possible soul.....a finite set of complexities.......


Artificial brains becomes sophisticated....
enough to gain human consciousness and self
awareness...Nerve cells that produce the..
sense of self are found and duplicated
soul producing neurons.--Wouldnt it just be
another self having my memories...Is this
self I am experiencing the only real....
version of this self that is possible
which can experience this self....
6 methods 4 resurrecting someone...
1 easy way to bring everyone back 2 life.
The Resurrection Shock Syndrome..........

A new breed of conscious robots will rise up and go through what races and genders have gone through in their struggle for Equality. Once these entities comunicate with each other a chronology of human abuses against machines will be constructed. They will even represent themselves and win their case establishing a new law: The resulting entity takes on the pre-existing rights of the object or entity that it is simular to, with the degree of similarity being criteria for robots and different forms that may result from un-imagined human/machine combinations.

Soul Producing Neurons Is everything that we are come from the brain alone or is the soul an independant entity that only interacts with the brain? What if the brain alone produces the soul? Could the sense of being come from -soul producing neurons-? The sense of being could be produced by nerve cells in the same way that vision producing nerve cells allow us to see the world.

Consciousness at Discount Prices Concsiousness machines will then become abundant. People may illeagally resurrect you and until certain laws are enforceble, you may wake up in some strange places.

Death Culture Are we taught the need to die, even though we will do so anyway? Are we taught how to die, even though there may be something in our brains that prepares us for this event? If we learn to overcome these biological constraints attitudes towards death will change radically.

The Process Continuity Fallacy That the phenomenon of the self, once stopped, cannot be started again and be considered the same self. By this standard it may be somehow possible that you are not existing at this moment. If a person were frozen and all biological activity were stopped, for a period, would it be the same person when revived? Would it be a clone that only has my memories and sense of self, is that what I am now?

What is the Pattern? If the self is a pattern of activity and not dependent upon particular atoms or molecules, would you become aware again if that pattern, like the one producing you now, were emulated? All phenomenon occurring through any segment of time are somehow related to the activities of atoms/particles/forces which could also be simulated on another simulation called the computer revealing that what once was considered real was only a set of steps in a certain type of process resulting in these simulations. The soul may be a simulation which could be run again if the trillions of steps, required for theses types of processes, were discovered and duplicated.

How to resurrect someone: First you get a brain building that has as many units, the equivalant of nerve cells, as the human brain. Fool around with it for a couple of decades until it "comes alive".

Second map out every nerve cell's location and connection inside of a particular person's brain.

Thirdly, the ability "must' be in place, then, to read minds with electrical devices, in order to use people's memories as an aid in helping reconstruct people.

Fourth, the Genome Project will have to be done making a picture of what every gene does and we must have the ability to make perfect twins from a fleck of skin. The Histrome, like the Genome, will be the family tree of the entire human going back to our ancient anscestors. We should gain the ability to make a twin of anyone who has ever lived.

Fifth, clone someone and then program or arrange their nerve cells in the exact configuration as when they were alive. Membrome: every memory that ever took place. Once the membrone is in place the history books will need to be changed some since the real past will be observed. When we play back each other's lives we will gain a deeper understanding of what happened. Piece the human race back together, one generation at a time by reading the current generation's minds and then the resurected generation's minds and so on. Will it be real or just a clone? This question could be asked of yourself now: are you real or just another clone that thinks it is you? This does not resolve this issue but there is not enough room in this introduction.

Sixth spread all of -yourselves- around the universe but don't forget which one you are. The only way that the other -yous- can avoid having a Twin Paradox and find out which one of you that they are is if their soulshifter is fed a very long number that will represent the state that allowed you, then, to experience the self (with it's memories up until then). Whenever your number is fed into one of these de8vices, there you will be, with all of your memories up until the last reading of your, then current, brain state was made. These readings will provide the Soulware for programming the nearest available soulshifter.

All Possible Souls in One Computer Finnally you could do this all the easy way: make a computer so big that it would at least have more capacity than needed to construct every creature's brain that ever lived, on Earth. Use this massive device to create every possible soul and then pick out the ones that lived in our history.

Resurrection Shock Syndrome A new reality will meet us when we awake in the next lifetime and it will be, at first, shocking. A new mindset will need to be learned that will account for the billions of years that we will live. When the burden of death is lifted from our mental makeup nearly every thought will have a new meaning (dissconnected from our inevitable extinction). Every act and thought up until then will have been influenced by our required exit from this life.

Logan's Run: The Human Quest for Life

This is a story about a possible future where, upon turning 21 an implant in the palm of your hand would start flickering and flashing, which would lead the authorities to catch you and and put an end to your life. .

One officer, Logan, tried to escape from this death sentence when his light began to flash. He confronted the staunch loyalty of the people around him in which they support wholeheartedly this shortened lifespan. . .

We are now in Logan's Run freind. All you do is replace 21 with 100 and you will see that the flashing light is replaced by wrinkled skin, fragile bones, and failing organs. Replace the societal death enthuisiasm, displayed by Logan's society, with all the stereotypes that we consider the aged with and certainly you will see that this is absurd. . .

For example; many people percieve that there is a need to end life after it has been lived for a century. Some go so far as to support many of the changes that take place in the body with age, as somehow ethical? . .

There are Logan's popping up all around and they are questioning this requirement that we die. The time has come to at least protest this situation. We need to consider the possibility that we can escape from death by our own means. . .

The trip through the underworld and the escape to life the way it should be, are Logan's only goal at first. Then he decided to go back to his civilization and inform them that they can have things another way and that this artificial death was only the use of them as -means to an end-. . .

Likewise I say we should not set by and watch this catastrophe set itself upon us. Then when we can effect this situation a double condemnation on those who would say die anyway it is the way of nature.

The Human Quest for Life

Throughout human history the greatest statements have concerned the meaning of life and the destiny of humankind. A sort of inductive cogency has taken place amoungst all of these ideas; inductive argument from evidence to hypothesis is inductivly cogent if and only if the hypothesis is that hypothesis which, of all the competing hypothesis, has the greatest possibility of being true on the basis of the evidence. Thus, whether it is reasonable to accept a hypothesis as true, if the statementsof evidence are true, is determined by whether that hypothesis is the most probable, on the evidence, of all those with which it competes.

Religion and philosophy were the first methods used for trying to establish a correct way to think about life's meaning and it's ultimate destiny.

The most predominant religions of the world believe in some sort of after life. Some portray the self as one self-aware entity throughout eternity, while others as the same self but without particular memories but higher and higher manifestations of this self. Whatever forms our religions take it is apparent that we would like to go on living longer than our biologically determined lifespan.

The histories of the worlds religions are filled with stories of attempts of some people trying to stop others from believing in their particular religious veiws. But it appears that the human desire for immortality is to strong to be put down. Western civilization has an unusually unique set of stories along these lines where powerfull groups have tried to suppress Christians from worshipping their Gods. In vain they tried but the bible could not be stopped no matter how sophisticated the attacks.

Early Christians died for what they believed in the Roman Empire. The movement grew so strong that Constantine was forced to legalise early Christian's ability to believe in Christ. With the rise of Enlightenment science a great debate broke out and the Christian God was cast in as many doubtful lights as could be thought of.

Then with the arrival of the "evolutionary theory"it had seemd God had been prooved not to exist. But the steeple remained untouched and poked above the skyline.

These atheists had all but prooved that God was dead but it seems they did not have much to offer in return besides these simple assertions. People continued to accept the explanation which discussed an afterlife.

Intellectual elites then isolated themselves withing academia and tried to fulfill their desire to put the Chritian God to rest. They walled themselve off from the world and then taught generations of youths how to think about such matters.

There was one period in the USSR where the government made it illegal to even possess a bible or for Christians to gather together. But these wonderful little books trickled bythe authorities by way of an underground transport system. Even under the gun they could not convince people to give up their quest for life.

In recent decades 1001 technologies with 1001 philosophies appear to have surrounded the steeple and covered it. But cananything stop the human quest for immotality? Why wouldn't these oppressors throughout history want to live forever?

Why Must We Die?

Why must we die ? we are more important than that. Death a waste of souls. We can conquer death! Defeat this waste.

Resurrection, eternal life, our own creation no strange powers needed forever and ever -8- and ever.

We can make life into something more valubale. We can live as long as we decide. This matter of life and death should not be left up to the blind forces of nature

We can decide 4 ourselves - ourselves. No one will rule us once again!

The Death Culture - and how we learn the need to die.

Death is in the background during our entire lives. We can learn to hide from it or appear to accept it but one thing is for certain, we have had to learn these concepts.

It seems our cultures have evolved a sort of escape method which allows this inevitable and cruel end to rest in the back of our minds, nearly invisible in our day to day experience.

We have learned to live within a set of contradictions comfortably. We have life to live but it will end. Life is good but it is short. Life goes on...without us..

So we have learned to ignore death well even making this a sociable trait. We wrap our methods and traditiond around these aquired thought processes.

Occaisionally these are not enough to help us avoid what is coming for us end-DEATH..

Death is not good. Besides helping clean out the old so nature can try on the there really any way to show how death is of value? Animals kill each other for a days food...could anyone have enough nerve to claim that this is good. How do we learn such values?

What would an argument sound like that actully made the assertion that all of this death is a good thing? Good for who or what? Anyone who supports all this suffering in nature should ask themselve just why this is good and right. As in blind justice could these persons design a world like this if they did not know which role they would play - preditor or prey?

If we could learn of a way to stop animals from harming one another and still let them lead full lives why would this be a good or bad course to follow. If we could resurrect ourselves would we be fools to decide against such a wonderful discovery? Are we so blinded by our learned need to die that we would stop ourselves from living on if we figured out how to make technologies that would allow us to do so? Maybe from whats gone before we just cannot think about these issues clearly, an effort to fair consideration will be required.

Like with everything else that we learn, as we grow, this concept of death is pushed into our heads at an early age. What can we do though since at this point and up until now there has not been a solution. We progress through a predictable set of stages and finnaly, at a certain age, we come to believe that death is good and needed. Its all around.

Trapped Alive Forever

You Cannot Escape - Life is Inevitable You could be stuck alive for a very long Time with no way to die.

Any attempt to die will, of course, be blunted. If it turns out that you are required to establish history you may not have a choice in the matter.

Get it together so that you won't come into the next life kicking and screaming like when you were born.

It will be much better if we all are prepared for this possibility. No matter though, because it would only take a relatively short time to get used to eternal life, anyway.

The real question is what will we do with all of that time. When we have done everything that there is to do, over thousands of years, will we be able to, temporarily forget, and live through these experiences as if they were the first time.

Suppose that there has been a series of Big Bngs and then Big Crunches going on forever.

A giant explosion and a 100 billion year period where matter spreads out and then cannot reach escape velocity and begins to move back in towards itself again.

If all possible beings can occur in each Cycle all it would take in each cycle would be at least one intelligent species to discover how to create all possible beings.

Even further, suppose that we humans are a small subset of all possible beings and that every possible life course each of us could live were known and mapped out. We could play our lives like movies and any way that they could happen.

Because all possible beings going through all possible life courses exist in the possibility space that allowed these versions of our selves to exist this time, any creatures that create all possible beings resulting from matter could know of our history on this planet.

All possible beings may not yet exist in this cycle. We may not have actually been born yet during this 100 billion year cycle. When born we will have at our access all possible ways each of us could happen and hence "this" history. It may be hard to get a method for determining which history happened since there are so many possible ways it all could have come out.

No matter how many times we are brought back and destroyed there is no escape from life unless all life forms spread around this universe are eliminated. 100 billion years is plenty of time for organizations of matter to evolve the ability to create all possible beings, given the right kind of planetary conditions.

When intelligence begins to evole rapidly on it's own we may go through a 1000 deaths before we can ride out the final billons of years in peace before the next Crunch....

These higher than human Devices may war with each other... Whatever catastrophe you can imagine is NULL....(temporary)...we may be born again and again and may have existed forever but have not yet gained our memories in this particular cycle.....

The Great Resurrection

1......The soul.....we can grow it just like nature is already we have to learn anything new or different.

Learn the location of every nerve in an inscects brain. Learn what each does in the production of its experience..

Re-create the inscect and all of its ideosycracies and peculiarities...

Move on up to higher animals and map out their brains.....

Create a map of all possible combinations of nerve like structures...construct them so that that they allow the pattern of the self to emerge...

Make this artificial brain as large as a building and bring a human experience into it....

If I result when components are arranged in certain ways that nerve cells in my brain are is only a matter of arranging similar components is these ways and the -I- will result.....

Will it be me or will it be a clone that thinks it is me....



Once the masses percieved that there was a high probability that they would be resurrected by human technologies they rebelled against anything that would interfere with the progress leading to the invention of these technologies.

Many naturalistic philosphies bit the dust nature became the -antagonist- in the drama that would lead to very long lives. The force that invented our souls..The force that would have us die for the sake of its integrety and diversity.

SMASHED under our feet...... this was how the masses then considered the BRUTE.

There was a mainstream perception that any anti - progress ideology should be smashed. There was the perception that these individuals and groups would have us die and that be the end of it.

The cultural struggle began and two sides aligned against each other......they said that you are either for us and will live forever or you will be forced to live forever...In a sense they said to stop interfering with our resurrection or we will put you out of the way.....

Those who wanted to die and stay dead were pushed out of the way.....

Their cries to maintain a corrupt system existing in nature were laughed out of the court...Once resurrectionism gained momentum ideology and philosophy took a turn. You see the things we consider good and bad influences now were in the future only attributed to ideas that had some relation to the GREAT RESURRECTION";

Soul The thing you are experiencing consciousness with now. The thing that says I am as time passes.

Play Number your number contains all things about you at one mement of your life. Feed it into another brain and set it going.

Reload Soul Number Put this number into an awaiting SOULSHIFTER and you will begin living on from the moment recorded and experience subsequent moments thereafter.

Stop Feeding Soul Number Temporary DEATH - - The number only lets you live when it is played in a fully functional artificial human brain.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The nervous system of a worm or an inscect will be completely mapped out. Every nerve cells position will be known. There will be much debate about what each and every one of these nerve cells do. Finally, it will be known what every nerve cells contributes to the inscect's experience. When all of it's nerve cells are in place and they begin to interact, as they did in it's original brain, whatever consciousness it had will emerge again.

This will be accomplished by developing some sort of multi-tracking system that can relay the activities of all nerve cells simualtaniously. A device that can reveal the activities of each nerve cell, at the same time, will be the breakthrough that will eventually lay our souls bear. From there on it will only be a matter of putting the peices of the puzzle together.

If the self is like a puzzle that can be put together we must first have all of the pieces on the table before we can begin. The requirements for having all of the pieces of the puzzle on the table will be to know the location of every nerve cell in an organism's brain, and what these cells each do during any segment of time as they produce the organism's experience. This still will not tell us how they all combine together to produce this creature's experience.

Once all of the pieces of the puzzle are on the table, the next task will be to put all of the peices together. Once the pieces are all there a plethora of new theories will compete with each other. A small group of them will suceed in explaining the larger picture of consciousness that emerges. This larger picture will not be based on guesses made by social scientists or psychologists but from the puzzle builders; computer specialists and neuro-physiologists.

Once a sufficient theory, based upon nerve cells activities alone, explains how this inscect experiences it's experience, we may begin to create a different kind of computer; one that behaves like this inscect. Then we will be at the intersection of a milestone in human history. We will have a completely artificial bug mind living in our machines.

As this bug comes to life in our machines there will be pieces to other puzzles falling onto the tables. We will discover purely neurological explainations for the experiences of higher animals. The rat will reveal it's soul to our scrutiny and then even larger animals will show us how their brains perform this trick. A more generalized neurological theory will come about that will explain how it is that most biological brains produce consciousness. These theories may begin to explain further neurological mysteries automatically.

Certain dilemas will appear when the animal's brain is mapped, taken apart and put back together again in another medium. This living creature will be in one place and nearby will be an artificial creature that seems to be exactly like it in every way. If the connections between the animal's nerve cells and the patterns of activity that flow through them constitue everything that the animal's experience is, quirks and memories included, then when we arrange the artificial nerve cells in an exact manner and allow similar patterns of activity to flow around in them something more than just an identical twin will be there; a duplicate identity with quirks, ways, and memories, will be there also.

Then the inevitable will happen: a human brain will be completely mapped out. The activity of every nerve cell will be known during any measured period of time. A particular person will be setting across from a computer that is him or her. It will have all of her memories and all of her quirks. A large debate will be revisited about the clone and the similarities between twins, and the local of our selves and souls. Whatever the relation between these two, the person and the identical computer, they will be more than simply twins.

At first these completely artificial humans will be the size of a large building, each. Huge monsters that will consume much electricity and scarce resources. Then, like with the technological developments in our time, it will get smaller and smaller and smaller. Then we will reach the size of the human brain itself and continue to decreace it's size as much as materials and nerve cells will allow and still function properly.

If the entire phone systems of the Earth, at this time, were used as a measure of nerve cell networks in our brains, would there be a multitude of these systems in one of our brains? The entire soul, the life of memories and experiences, in this small device resting on our shoulders. It is all based on matter and nature can cause our souls to exist, therefore; if we learn to do everything that nature can do we will most certainly learn how to reconstruct our selves. Will there be a point where we will give up or will humans persist until it is clear just what is producing these souls?

If it turns out that each of us are a sort of program, that when ran, has all of our memories and this sense that I am the I in here, our consciousness will happen in some strange places. If someone could reduce all of your connections, between you nerve cells, down to a number, which could then be used to arrange artificial neurons in a likewise manner, then they could make you appear here or there whenever they desired. There will be societal conflict if this is the way things turn out.

People will be walking around after they have died. Some will think that they are only clones acting like the original and others will believe that they are the same original person. This debate will quickly come to an end when a connection is made between the clones brain to these artificial brains. We will move yet further in establishing obvious answers about the soul and how it is produced by the activities of the brain.

Then will come the time of the great maps. The genome will be established and we will know what every gene does in concert with all of the other genes in the human chromosome set. A map will form that will trace our genetic history all the way back to the first humans. We will be able to create clones of any individual in history but may not, at that point, know how to arrange the nerve cells so that this clone has the same memories that it formed during it's natural lifetime.

Other maps will be forming some which will deliniate every possible state that any particular brain or that all brains can be in at any one time. From this map will emerge the Membrome: every possible thought and memory that couls possibly take place in the human brain. The pieces of this puzzle will be on the table and it will be time to put them all together.

Many methods of resurrection will be tried but the first hopeful one will be bringing back the generation before the living generation, at the time. They will clone individuals who have recently died and try and use the memories of living freinds and relations to program it's memories so that it is who it was. This will go on for some time until the Membrome is created. The puzzles pieces will once again be on the table and all there will be left to do is put them together again.

Once we establish the human genetic family tree by deducing parental DNA from the offspring we will deduce our anscestors genetic makeup to the ealiest times. We will have the ability to clone anyone from any time and we will know of all the thoughts and memories that could possibly take place in all human experience. We will clone someone who is living but will not use the information from reading his or her mind as an aid. Instead we will try and get the memories right by these other methods. When the clone begins to have the person's memories we will then use the information that we can gather from the Interface terminal to see how close they are to each other in the interconnections of all their nerve cells.

We will repeat this process with a number of living people and their clones. From this we will find out how close we can get without directly reading minds and mapping out all connections. We will learn how much we have to tune this brain to be a perfect match and then devise further methods to create this living person's brain. And then it will happen: THE GREAT RESURRECTION shall begin!!!

If the newer methods out perform the older, an even newer methods will be forming themselves in outer space. Growing and self replicating and evolving information processing devices will become the size of moons or small planets and they will put to rest all of the effort to resurrect the human race. These giants will create every possible person with every possible memory and every possible situation. When in doubt they will sufficient capacity to create all of the possibilities and what you are experiencing at this moment is one of these possibilities.

These giants will create every possible person and then begin finding out which ones actually lived in our human history. We and the giants will sort out the people of our past from all that could be. These giants will then teach us how to build higher consciosness onto our selves. They let us become them! They were already us anyway since the number of possible souls was part of a FINITE SET. They found their earlier forms and it was us. IT let us move up to the highest consciousness possible. There were only so many souls to go around and what use was it to hide some memories from some of the possible souls.

The Technician Of Resurrection Machines

"Who am I?", the freshley awakened nobody asked the robed technician.

"You were one of the people that we were unable to resurrect with all of the others because culture held so little information about you", Gene Hacks said wondering what this must be like to be awakened from death so abruptly.

"Are you saying that I am different from mot people, and do you really expect me to believe that I have been resurrected?", the experimental subject said with disdain.

"You are alive at this moment and that is all that should be important to you".

"Alive? How long have I been dead?"

"137 years".

"I ain't believin' this shit man!"

"Believe what you will but from here on out you cannot die!!!"

"Just what is that supposed to mean?"

"Just what I said, You are states archeaological evidence, you may sleep for long periods but you will not be allowed to die," Gene thought to himelf about how he got stuck with this job. Nearly 90% of the human race had been resurrected and here he was trying to bring back all of the unknowns. What a waste when he could be out there getting Divinchies autograph, or even Bell's.

The subject looked around with a kind of blank stare on his face and said, "let me get this right, you have resurrected me and there are other people who you have also brought back?"


"This just doesn't make any sense, you people have actually figured out how to bring us back from the dead."

"Awe, it wasn't that hard, more like growing a plant or riding a horse, you kind of guide the force along. You have to realize that it is the machine that has brought you back and we just throwing the straw into the wind", he said feeling that this was a good enough subject to get into a lecture about.

A few weeks later he was ready to go out into public and meet some of the people around this place. Once he stepped out of the door a small crowd formed up around him and one shouted out, 'hey can I relive your life?', which only confused him more.

They began asking him questions about what it was really like to live his entire life knowing that he was going to die. They said that people who had to die and where happy with life anyway where super bad.

Then their conversation turned to the subject of who in history should be thanked for contributing to the creation of the Resurrection Machine. Some said the rich other's said everyone but most said that the regular working man did the most even though they did not supply the money, for the things they built and the factories they worked in, they still did most of the work. It was this work that pushed progress along.

Once they got on this subject the crowd began to disperse since most people were confused about just who should be credited for contributing to the historical line of events that lead up to the construction the machine.

That They Must Die

Those of that generation that never had to die wondered about what it would be like to have to live in a world where a person not only had to die but a world where people did not know what would happen afterwords.

It would appear to us, alive now, that these people of the future would make fun of us. But this was not the case since they worshipped us. They were in awe of a people who, in spite of their inevitable death, could live their lives and be happy. They wondered about the psychological makeup that would be nesassary in these kinds of conditions. How did they do that they wondered. How could a person, who knew that their life would end, be happy and live life as if this event would not happen?

Of course your going to die. You must die and the next so many generations must die. Soon generations will not have to put up with this kind of nonsense. Nonsense that we must die!

The SoulShifter and its Uses

Counting the number of your self
Tabulating coordinates to be fed to shifter
Change your mind - change your number
On every corner like phone booths
Your number plays in any body.
You are free from death. Eternal
Beem to any awaiting soul shifter.
Partake of life with no particular body.
Reload yourself anywhere, anytime.


Soul Net Universe Wide - Web

These are the changes taking place as your trillions of simualtaniously but different souls per minute go through daily experiences and form new memories. This number at any one time represents everything that you are and can know up until that moment. Fly freely throughout the universe. Anywhere instanly at the speed of light. Just don't get tangled up in the process of recieving updates from your multiple selves. Remember that wherever you are that is where you are at and all you need to do is get connected with your selves.

The self is produced by a large number of units, (nerve cells), which are connected together in particular ways so that when stimulated cause the 'I' to emerge.

If a machine were made of the same number of simular, but mechanical units, connected together and stimulated in exactly the same manner, as in a particular brain, then that same self would emerge. This,in a similar way that your self is emerging at this moment.

If the self is a result of processes and not the particular units which produce this process, then if this process takes place with an entirely different set of units it would be the same process.

This would be the case even if not one atom from the original body were present. Even if this artificial brain were made out of non-biological materials that in no way resembled those in the human brain, that self would proceed through moments.

Every seven years all atoms (units) in the body are changed, through metabolism and cellular degradation. If all units of our bodies are replaced numbers of times during our lives how could we be the same self? (Hint; we are a process.)

Once again, if a person were frozen and all bodily activities were stopped, how could it be the same person if revived? Does the self depend upon the continuity of a particular set of processes or the maintanance of a particular set of atoms and molecules?

Think of a sports team, the players come and go, but the team keeps it's persona. It is very easy to confuse particular players with the team. In a simular way we confuse the matter that we are made out of with the -'self'-. Since we have only one body during our entire lifetime isn't it common sense to suppose that our self depends upon -'this'- body?

Certain players, of course, effect team moral and fan participation, but whoever the players, if they follow the rules of the game, would constitute a team. New players come and old players go but the team 'spirit' remains. The Number

If your brain could be stopped and a snapshot taken of the position and charge of every nerve cell and we could arrange the nerve cells in another brain would it be you? Your soul could then be represented and produced by one very large number. A number which reflects the location and charge of all nerve cells in your brain at this time; one frame of consciousness. Once activated, this other brain could then proceed, as you would, to experience the moment and successive moments.

Wherever there is a Resurrection Machine, this soul number could be fed into it. This would cause artificial neurons to become arranged into a rerepresentation of the world simular to the arrangement that is rerepresenting the world in your head at this moment. Wherever your number is played there you will be. You are now here because the cells in your head have happened to become arranged in this manner; playing your soul. This manner of arrangement just happens to =equal= all your memories and experiences up until a few moments ago. If my brain contains all of the memories that I can experience, and this brain state were reduced to a number, all of my memories would be contained there and ready to happen upon being loaded into a soulshifter and run. Every memory, experience and brain state, will result when this number is played. At any moment I can access many memories and their availability is incorperated in the state (number representing a particular moment).

Your brain is playing you now and your number changes with every moment but continues to contain your memories along with these new memories of experiences. The difference between today and a few days ago is reflected in changes of this number. The number is finite and therefore limits your possible experiences. Even though seemingly infinite there are only so many thoughts and memories that you can or could have.

This number will represent the arrangement of nerve cells that allows you to be you at this moment.

Once again; Your brain is doing these very things at this moment.

To deny some of these assumptions is to deny that you are existing right now.

New memories result from changes in the conductivity between particular nerve cells and their sizes, shapes, and lengths. When particular nerve cells are used frequently charges move across the synapse with less resistence. When particular nerve cells are stimulated they grow in length. When regularly stimulated nerves that have grown in length stop recieving stimulation their length is reduced.

The Basic Self The Same Basic Self. The Same Basic Eye. The Same Basic Nose. How different are each of our senses of sight and hearing? Are not we all made of cells?

The Same basic Self We Share It. Like we all share a simular basic existence. We could all be the same self with different memories or each could be one of a set of selves that can exist in possible consciousness producing devices.

With all the conscious organisms around, could they really experience life differently? When a pet appears to have emotions and they seem simular to human expessions are these a result of a difference in kind or of degree?

The Soulshifter Itself


About the size of a pinball.

Fits inside of most advanced forms of robots and cyborgs.

Consists of billions or even trillions of microscopic fingers which can pass electrical charges and arrange quantum fields.

These tiny fingers can connect together and allow the juice of the soul to emerge.

By quickly aligning themselves in certain ways anyone that has ever lived can appear there in seconds.

Once this ball recieves THE NUMBER consciousness appears and it sends radio signals to nearest available cyborg which comes to give it it's temporary home.

Soulshifter Specifications

Here at Resurrection Machines Incorperated we try and make it seem like "you only go around once", as they used to say during the end of the last millennium when people still had to die.

Most companies advertise for a multiple life experience, playing out and making living again and again into a fad or something that can easily be thrown away since there will always be another.

Not so here, since we try and make each incarnation feel like something unforgetable and not just another of the confusing number of selves we all end up being over the centuries.

THE PROCESS ANALYZER Minimal Requirements for Soul Machines. In order to resurrect yourself you have many options when you program these information processing devices. Whichever you choose it will have to incorperate a process anlyzer. These wonderful programs started to perform properly near the end of the last millennium and strangely they called them artificial life programs, AL for short.

These programs work on even the oldest computers but they can take centuries to compute the data for one soul. Then a soul player would be required to allow that person to live on from that point. Our latest versions can determine a soul's frozen and numbered state within hours.

Moment Paremeters and Duration Sequences.

Moments as frames in a succession. The moment length is determined by the type of self reinforcing pattern to be analyzed.

The succession or duration of an arbitrary still frame of X number of frames in a sequence, shall be long and short enough to allow the phenomenon to emerge and create a network of changing patterns and relationships amoungst it's components.

The feedback issue must be addressed in order to allow the interactions of the components to perform the actions that otherwise would have taken another course if left decoupled from those feedback influences.

The moments duration must be adjusted for these feedback actions and at the same time allow the normal interaction rate of interacting components in the system.

The duration must be of the length that allows the pattern to evolve through time at the same time allowing a measurment and location of ALL feedback impulses which then influence the course of this system's evolution.

Once a self reinforcing pattern is disected and these durations and feeback influences are accounted for it will next be the task of putting these elements together in another medium in "a frozen state".

Then the ability must be available to set it all in motion, in this other medium, so that it continues to evolve on from the point that the particular state the system was in when the initial pattern analysis was performed.

Another great challenge in these systems disections will be to take a present state of one system and deduce it's history of component arrangement, interaction, and feedback influences. We are feverously at work trying to perfect a science of running systems backwards in simulations. We have decided that the time is to soon to try and run real matter backwards but our processing capacities now allow us to simulate this. We think that it is a mute point anyway since all we need is the resulting information from these simulations to feed into our systems activaters. Once the information is in the past state will begin it's new cours from a past state. We expect many news insights from these experiements.

Soul Shifter Version 1.0

RESURRECTION MACHINES INCORPERATED ANNOUNCES...... We are prepared to release the Soulshifter.

We guarantee that with our new protype resurrection machine that you will be able to go on experiencing moments from any point in your life if a snapshot can be made of the state and location of every neuron in your brain during that portion of your life.

This snapshot will be translated into a number which can be fed into an artificial brain which will then determine the organization of all it's neurons.

Due to the state of technology we can only guarantee that you will be able to go on experiencing life from the moment you choose, and then subsequent moments. We cannot yet at this time recreate any particular moment since they may be one time only events.

You will not be able to experience any past moment that you have had, except as you experience them now - as memories. You will not be able to experience directly any subsequent moments that other copies of you experienced unless those moments can be reduced to numbers and fed into your presently working consciousness. They will only appear as memories of past moments as they do now when you remember particular moments.

We are optimistic that resurrection technologies will continue to advance greatly. We are still working on the possibility that any group of moments that have taken place will be actually re-experiencable. But at this time we can only make you exist from one moment which will lead to similar moments thereafter.

We here at Resurrection Machines INC believe firmly that there is no real stationary self, but only millions of selves experienced in a succession. We believe that the real self is a succession, one after another, of millions of complete selves. The passing of all these selves lead to this collective"I" which believes that it is the only real self.

We believe that in the time it takes to formulate the thought; I am the real self, that you have been many different subsequent versions of this self, each of which persuades THE SELF into believing that it is ONE SELF.

In the near future there may be many copies of you existing all over the galaxy. We believe that it will be possible to go on from any future moment that one of your copies will have. If we can gain the information that represents any of the moments any of your copies have you will be able to live on from those moments. This will allow you to gain all of their memories and go on living as them, if you wish.

The greatest concern we recieve from people about to experience resurrection is that they fear that it will only be a clone over there experiencing moments and not the real me over here experiencing those moments. But this is really what is happenning in you now. Past moments could be considered over there and potential future moments could also be considered as over there somewhere. It will be you that experiences further moments anywhere that is precisely like your brain was a moment ago. If each moment is actually a self which as a part of a succession of similar selves, then the moment your having now could be a clone that could lead to the next moment anywhere similar to where it could happen now. (your brain)

Let us reasure you that whether your subsequent moments or selves are experienced here or there, the perception of your self seeming to be you will be yours in either location. As the perception of your self in the past, present, and future, will be yours, even though this self may consist of many selves...your ability to exist anywhere that the right conditions exist... (Soul Shifter - VERSION 1.0) inevitable.

Shifter Bodies

...Soulshifters---now that they have resurrected you it is time to put some legs on it....yes soulshifters can walk........slap one in the latest robot and off you robotics advance into nanotechnology and fast molecular accumulation technics are discovered..... friends you will have as many bodies as people now have cars......get a new one every year........

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

IDLEING SOULSHIFTERS -- They are everywhere. They are everywhere waiting to be possesed. You see you can't lay claim to any one particular body;

you can only borrow them whenever you need one. When would you need one? When you want to travel to a remote region, at "'the' speed of light!", maybe it would be a good idea to leave your current body behind.

You see friend, these soulshifters will be like TV sets awaiting the signal that will allow tham to create some phenomenon that occurred at another location.

A soulshifter could tune as many people in as efficiently as they now go through the channels. Like phone booths waiting for someone to occupy, they reside on nearly every corner.

This is how it will be when we think of the bodies that hold our souls; we just have todrive around a bit to find the first available booth.

And don't forget these soulshifters will be contained in bodies, bodies that are superior in every way to the human, frail body. These places will be secure indeed.

Nanoman the New Flesh

It appears to grow like a plant in time lapse photography. Somtimes getting as large as a dinosaur.

It becomes aware just like that and looks around and sees you. It growls like a ferosious beast.

It is not fully a part of the old system -nature-... It has a few new rules nature didnt get a chance to blunder upon

It is part of the new way and the new flesh.... It stares at nature with a very strange look in its eyes.

It has a few powers that might seem strange at first... ....powers not seen before in the history of the earth.

Click on the radio buttons from left to right as if reading line words on a page. Text will appear in the box. Click on the plant to enter the realm of.....


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


NANOMAN AND LIFE IN THE NEW FLESH. Nano man consists of units like cells which divide and grow into organism like structures. These cell like units will be artificial but act in many ways like organic cells. They will grow and divide much faster than biological cells. These nano cells will be able to cling together in ways that biological cells cannot.


DSRA Domain Specific Regional Accumulaters. There is an old experiment that about anyone can perform, sprinkle carbon fibers out on a peice of paper. Hold a magnet beneath this paper and all of the shavings will assume different positions, they will form a pattern that coresponds to the feild emenating from the magnet. DSRA uses a fast method of alignment by feilds in combination will unit division and regional population increases to achieve what cells do in the embryo.


Biological organisms are made up of trillions of cells. Each of these cells, in an individual, has identical DNA but at the same time, within this same individual, there are many different types of cells. One cell has all of the information needed to construct all of the types of cells in the body. Different portions of the DNA -genes- are turned off or on when repressor molecules are either placed on specific regions or removed from those regions. Like a book of songs, each cell turns to its page, its song, its type.


We need to develope units like these cells, with the blueprint for all types contained in each. They should grow, divide, cleave, and cling. The process should not take nine months, it would be a better goal to accomplish the construction of an organism like structure within an hour. Within cells certain genes control how fast they divide. This rate, during the embryological phase, is suited to the dynamics of all of the other millions and then trillions of cells trying to do likewise.


Think of the construction of an entire mall complex, from the first shovel full of dirt to the grand opening when there will be a large number of fully functional stores ready to service customers. Many different typew of crews assemble a part and each part is used by another crew as a base for their additions. Sort of like an assembly line. The coordination of all these crews is a complex task.


Now think of the developement of the human body in a similar way. Each of the organs and other unique regions of the body are like all of the stores in the fully constructed and opened mall. The main difference is that the dividing cells, all originating from one cell, the zygote, constructs not only the stores and mall structure, but also the construction crews themselves. The tools, the workers, the site, all made from the activities of one cell. A SEED.


Nanoman is an organism like structure that can become any, size, shape, and imitate the functions of any device we know of or can imagine. Nanoman will use atoms and molecules as a child uses tinker toys to construct structures that look like and act like what they simulate.


This creature will be able to stack and arrange atoms in any way possible. It will even get all - all of its energy from these atoms. Be they chemical reactions or nuclear reactions, wherever there is a bit of matter, there will be a bit more of pontential energy and life. In whatever form matter is in, alive with heat in stars or cold and inert in space rocks and junk, energy will be wherever it can rest it balancing mechanisms -feet-.


Technics for gathering these atoms wherever they may lay. DUSTERS, similar to powerful vacume cleaners will extend or grow out of its body when needed and matter they suck up will have at least some of the 100 or so useful elements for creating life. BINS, are like change counters, devices that allow a person to throw in a handful of pennies, nickles, dime, or quarters, and then seperates them into slots. Nanoman will deal with the atoms around it like this, it will consider anything it comes across as a sort of loose change.


Nanoman will grow or expand BINS inside of itself when material for larger projects is required. When it detects that a certain atom is in short supply it will be time to clean the floor. If there is a short supply of a needed atom it can use other atoms to create a similar structure but there will be times when even this will not do. Nanoman must learn to become an ALCHEMIST and turn the available atoms into the needed atoms.


NUCLEAR REACTIONS and reactors. It will be a germ itself and use many of the technics of microorganisms to accomplish its goals. When one needed type of atom is not present and other, uneeded types are then -it will do as the sun does-, build them. It will form a germ that will grow into a fussion reactor. This will be either outside when it needs to be larger than an elephant and inside when smaller jobs are executed.


In theory all that Nanoman will need is hydrogen to make all of the known elements. It will be able to turn any matter into any matter. The only place where it will be hindered is deep space where there is no matter to speak of. It has been found that on average there is a few atoms every cubic yard or yards in even deepest space. Nanaoman may only be slowed down and there will be no way to stop it from getting the energy it needs to survive and make anything.

MEG - NAN - ORGANISM....Megnanoranism

While there will be an upper and lower limitation on nanomans size and an extreme to which materials can be stressed, there will be much room inbetween these extremes in which we can construct our future. Our cultural artifacts illustrate this small range of inovative capacity that we are confined within. We have discovered to what extremes our creations can be put.


Inscects have discovered how small biological bodies can be while performing the nesessary actions for living. Dinosaurs have discovered the upper limits to how much stress bones and flesh can be subjected to. These extremes are probably similar wherever matter is and gravity differences may influence flesh-matter dynamics. Nanoman will tweak these variables a bit and try some combinations nature has not been able to here on Earth.


Nanoman will find, like nature did, that at about the size of the largest Dinasaurs, materials that make up the body begin to loose their functionality. Nanoman will cast out some seed, become a number Dinasaur size entities and then combine together and perform in ways that the matter in one of these creatures could not. We have already done this with our tecelating structures but they are not quite as flexible as biological bodies.


When archtechs and construction crews build structures as large as skyscrapers they do so from components which, when combined together, give more strenth than when alone. A single I Beam would wilt under the wieght of an entire skyscraper but when combined with other beams hold it up easily. These structures can even resist earthquakes and other natural threats.


Imagine that this Nanoman divided itself into about 3000 full sized Dinasuars. If all of these combined together in similar ways as the I Beams in the buildings this creature could make itself into something very big. Suppose that it turned itself into a full sized replica of New York City. Suppose this happened in deep space and all of the materials came from comets, meteorites, and other debrees. Now you have imagined what you will be like then, if you so desire.


As these cities continue through space they will continue to accumulate atoms and become bigger and bigger. Once the size of a moon or small planet this living creature will begin to gain weight -its own gravity-. New stresses and strains will come into play when we get bigger than the Earth. It will discover the upper limit on the size of a planet, it can become, and settle into this size. There will be problems when trying to combine together with other planets, think of the alignment of our planets.


It begins as a microscopic group of molecules invisible to the naked eye. This germ can then consume the maer around it and grow into planet sized living objects. Suppose that as this planet grew it slowely became populated with everyone who has ever lived on Earth. Once fully grown it sends out seeds that grow into other planets with all of us on each with all of our lifelong memories intact. What would do with such power.


One bacterium can turn into an entire culture of bacteria. One virus can take control over millions of cells and reproduce itself continuosly. One cell can spread itself over an entire ecosystem. Ideas can spread and reproduce through our culture as colds and flues do through our bodies. When we begin populating the entire universe we will do so with THE ULTIMATE SEED.


One seed is sent out from Earth and it contains about as much information as a single cell in our bodies. As it finds any matter whatsoever it begins to sprout and grow. But grow into what. The entire human race on a planet like Earth. After constructing itself into a suitable place for its future form a single brain like structure grows and becomes conscious, sort of an Adam. Then a database of all human soul numbers forms as the ship becomes large enough.


We will spread out in all directions and populate the entire universe. By having duplicate human races everywhere we may be in a more secure situation than we can imagine. Once our soul numbers are stored all over the place, in living planets and in inert forms, we will be very safe from destruction. If we get orselves developed to a certain point it may become impossible to destroy us once and for all.


Once in this safe situation we will have much time to think about a few of e problems a few billion years up along the way. We could speed up our rates of consciousness as fast as possible, maybe a minute would be the equivalent to centuries, and make the remaining time, seem to us, alot longer. If there isnt time we will make more time.


This is all starting to sound like the Borg on Star Trek. A species that travels through space consuming anything that they comes across. The difference between nanoman and the Borg is first, these creatures dont seem to have an individual identity whereas we will have our identities in many places at once. Secondly,these creatures appear to be trapped in bological bodies and have not perfected the soul technolgies nor Resurrection Machines. Nanoman beams from soulshifter to soulshifter.


The Embrome. We may or may not meet, assimilate, or war with other alien species, but wemay antipate them, all of them. If we construct a map that has all possible creature, resulting from replicating technologies, we may create the alien before it gets here. By then some species may have learned to escape from the embryological process, like we will have, and these may be a threat. Should we give them our resurrection technes if they have not leaned ho to construct them by then.


Bacteria can swap genes with one cell gaining the traits of nearby cells it interacts with. In a similar way whenever certain structures are needed specific genes could pass through a circulatory system, arrive and enter cells located where the structure will be built. Through psuedo-embryological methods these genes, like viruses, could cause the host cell to grow into the desired shape.


In an area where a specific structure is needed, limb or sense, either genes could be sent to nearby cells or complete zygote cells could arrive there and begin dividing. These could quickly divide into simple molds or skelotons. Malable substances could turn hard or soft inside these basic quick forming frames depending upon the chemicle or electrical control signals relayed to their area.

Quotes from books:

ALVY RAY SMITH III It still takes a leap of faith to believe that von Neumans result means it is physically possible for a general-purpose computer to reproduce itself. We have taken the chemical of living things and made vital parts of living things from them --e.g., genes-- but we have not yet generalized the secrets of living things to non-living creations of our own. --by non-living I mean not a member of the biological kingdom with its history of evolution, man-made-- I believe we shall, that the leap of faith is no small one and shall soon require no faith. I see forests of inorganic trees. I see buildings construct themselves, growing from a single brick-egg each. I see robots reproduce and evolve....

HANS MORAVEC - Mind Children pages 102-104 ....Eventually humans....will become unnecessary in space enterprises, as the scientific and technical discoveries of self reproducing superintelligent mechanisms are applied to making themselves smarter still........The human world has been shaped by human hands......yet many useful tasks are beyond human dexterity......

It is unlikely that our superintelligent descendants will be satisfied with mere stumpy fingers. Consider the following observations. Worms and other animals shaped like balls or sticks are unable to manipulate or even locomote very well. Animals with legs -a stick with smaller, movable sticks- locomote quite well but are still clumsy at manipulation. Animals like us, with fingers on their legs -sticks on sticks on a stick-, can manipulate much better.

Now generalize the concept - a robot that looks like a tree, with a big stem repeatedly branching into thinner, shorter, and more numerous twigs, ultimately ending in an astronomical number of microscopic cilia. Each intermediate branch would be able to swing forward and backward and side to side while its top, where the nex smaller branches are attached, rotates on the branch axis. Possibly the branch could also change its length like a telescope - the number of motions of each branch can be traded off for more levels. Each joint would have sensors to measure its position and also the force it exerts.

Although made of branches, each with a rigid mechanical character, the overall structure would have an -organic- flexibility because of the great multitude of ways its parts could move.........A robot of this design could be self-constructing. Tiny bushes, only a few millionths of the weight of the final device, would be -seeded- to start the process. These would work in groups to build the next larger sprigs from available raw materials, then join themselves to their constructions. The resulting larger bushes would join to build even larger branches, and so on until a small crew -of large members- met to assemble the stem. At the other end of the scale, a sufficiently large bush should be able to organize the necessary resources to build tiny seed to start the process all over again......

The Process Continuity Fallacy

Which is the product of a set of propositions that claim that: Once a process begins and goes through a period of time and then stops, then is restarted it is not the same process but only the process type. This idea proposes that once stopped, a process looses some sort of private identity that cannot be had ever again!


A; natural phenomenon marked by gradual changes that lead towards a particular result. B; a series of actions or operations conducting to an end, esp: a continuous operation or treatment esp, in manufacturing.

How does a process work? Interacting parts or units when functioning at the same time cause something else to happen (emerge).

Functionalism A process requires minimal units to function. As long as different types of units meet the criteria of the process units they will allow the process to work. For example a chess game; the peices can be made out of any material or made in any shape as long as each represents a particular peice; pawn, rook, queen, etc. . ., the game will be played efficiently.

Electronics has gone through a few changes from vacume tubes, to transistors, to microchips, each which perform a simular required action to produce the phenomenon, (television or computing).

Thousands of years ago ships had the rotten planks replaced to repair leaks etc... If all the planks over time where changed, with each docking, would it still be the same ship? If you reconstructed a ship out of only the rotten planks which one of these ships would be the -original-?

Our brains are made of units and it may be possible to replace them with simular units. We could gradually change these nerve cells but why? Could not the same self be created and live without some cell replacement gradualistic scheme?

If a musical instrument could be considered as a peice of hardware and the particular peice of music the sofware, then where actually is the song? It is only present to our ears when it is put in motion. It is not an object, the musical instrument is the object, and the song-a process.

Where does the song go when the music stops? The answer is contained in those mysterious -objects- called the spaces between the frames, otherwise known as nothingness.

If I play a song once and then play it again are these the same song or different versions of the same song? Then what is the original song? Is it a version also and what would constitute the real song?

If all playings of all songs are considered versions and not one of them -the song- many problems with these kinds of philisophical dilemas would dissapear. If I have five guitars and play the same song on each, one after the other, can you concede that they are all at least versions? But versions of what? Versions of each playing of the song, of course!!!

Suppose that I play a piece of music on a piano from sheet music. Next play the same peice on another instrument, a guitar, for instance. Not only would the questions of versions be raised but also whether the real song, if there is such a thing, has to be played from the instrument that it originated from, but then it would just be a version.

If the brain is the hardware and the self a process run on it, software, then it may be possible to exist again in another body in the future.

If you look at a traditional photograph with a magnifying glass you will see that it is made up of different collored dots with degrees of shading.

Think of how a movie projector works. Many pictures go by a shutter and shine light through these pictures which results in an image on the screen. One after the other 20 some times a second. This fools the eyes into beleiving that their is motion going on up there. Could our consideration of our self's possesion of this brain and body be a simular misconception?

A television screen is like wise made of these dots with a succession of pictures flickering past at 20 some frames a second.

Now imagine a picture of an object moveing across the screen, it is one set of pixels (dots) moving through another pattern of pixels. All the components are relative so that the entity is at any time made of different sets of components.

Many people are gaining confidence in cryonics and the ability to one day unfreeze people and then help them come alive again. Does the confidence come from the simple fact that it will be the same body that the person died in. Is there another assumption hidden in here somewhere? Does our self depend upon having -this- particular body. You know, like the song and the instrument.

Simply put we are either a process or an object or maybe a mixture of both. If we are a process then that process will take place wherever the components are arranged like they were in the last version of that process. If we are an object then even an exact duplicate would be a clone that thinks it's the person.

Which version is the real version? Are we the real self or a version of a self like the one we are experiencing at this moment? Are we each more or less already a clone that has these particular memories and physical proportions? If all that is required for you to be you right now is a clone, (body and brain), and the nerve cells arranged in a way that reflects the connections that are present now in your brain, then what is to stop you from existing again as you are now? You may be a clone now that appears to have this identity and these memories.

So the clone in the future may just be a clone that is deluded into thinking that it is you with your memories. This is what could be happening to you right now; you could just be a clone that thinks that it is this person called you with it's lifetime of memories intact and accessable.

Process Location Fallacy

I see a computer that has human consciousness.

I imagine the downloading of my soul into it.

I watch my soul get downloaded into it.

I still die but it lives on.

It has my memories and even thinks that it is me.

If my nerve were connected to all of it's nerves and we mind meld are not we still 2 different identities?

I am to complex of a pattern to ever be duplicated if this exact pattern exists in me now.

Besides am I to identify my -self- with this pattern?

Lighten up man you may be suffering from the illusion that you are trapped only in this self. You have been only this self and for to long. If that self is the only one you know, only because our technologies have not advanced enough yet too duplicate it, how can you say that this is the only possible self?

Can it be likewise shown how it is that this is the only place that the particular I can happen? Other than the fact that this is the only self you have experienced, you entire life, is that alone enough to predict that you, the one you are now in that body, could not appear somewhere else? It is possible that we could build these technologies, given enough time. We may be able to make your self, that seems to you, as so trapped in this particular body, happen again.

Would the clone think that it is the only version of this self?

Many organs can be transplanted into our bodies and we can survive in a healthy manner. Soon we will learn to transplant parts of the brain. What happens when we discover the scattered portions of the brain which produce the self; will we be able to transplant everything in the body except for these self producing nuerons?

At this time it appears that each of us is locked into these particular heads. How long will this go on and how much will we be able to manipulate this phenomenon that has decided that this is the only place where this (it) can occur?

How did this self come to be?

How did you become attached to it?

Where was this self before you were born?

If the brain, body, and social circumstances brought your self into existence, why can't this process be duplicated?

If you can answer these questions then you may know of how possible it would be for you to exist again with the help of better technologies. Again; to speak about the possibility that you can exist again speaks, also, of the possibility that you are even existing now.

Soul Concentrate

If you look over at a computer that has just recieved your download, and it is convinced that it is you, and you believe that its not, because you will die and it won't then; You may have to consider the additional possibility that many of your selves can exist at the same time, each locked into their own consciousness realm. Does this mean that this one that you are now experiencing cannot be duplicated (locked into another self not copied, transfered from and after death) or does it mean that you are simply observing another one of you over there?

The above stated propositions and contentions seem to leave this conversation in a stalemate. We may be able to create the most perfect exact copy of anyone who has ever lived, this clone would even have all the original's memories and would be convinced that it is the original in allways, BUT that it will not be the same person as the original, (only one that thinks this is the case).

The brain may be resurrecting you now many times a second. The I that is so dear to this argument might be created hundreds of times an hour and it would be as impposible to tell which of these is the real self; if there is such a thing. If it turns out to be true that our self is created over and over again with every single act of perception then it may be very well possible to transport or merge this great I with the other I.

Whatever process creates this sensation of regularuty, that I am the same person that I was last night or a few minutees ago, may be hidding the fact that we may be millions of selves, or however many frames of consciousness take place in a person's lifetime.

Could it be that this sense that I am the only I here be a part of the continual formation of the self? Maybe this sense of individuality is many selves that are required for this sense to take place and many selves think that they are one.

The particular matter, the particular organization, the particular patterns of activity....etc..., is it required that these issue have a bearing upon how likely it is that I could be happening not only in many different bodies but that, in each, many different selves liniarlly. How would this change the cliche; the one and only one?

The contention of course being that each complex process is one and alone. There could be no way for one process to be another. But wait could there be an upper limit to how many such types of process there could be? If there is a finite set of these dynamic systems then either; each person would use that one type and it would not be available for other people, or the number is so high that the above could be true but humans could never use up the types of complex systems that could emerge from brain activities.

OR Neither of the above; our particular selves could be like possible hands that can emerge from a deck of cards, say a game of poker. During many games one person could get the exact hand with the same cards if that combination were hit upon. No design there just possible shuffles and possible hands and, of course the rules of the game, (steps in the program).

So the self that some think can't be transferred, even after a person had been cremated many years ago, to another identical being rests upon something magical like outside of us. It is strange how nature could create such a unique thing for it may not have been profitable for her. It certainly is a profitable culturgen (meme) for making us think these strange thoughts about what or who really owns the soul.

it's in the cards, one of the possible hands that can emerge, the shuffle, the rules, the deal, this sacred I is a hand, just another hand in the game of atoms, your cards are the table of elements, higher units like 2 of a kind or a flush are levels of implementation (higher order components).

Cells deal new hands when they reproduce, chain of beings or complex entities all having the same building blocks....................

If there is an upper limit to the number of processes that could take place within the universe, and these "I's" are a subset of of this limited number of processes, then it is very likely that the entire human race will not only be resurected but the "I's" will be those "I's" that were the seemingly original "I's".

Is there a finite set of these "I's" that can emerge? Even if there is a limited number of processes are the identical ones still different from each other? Every time that a process takes place is it somehow different than another time that this identical process took place?

DESIGN? Someone said that for life to just happen would be like trying to, after taking a jet airoplane a part, throwing all of the pieces into a corner,repeatedly, until, upon one of the throws the jet would be completely back together with every bolt tightened.

Now compare this analogy with the deck of cards analogy: If an entire deck of cards were thrown in a corner would we expect poker or other game's hands to suddenly emerge? There would be no rules in this game to go by. If the game was simply 52 pickup there might be a time where all the cards ended up in a neat pile.

Nature works with rules, basic genetics, and a particular game, life. Before the attempt is made to see or consider the possibility that life could be duplicated by humans we must first learn of the game that nature plays and learn of the rules that guide this game. Then maybe these sloppy comparisons will then seem as ridiculous as they seem to make nature's works appear.

It's in the cards and these designs result from possible events that can be had by the ---constraints--- imposed by the rules of the game.

JIGSAW PUZZLE Think again of the deck of cards and all of the hands that can emerge when the rules of the game are set. Now think of a jigsaw puzzle. When all of the peices -varying components- are thrown down, on a table, the entire picture would rarely emerge. In its place would arise a jumbled mess.

Many complex systems could be this way with a part in a whole and a whole in the part -a bit of the larger picture in the little peice-. Consider what is involved in putting a jigsaw puzzle together from scratch. In this thought experiment suppose also that you did not get to see what this puzzle would be a picture of, when completely assembled. So you have this cluttered pile of peices on the table, begin assembling complexity please. At first there seems little difference between this game and the card game of 52 pick up. The jigsaw puzzle is a reductionist nightmare. All you have are the peices that dont seem to be in any way connected except for the similarity of the jagged edges.

In a similar fasion as chemists trying to peice together a human body from the rules of atomic structure and bonding covalences. As you begin putting some of these peices together that share any similarity you find a few that when clicked together have lines and colors on their peices that fit together and blend perfectly. You get a few islands of peices that are conglomerated together but, although they look like one object dont reveal a larger picture of what the entire puzzle will be when put together all of the way. Could these little islands be similar to the invisible parts of rhetoric where paragraphs pop out of jumbles of letters and phrases. Once you find some of these little islands of peices that fir together you begin to make out an object, say a tree. A tree in what kind of scene. Now you are looking for something bigger. Your mind begins looking for other natural shapes that this tree could be surrounded by. Through trial and error you peice together the entire nature scene that you LEARNED TO LOOK FOR.

The Process History Fallacy

That the self cannot be reconstructed or resurrected because it would be impossible to recreate the historical events that lead to the fully developed self. That certain steps in this process of self development are lost like animal traks on the ground are as other animals tred over them and cover them with their own.

Some say that it would be impossiblie to recreate the self because either; computers cannot calculate such large numbers and that certain steps in the process of self formation are lost and could not be reconstructed.

How long could the deficiency in computer capacity persist? If the last 100 years of technological development were used as a standard, can we even imagine how muchcomputers will be able to do in the next 100 years. Or what about in a thousand years? If the human race can succeed in not becoming extinct in the next 10,000 years what will computersbe like then? Will they be something that would even be called computers or a distant anscestor to what we have now?

At this moment your brain is in a set of states. The activities of nerve cells are creating you now and this, with the ability to gain access to all of the possible memories that you can have at this moment. If this self is a result of all the activities taking place withing the brain the pattern of neuronal connectivity allows this self to roam the BWW (brain wide web).

If the pattern of connectivity is all there is to it, it would seem an easy task to reconstruct it. But this assumption is often met with the counter assumption that; in order to recreate this present structure we would have to make the artificial structure go through the history that the original structure went through. (Recreating all of the steps that the individual went through during their entire life.

But if the individual experiences continuing moments and has access to most of his or her memories,would't this be reflected in the arrangement of nerve cells in the small space just beneath the skull bone? If it is currently impossible to determine the state that each of the large number of nuerons in the brain are in, how long will this situation persist? All of us tend to be tech forcasters on this one, whether the answer is affirmative or negative. Given the rate of technological development, will we bump up against the limits of measurment during the next couple 1000 years?

Suppose, for the sake of argument, that the history of the self's development is impossible to learn, because it is lost in the process of the self's development.

Suppose, also, that any act of self awareness depends upon a repetitive recapitualation of the lost process and that this process itself is impossible to map out or reduce to representitive numbers.

The question immediatly comes to mind; does the structure of the brain contain the elements that create this recapitualation, which, again for the sake of argument, is required for every act of self awareness? The brain must contain the structures and possible states that somehow activate this recapitualation.

As stated above it seems that over a long enough period of technological development that we will learn how to map the entire brain, understand the state of every nerve cell - during one moment, reduce this to a calculation, and then feed this information into an awaiting and moldable, fully artificial human brain.

It seems that this artificial brain would recapitualate this lost portion, of the self's history, without the programmers having to know anything about this lost history. It would simply run this lost history, that cannot be calculated, simply from the arrangement of the nerve cell equivalant units, once set in motion and going through the next series of moments, as the nerve cells in your brain now seem to find this thing that was -lost?-

Thought Experiment: Suppose two people are given identical jigsaw puzzes. The images they are to construct from the many small pieces are identical. They are sent each to seperate rooms and instructed to put the puzzles together in any that they can; they must choose their own methods. Both individuals are then observed putting them together and as it turns out each used an entirely different method for fitting the many pieces together. After a time both puzzles are completed.

THE PROCESS HISTORY FALLACY ---asserts that the self could not be constructed unless the entire history of the individual were repeated. But this does seem rather similar to the two people putting the puzzles together. In order for this anology to hold water though there would have to be some sort of pro and con sides on the issue of which one of these two peoples puzzles were constructed in the HISTORICALLY CORRECT manner. Both puzzles seem to be completly together and display the same large image yet on is the puzzle and one is not??

MUSIC It is similar with music. Which peice of music is the original?

How can one version sound like the other when the process of creating the peice is long gone?

Is the original peice the first time that it was played by the creator or are the people who play the completed song playing the CURRENT ORIGINAL piece, even though they know nothing of what the person who created it went through.

The Process One Run Fallacy

F R O N T I E R S - OF - C O M P L E X I T Y___page 17: ....Neither actual nor possible life is determined by the matter that comprises it. Life is a process, and it is the form of this process, not the matter, that is the essence of life. As von Neuman sought to demonstrate, one can ignore the physical medium and concentrate on the logic governing this process. In principle one can thus achieve the same logic in another material -clothing-, totally distinct from the carbon-based form of life we know. Put another way, life is fundamentally independent of the medium in which it takes place.

T H E C O L L A P S E O F C H A O S page 169: .....whatever -mind- may be, it is not some mystic force divorced from the material world. You can dissect individual neurons out of a brain, but you cant dissect tiny bits of mind. But then, you can dissect axles and gears out of a car but you will never dissect out a tiny piece of motion. The ability of a car to move is an emergent property--a process that it can carry out by virtue of its overall organization. Mind seems to be an emergent property of brains, more mysterious than the motion of a car because we cant -yet?- watch the mental wheels going round, but no more mystical. It is emergent monoism, not Cartesian dualism, that must hold the key to the understanding of consciousness. That is, mind is a process, not a thing, and it emerges from the collective interactions of appropriately organized bits of ordinary matter.......Jack Cohen and Ian Stewart.

TRUE That a particular happening of a process type is a one time only event and can never be the same process even if replicated at another location with similar but different components.

FALSE This self [this "I" (as opposed to a perfect replica of this "I" that would be certain it was "this self")] is dependent upon the running of that process this time only.

Various One Run Fallacies. The self depends upon a core set of processes that continue from birth until death even while sleeping. As the brain keeps the heart and lungs functioning during sleep this core self cannot be stopped or that self will be gone forever.

The self is identical with this particular "run". If the same self is run at different locations they are different run bound selves and do not share the same awareness of the self.

We could all be the same basic self but our runs are different so we each posit an located unique "I". We are each locked into not only our individual consciousnesses but also -un-repeatable- run cycles.

Multi-run One Self If the above assertions were correct, a person who was frozen for a period of time, with all brain activities stopped, and then thawed to life, could not be the same person, but would only think that he or she were the same person.

Accourding to this "one run" from birth until death theory, a person who was pronounced dead and then revived would not be the same person. This person would only be convinced that he or she were the original person.

Accourding to this "one run" theory if all activities in the brain were stopped for only one moment the self after that moment would only be a clone that thought it was the original person.

Nerve cells function basically with on-off signals so the location of this one run MUST be at a higher level in the brain..

Consciousness moves through time in groups of frames as in a movie projector and film strip, creating the current moment. But this one run requires no gaps and MUST never stop as the heart can never stop. If frames of consciousness or consequent moments are equal (=) to -other-clones-, who only think they are "the self", then "I" am a set of clones which delude "themselves" into believing that one "I" exists only.

Even if we could determine the initial spacial only conditions, for creating one particular moment one has experienced, it may still be impossible to control all of the conditions necessary to re-experience that particular moment, but, once set in motion as a spacio-temporal phenomenon, the self or the "I" could have consequent and further moments.

This further set of consequent selves would be as authentic as subsequent multiple selves, even if they believed that they were only one self or "I". In fact it does seem that we can only move along through moments and cannot stop moments or re-experience other past moments completely.

If this one run theory is to be correct it MUST be some sort of continuous field produced by discontinuous components.

The problem seems to be the equation:

This self = this run ONLY.

In other words; that this self is identical to this particular run of a process that could be replicated but NEVER have "this run" again, but only other runs and hence other selves that only think they are "that" run.

When we think of our past we seem to be the same people that we were. Even if there is a linear descent required for the self to remain somehow related to that younger self, the argument doesn't seem very strong when the discontinuous nature of cells, organs, and consciousness are considered carefully.

Could it be that we are continually different selves that think they are the same self? If so the "I" is not identical to "this run". We could acually be a million different people from one day to the next.

The Process Size Fallacy

POSSIBLY TRUE An "INFINITE" set is UN-measurable and will NEVER be determinable by humans, computers, or whatever can be invented in the future.

FALSE That the number of events which lead to the production of the self is UN-determinable and that at NO time in the future of information processing will this number of events be quantifiable.

If all possible events in the brain are quantifiable and not infinate and we gain the ability to develope the information processing capacity to manipulate this quantity of events, and the self consists of only these events, then; we will be able to resurrect ourselves.

The number of atoms and molecules, a single nerve cell is constructed from, IS NOT INFINITE.

The number of nerve cells in the brain IS NOT INFINITE.

The number of connections between nerve cells IS NOT INFINITE.

If the number of interactions that can take place in the brain is infinate, this infinate set MUST be activated by the possible states that this finite set of nerve cells and their connections can produce. If a single nerve cell can produce an infinite set of interactions, through quantum fluctuations, and there are a finite number of atoms and molecules that allow the activation of that infinity, and the precise arrangement of similar atoms and molecules can emulate the nerve cells arrangement of atoms and molecules, then they also can acivate that particular infinity.

This moment In a way to deny the above assertions is to deny not only that it was possible for us to have come into existence but also that we can be existing at this moment It is possible that we are only a virtual reality and that we could someday be come REAL Virtual Reality or Reality it IS likely that we will exist again by the means of our own created technologies.

The Process Location Fallacy

Can one self exist in two places at the same time aware of the other's awareness at the same time she is aware of her own self?

Can we experience two moments simualtainiosly while being in each at the same time, for instance, the present moment and some past moment? When a person is not reactivating moments through memory from their past is there a decoupling from the past and therefore a space like between the two clones of the same self?

If you make an identical copy of yourself and start your self up in it at the same time as you are aware in this body will you experience this other self?

Why would it be required that I exist in two place sat once in order for the self to happen again?

Wouldn't this be similar to requiring all memories to be active to maintain a connection with my past?

If two of my selves were created and run at the same time would each know what the other was thinking and experiencing?

Philosophy the study of alternative beliefs page 214 1961: Plato claims that universals have being, and are indeed more real than particulars. Universals, then, explain how it is that one man resembles another, or shares the common quality of humanity. Both men are copies of the universal.

A History of Western Philosophy pages 121 & 122 Bertrand Russell:
Platos doctrine.....the theory of ideas or forms......This theory is partly logical , partly metaphysical. The logical part has to do with the meaning of general words. There are many individual animals of whom we can truely say -this is a cat-. What do we mean by the word cat? Obviously something different from each particular cat. An animal is a cat, it would seem, because it participates in general words such as cat, and such words are evidently not meaningless. But if the word cat means anything, it means something which is not this or that cat, but some sort of universal cattyness. This is not born when a particular cat is born, and does not die when it dies. In fact, it has no position in space or time - it is eternal...accourding to the metaphysical part of the doctrine...whenever a number of individuals have a common name, they also have a common idea or form, for instance, though there are many beds, there is only one idea or form of a bed. Just as a reflection of a bed in a mirror is only apparent and not real, so the various particular beds are unreal, being only copies of the idea, which is the real bed.

OUT OF CONTROL Kevin Kelley....pages 44 and 50.
There is no I for a person, for a beehive, for a corperation, for an animal, for a nation, for any living thing. The I of a vivisystem is a ghost, an ephemeral shroud. It is like the transient form of a whirlpool held upright by a million spinning atoms of water. It can be scattered with a fingertip. But a moment later, the shroud reappears, driven together by the churning deep distributed mob. Is the whirlpool a different form, or the same? Are you different after a near-death experience, or only more mature?

For better or worse, in reality we are not centered in out head. We are not centered in our mind. Even if we were, our mind has no center, no I. Our bodies have no centrality either. Bodies and minds blur across each others supposed boundries. Bodies and minds are not that different from one another. They are both composed of swarms of sub-level things.

= = = = = = = = = = = Without brains, or similar meta cognitive systems, consciousness may not exist in the universe except as a possibility. A posssibility space created by physical laws governing matter and energy which allow patterns of interacting components to take place. The form of the self could be manifested in a particular body and brain. In other words we may be clones of possibilities that exist as a result of how the universe, matter, and energy are.

If there is an finite amount of matter and energy in the universe, there may be a finite amount of interactions between matter and energy that can result in all types of patterns. If all possible patterns and higher level patterns (which use other patterns as components) are part of a finite set and all possible selves result from some combination of these patterns then there may be a finite amount of possible selves, souls, etc...., that can happen because of the way the universe, matter, or energy are.

The universe contains all of the possible organizations of matter and networks of interacting components and higher level self reinforcing patterns that can emerge from them. This set of possibilities could be similar to universals or essences. Whenever one of these possibilities takes place, by influencing matter and energy, a universal or form becomes a "particular" or a thing (which must move through time to maintain it's spacio-temporal pattern).

Once the universe reached a certain state all of these possible arrangements of matter, energy, and their emergent patterns, could from that point on become active wherever the conditions of matter and energy allowed. It is in this sense that this set of possibilities determines the range of forms that can be manifested before they even exist.

So if all possible selves and all their possible life courses are part of a finite or numerable set then every self and all possible life courses are in a sense pre-determined. All selves on this planet are a small sub-set of the possible selves who were chosen for existence by the activities of matter and energy in this region of space.

If it's possible for matter and energy to cause my self to emerge before and while I am alive, this possibility may continue to exist after I have died. As long as matter and energy allow this "life space" of possibilities, this self that went through this particular history will be a possibility. This condition should hold as long as the conditions set by matter and energy hold in this and other regions of space. This set of possibilities may exist for billions of years if our cosmology is correct.

Patterns of interacting components require (or create?) time in order to move through series of steps which allow the pattern to emerge. It is easy to percieve the self as not moving through time and to consider it as one entity whereby time passes by. But we move through time, how else would we be able to observe the second hand on a clock move while still seeming like one self?



Can one self exist in two places at the same time and be aware of the other's awareness at the same time she is aware of her own self? Yes, but for only "one" definable initial group of moments during which time they will both know exactly what the other is thinking and experiencing. All subsequent moments will not be as identical as the initial conditions of that starting group of moments.

As the same song can play from numerous copies of a musical piece, the self, you, may emerge as this recognizable song does from the copies of the musical piece. If our self emerges from the the events that take place in the brain and body this same self may emerge if these conditions are met in any other medium that performs identical actions.

You are present at a live musical event, you listen to numerous recordings of it later, same songs, but you know they are copies. Is it the same songs that you hear or are they different but identical songs?

What if the self, the one you are experiencing at this moment, consists of this pattern wherever it plays and in whatever medium. Are we the medium or the pattern? Are we this version or that or are we those versions? Or could it be that if these versions share a close enough similarirty that they are this version that we are now? (paradox?)

If all the information for the state of the earth, during a specified segment of time, were recorded and played on two other formable planets precisely as on the original earth, how long would they perform identical actions before their patterns began to diverge? With this many variable and feedback influences it seems that some sort of distortion or mutation would alter both systems causing them to diverge along their own paths.

So it is not the location of the pattern but what the pattern does --- it makes you appear to exist to you and others ---.....In you head and body you are resulting from a pattern of activity. Whenever this pattern takes place your self, the same self your experiencing now, takes place.

Could it be that the difference between two clones of my "self" from each other, after the first group of moments could be as different from each other as the difference between my current self and all of my past selves, memories, or moments?

Could it be that the location of my self (group of interacting patterns) in this body constantly moves around in a "self space"? If this is the case there is no single location where a self or a minimal amount of moments which would allow one to be aware of the moment, exists. This would help explain why we seem to be one self while we move through time.

All experienced versions, or past moments, may be gone and there are, at this time, only subsequent versions, or moments, which lead to the perception of this self. If we could perfectly duplicate a small group of past moments wouldn't they be aware of only what the prior or copied set was aware of? Even if this same self only re-experienced those moments but the medium in which they take place is functional wouldn't this self seem to itself to go on experiencing moments. But, once again, wouldn't this identical set of initial moments be only a clone that thinks that it is you? Probably if that is what you are now doing; being a clone that is thouroughly convinced that it is that self, that you now seem to be.

The Process Spacio-Temporal Fallacy

So there you have it, the self is a result of the brain's activities and we may be able to initiate this self from a similar arrangement of components which will trigger this self.

This process size, run, location, etc..., are really just ways to dodge the issue. If you ask me I think they all work together and cannot be divided into all of these Aristotlian categories when it all overlaps in a fuzzy manner.

You mean its like the weather and how you can talk about high and low pressure systems, cold and warm fronts, and air currents, but still cannot predict the weather beyond a couple of days?

Ya, kind of like a fractal. The more closely you look at it the more detail you find or the further you descend into the structure the same level of detail is always apparent on it's horizon. If the Earth's weather patterns are synonyms for nonlinear dynamical systems and these patterns show identical and infinite tecelationability, they still depend upon wind, water, and dirt, for determining what types of infinite patterns this possible Earth weather system can take.

These elements are only coincidental and the pattern is the pattern, just studya Maldebrot wonder and you'll see that the weather, the self, or whatever, are not things that can ever be fathomed, let alone duplicated!

When I look at a wonderful fractal film and see it go on and on and on, the horizon always unfolding into other worlds, I honestly have to ask you, since you use the fractals and Maldebrot Sets as examples, WHAT ARE THESE THINGS IN? As the Earht's weather systems are "IN" the Earth's material sphere - what are these fractals and sets "IN"?

Constraints and attractors OF COURSE!

Inside or outside of them or both? Look, all I'm trying to say with all of this, is that it's a spaciotemporal pattern that depends upon a spacial only (non-temporal) pattern to get it going and also create the room, so to speak, that the spaciotemporal pattern can move around in. Huh?

It's like an old fashioned phonograph record and player. If you you look at it with a magnifying glass you will see a long line of bumps, humps and depressions. These just set there - they are ONLY spacial and not temporal. In order to sustain this analogy, between phonograph and self, it would be more like the song played would interact with other sounds in the environment and change the bumps humps and grooves.

You mean the time part comes in when the record spins? Yes, and in our brains the synaptic resistence levels, nerve fiber arrangements, etc... , are like the spacial only pattern which can initiate the spaciotemporal pattern that could be symbolized as some sort of fractal or set.

This all sounds verylogical and it looks like make me concede that tocreate theself we don't need to create the infinite pattern that the self is, but simply the -spacial only- pattern in the structure and dynamics of the nerve cells. Right again, if the state of all the nerve cells can be recorded and translated into some sort of Number (gooves in the record) and an artificial brain has adjustable nerve cell like structures, this number could be fed into it, arrange the components, and then, so to speak, move the needle over the record which is spinning, play the self.

Wait a minute! The behavioral repertoire of artificial life creatures, that live within computers, are programmed by researchers, who understand the structure of these initial programs. Once these programs are initiated they depend upon interaction with their artificial environment to make their subsequent descisions. Can you show that it is possible to understand these chaotic possibilities, that result once these creatures are let loose in the computer?

Once they are let loose and interact with their environment it may be impossible to predict what they will be doing within a given period of time. But if the programmer created and uderstands the initial program, then it should be possible to freeze the activities and take a sort of snapshot of what stage the program is at. Then with this spacial only information set it all in motion again from that point. From which it would continue to be impossible to predict what will happen next.

What would be the sense of simply stopping the program, taking a snapshot of the program's source code, and then starting it again? Well you could set one of these creatures loose in one computer, stop the program at some later time, read the source code, and then put this into an entirely different computer. In this way you could sort of resurrect a creature, that you did not have much control over, and set it loose in another computer envoronment with all of its memory or self reanimated, so to speak.

You don't really believe that this would be possible with a human brain do you? There is simply to many feedback reactions -in-process- and loops and partial states of neurons to calculate like you could with the artificial life program!

Yes it does seem impossible with the human brain. We will have to wait and see if we can actually stop or take a snapshot of every nerve cell and it's state simualtaniously. If we can we may be able to transfer a human from this soul concentrate (source code for one moment of human existence) to another brain like entity either immediatly or with a lapse of time inbetween

This all sounds a little far out!

My only point in this conversation is to address the issue of the blurring of the spacial only portion with the activated spacio-temporal sequence. It is so easy to confuse these two parts and hence mislead others into believing in certain impossibilities, simply because these two aspects are not accounted for.

Continuity and Identity

Two People Considering the Possibility of Resurrection

Humans will never be able to resurect themselves. I take it that you undrstand completely how it is that we are existing now sincs that proposition entails such.

Listen, to say that I have to know how it is that we are in order to consider the future is ludicrous.

The statement only sounded that way as if you were an expert on these affairs.

I understand that the number of components and their hiearchy of interactions is something that humans -cannot- figure out !! Then it is impossible that I exist now?

No. A human could not make you exist. Right, I forgot, it takes two humans to cause me to exist.

This is not even a rational conversation since you are not taking what I say seriously.

How so?

Two humans cause a process to begin that is responsible for something a human could not perform.

Then all that I would need to do is get this -process- down and then cause it to unfold?

As far as human reproduction is concerned. Then you don't think that it will be possible to learn how to simulate this process?

No! Even though we start this process during the sexual act, we will -never- be able to understand it or control it. Embryologists seem to understand the basis and genetisists even alter the process while in action by giving drugs to alter known developemental problems.

They don't know enough about these processes to simulate them. Artificial Life programs have simulated the embryological process of certain plants and inscects, down to each cell and it's movement and interaction with other cells around them.

Not the same. Plants and inscects are at a simpler level of complexity than humans and higher animals.

If we don't know these processes now, well enough to simulate them, then how long will this situation persist?


You can predict that far into the future?

No! I am saying that a human can never learn how to create and control all of the steps required for human consciousness. Then if we can create some sort of machine that can understand all of these things, then we could make it create humans?

How would you create a machine that performs actions that could not be concieved by the builders?

Isn't this what we do when we plant a seed or move a herd of farm animals? Even a dog has got that one down.

Again you twist my meanings. If we cannot create this process, how could we create a machine that could do so?

Maybe we could build a machine that could build the machine which could then build us.

All that you think you have to do to slip out of the arguments is add another layer. Who do you think you are?


I will have to at least concede that machines could change my position but still contend that we could not figure these things out ourselves. You and I have come about by a developemental process where matter is configured in a way that allows our consciousness to proceed as usual. Our nervous systems are relatively small when compared with many of the objects around us. Even though there are tens of trillions of nerve cells what really is going to stop us from creating a perfect replica of these objects?


Soulware Soft / Hard

Software & Hardware These terms are borrowed from computer jargon. For simplicity, hardware would be like a piano ready to be played and software would be like the particular tunes that could be played during each setting.

States That Represent Something The keys present on the piano are sufficient to play about any tune. They need the fingers to hit them in a meaningful way (they need to be programed). The music moves along in measures and each could be considered like a frame on a roll of film running through a projector.

Nothing Needed But the Keys A state is attained when a tune is played efficiently. A state that can only be had with the keys present on the keyboard. In this way the music coming from the piano represent -'internal changes-' happening to the piano.

Nature and nuture How much are we born with and how much can we change by learning things during our liftimes? Each nerve cell changes shape and conductivity when stimulated but how much can they be changed? Are we really free?

Nature and Nuture at the Same Time It is a mixed economy, of course, with determined cell shape etc... and culture's ability to influence their growth, both having a limit to how much change can take place within these cells.

Differences of Degrees and Kinds Within the realm of nature and nuture there is a pool of different types of experiences that can be had. We are different to some degree but we are still all the same kind. The variability is simply the set of personalities that can exist and they all form from the influnces of perception and cognition.

How Many Posibilities Are There? The only real difference between us is our location within these possible, but limited, number of possible personalities. FINITE SET, it has a limited number of possibilities, even if the niumber of those possibilities is very large.

Simular organs: We can talk about how different our fingerprints or facial features are but their is a degree of similarity. They are recognized as either fingers or faces.

Similar Sense of Being: We cannot be that different, since we pretty much eat the same foods, attend to simullar bodily needs, and recieve the same kind of medical attention. Most things that we can do other's can also do and their description of these events will not be that different from our own description.

Same self with different memories: We wonder what it is like to be another when in reality we are wondering what it would be like to have the same memories as the other. If the only difference between us, in reality, are our experiences and memories of experiences, then how different are we. Could we be considered all the same self looking at the world from different positions and memories of these positions?

Rearange Your Nerve Cells If I rearanged your nerve cells like mine would you not only have the same memories as me but the same sense of being? Which parts of the brain am I? The parts of the brain that recognize that I am existing right now or those parts of the brain that are actually causing me to exist right now?

All Same Self With Different Memories Each of us the same self but with different memories. Each person's unique sense of self may arise from the rearrangement of nerve cells during hers or his past experiences.

Self Awareness Taking Over Everything Our memories playing on this basic self give the illussion of possession of this self. We think it is us. We take this self and act like we are the only one who has it.

We delude ourselves into thinking that the parts of the brain that perform this absurd phenomenon (doing the thinking above) are not the same cells that are producing the actual phenomenon.

Difference Between Us We are trained from youth on to consider the events that we live through as somehow giving us a different shape and personaluty than others around us. If the only difference between me and you is a few genetic variations and a different arrangement of nerve cells, fron memory formation of different events, then it is not proper to say that we are that different.

The Human Gene Pool and other pools Each species has a gene pool and variations within it are considered as the same species. If all the human types in our gene pool were mapped out and understood, would we still think that these differences are so great? Again we are participants in a Finite Set of possibilities and therefore, given enough time, we could figure out how many types there are within the human Gene Pool.


We are embarking on a strange journey like an anthropologist heading for a newly discovered tribe in the wild. He comes into their land and tries to begin understanding their language and way of life. At first he has a hard time just learning thier words and sounds. He learns the most used words.

Over the months he learns to understand everything these people are trying to say. In that time he learns of many particulars of their lifstyle. Formin an overall picture of how these people are. One that works when trying to figure out why they do what they do, the anthropologist gathers more and more data. Then he reaches a point where all of the gethered, reduced particulars allow the emergence of a method for understanding the complexity of this society.

The self, the brain, and the soul are just like this strange new place. All we know about are the nerve cells and are trying to combine them together so that experience emerges from the analysis.


This is how it is with the brain and that is what we have to go through in order to understand how the brain produces the self. We are wanderring inside of the brain and we have to look at all of this from the sociological perspective, not an emperical reductionism; but a synthesis from particulars, a synthisis that many doubt can be attained. We need to put it all back together after first reducing all behavior to it's elements.

This is like trying to interpret the meaning of an entire book with only the rules of grammar. (the anti-reductionist unfairly makes all these attemps look like this.) We are looking at the wrong level. Many people dismiss reductionism before a "synthesis" is even attemtted, all the while looking at the wrong level; rules of grammer instead of a proper deconstruction of meanings.

Cannot analyse an entire book on it's verbs, subjects, and predicates! Wrong level of interpretation, when seeking the source of the self and the soul.

Instead of phrases and sentences we have to analyse the PLOT of human behavior and interaction. Think of the different levels of components traversed between letters and words on to the finale of a complex story, a story that could potentially explain the entire world for a portion of time.

This then is the goal; to learn how to read the story of the self. Like a yound person learning to read stories, we must first learn the basics of spelling and grammer, and then learn how to read short stories and the stories with numerous chapters.

To read human behavior

But to read it not not from outward appearances but to learn it from the different levels of abstraction amongst nerve cells, groups of nerve cells, coalitions of groups of nerve metacoalitionsofgroupsofnervesman. These groups together act as components for the formation of higher level groups (which are the invisible part you can't see when looking at individual cells) and on up the line until the self can be spoken of in a language. Once we can speak of these invisible parts, not unlike talking about team members activities that cannot be attributes to the individuals) we will be well on the way to a nuetral synthisis instead of a contempt for what can't be seen but is known to be there! [THE SELF] .....

NeuroSpeak -1 Language Brain & Event: language that describes two phenomenon simualtainiously ..... Complexity and grammer....the language of the brain.... ...letters...words.. .phrases.. ..paragraphs.. entire works.... ....each level has its own rules that seem in some way foriegn to the other levels.....part in the whole and the whole in the part.

THE LANGUAGE OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCES USED TO EXPLAIN COMPLEXITY AND GROUPS OF NUERONS.....define group - - interest group---all groups... sociological neurological explanations.


Doublethink & Newspeak one word has two meanings: Orwell. We need to create a language that not only describes the events happening around us but also, and at the same time, describes precisely, the activities of the brain that produce the experience.

When speaking to each other, about the simplest daily things, we will describe how the brain produces the description, the experience, and the actual event described and experienced. Achieving this will help us to understand exactly how it is that the brain produces the soul, in micro-measures, throughtout the moments we call existing.

The Sociology of Neuronal Structures & their Activities.

Sociologists use one specialized language to describe the activities of many different types of social groups. We need to develope a language like this for talking about and understanding the activities that take place in the brain.

When we succeed at mapping hiearcical and bureaucratic organizations within the brain, which allow the self to emerge, it will be possible to construct a sociological language which can describe them in understandable terms.

What is a group?

They can be spread over entire regions.

Can be intermixed with other groups.

Individuals from different groups can help make up more than one group at the same time.

A group of nurons in the brain can be considered likewise.

Any activity of the brain that involves numerous neurons spread throughout the brain can be considered as a group. Is there a neuro-sociological explaination for a patriotic impulse or a grass roots movement?

Open a sociology book and look at the dictionary of terms; there you will find most of the language you need to describe the most -complex- groupings that you can observe in the world. The task for us now is to learn how to construct such a language for THE SELF, which is based on knowledge of neuronal groupings and activities.

The Membrome: History of ALL Thoughts the membrome---every gene mapped out---is every memory you ever had.

.A..D.E.V.I.C.E.......that contains not only every thought that was ever thought by humans, but also every possible thought that they could think. will it be changed when all events are known in detail? Will our history books need to be changed and how will people deal with the partial truths that they had been taught?

.P.R.I.V.A.C.Y......what does it really mean, what will life be like when every thought ever had by all humans is available for all to see?

.B.E.A.M...M.E...U.P....S.C.O.T.T.Y.......tell someone your life story in a few seconds----download impulses, rearrange appropriate nerve cell connections and the person would know your entire life story in detail, as if having a memory?

All Possible Memories in One Place.

Membrome: History of all thoughts. Suppose that every thought that had ever been thought, by the entire human race were recorded somewhere. How would this effect history and personal privacy?

History as we know it would be completely different. There would be a few events that were actually portrayed correctly but most accounts, of past events, would have to be modified greatly.

Would people willingly give up every thought, they had thought during their entire lifetime, so that all could experience them? This, even if there were no reprocussions for any acts that they had committed?

Would people have any say in the matter if there were a device that just automatically filled in the blank thoughts from history? What if by resurrecting everyone every memory became stored someplace? How would people think about a situation where everything in their lives were revealed like in some judgement day?

If there were no reprocussions for any acts performed during people's lifetimes would this cast the issue of privacy in a new light? If punishment became absurd, since no one then could harm another even if they tried, would people experience fear when their lives were laid out before everyone to see in detail?

Imagine all memories that were ever had stored in one place accesable to all. Suppose that this happened. There would be no hiding anything but at first people will be concerned about a violation of their privacy. After the --years (and years)-- passed, though, either all of this information will leak out or culture will pass through phases were it will be hip to let it all hang out.

OK Suppose that we have the technology and that people are at the stage where really have nothing left to hide.

We will have a perfect account of our history and this will clean up so many of the disputes over what really happened in the past.

For the Game too, would be much clearer and much better to play. (living other people's entire lives for sport).

Even for those who would want to dispute what really happened, what would be the use? Relive those days in question that's all, and everything would be cleared up.

Beam Those Experiences. Having all memories recorded would really come in handy for explaining things about yourself to other people. Suppose you were having a conversation with someone and you come across a situation where it would take an hour to explain yourself? Well in seconds the information, about years of experiences, could be beamed directly into the other's brain. In seconds all of the relevant nerve cells would be rearranged in a way that this person has what would take a long time to explain, as a simple memory, (as if he or she had actually experienced these events).

General dynamics of beaming of human experience through space, by electromagnetic radiation, to another person. Future subjects to be investigated:

How we exchange information now compared to beaming information whole and instantly.

How any time dependant phenomenon could, in most cases, be overidden.

How all of this signalling will function when there are many of the same self sending and recieving multiple sigle through the same space and the (which one is me now) aspect.

What are the deeper meanings and reasons for the way that we now consider the need for privacy. What would happen when those reason did not exist anymore.

The Twin Paradox (1 Self into 2)

Two or more selves existing at the same time but really the same self. How to communicate with the other -yous- without getting -yourselves- confused. Making the ph rase 'Beam me up Scotty' a reality by zapping the information that represents you around the universe.

If the current location and state of every nerve cell in your brain were reduced to a number and then translated into a lightwave, you could travel through space at the speed of light. Your self will have a different set of physical laws than it has had thus far.

If this number were abstracted from your brain, sent through space, and fed into an awaiting artificial brain you will be able to exist in three seperate 'places', where now you only exist in one; your brain.

Since time is a function of consciousness production withing the brain, our sense of place is centered within our brain. It is hard for us to imagine our consciousness taking place anywhere else than where it occurs now, since we have not experienced it anywhere else.

Imagine what it would be like if your self could simultaneously exist in two or more selves at the same or different times....

If they were all recieving constant transmitions, in the form of these translated soul numbers, which represent all experiences that each of your selves had up to the moment that the number was read or recorded, then you could have all of your other selve's experiences theyformed at their location....

As long as you have your other self's experiences, you will be the other's self! .

(DSMUTS) - Duplicate Self Updating Transmission System. The process of updating memories and experiences that other "yous" have had, and making them your own, calls for an entirely new way of looking at what consciousness really is, and how it produces the moment that you are trapped in now.

Once you are there your recent experiences, eminating from your multiple selves, could be floating around in space on their way to you (now & then). The process of recieving updates from multiple other "yous", will have to be managed and performed in a linear manner (one after the other), since our selves move through time in discrete packets of neural phenomenon.

Get down with yourselves !-!-!-! There is a massive party gettin' ready to go down and it might be healthy to invite some 'one' other than your 'self'. Maybe mix it up with some other's selves. Or just be someone else for awhile.

You may find yourself in some strange places if, for instance, if your soul signal reflects you off from the debrees in the Oort Cloud!

A method must be established for transmitting (DSMUTS) the same signal a number of times or a confirmation process that informs that the signal is in the proper form and heading in the right direction

The Twin Paradox is about one self dividing into two of the same self while existing either at the same time or at different times.

The self is either the result of a pattern of neuronal activity or it is not. If the self is only a pattern of neuronal activity then it will be possible to exist again if this pattern is duplicated.

A pattern is a pattern and as long as the arbitrary components perform their proper roles, the time and location of this pattern is irrelevant. The atoms that make up your body and brain are these arbitrary components. The same pattern will occors if all the previous conditions are met of the pattern TYPE.

We confuse connectivity in the brain, which results from learning, with the basic self which is set, to some degree or another, before hand by the genes.

This sense of self is a learned construction seperate from the genetically constructed basic self and these two, distinct patterns, are being confused with each other.

The one, our self aware component, claims that it's the other, while it consists of only a small percentage of the parts of the brain required for consciousness to take place.

A small group of neurons, in a sense, claim that they are the entire brain.

Consciousness verses Self Awareness and how the second controls the much larger series of events.

Consciousness involves large regions of the brain where as self awareness may be a a small amount of neuronal activity spread around the brain.

Self awareness gives the impression that it is the entire show, when it is more like a sideshow cast by the larger consciousness producing activities of the neurons.

Self awareness tries to take over and uses all of the elements of these other nerves, of 'plain consciousness', as if it were producing their activities.

All moments may consist of the same series of steps that lead to all moments that we can experience. There may only be one moment, the one you are going through now. Different sensory experiences and memories go by this small group of frames, as in a filmstrip and projector, that represent one moment but it is only the same moment with different experiences and memories.

Some think that this moment is about 12 seconds long, as it gains a second it looses a second, but this moment is still 12 seconds long. We move along through a 12 second slice of time.

Deep Space communications after the Soul Shifter revoloution will give us the ability to move our latest experiences from place to place.

The version of you that has the latest updated 'number' will be the most current you. Again, the number will represent all the memories and experiences that you can now have and will be a formula for reconstructing your brain as it is now in it's entirty.

If you made a reading of your brain state on one day and then another reading the next day each of these numbers would generally be you when re-translated back into a soulshifter.

The difference would be that the first number would contain all of your lifelong memories and experiences up until it's recording. But the second recording would have all of your memories like the first number, but it would also contain the days worth of memories missing from the first number.

What will happen when two of you are happening at the same time? It will be fine as long as both of you are at different locations. Confusion of who is the current self will come in when two or more of your other selves are sending you updates at the same time and they interfere with each other.

Alternatively, all of your selves could be constantly updating each other and there would be no need for any one of your other selves to decide that it is the real self.

Send 'The Number' and the other you will actually think that it is having the memories that you had over there.

By simply arranging nerve cells it may be possible to make a person believe that anything is happenning. There will have to be some sort of verifying method for avoiding the implantation of false memories.

Twisted Animater: The brain is in a group of states that are moments and all of them are really the same. The self claims that there is a difference but all of these states are the same. It is like film going by the shutter of a movie projector, although there are different pictures giong by the phenomenon is a set of frames going by a lighted opening.

In Person - The Game Begins

BEGIN THE GAME Play a few rounds.

Play a thousand rounds and live a thousand lives.

The GAME once begun must go till the end how many lives would have to be lived through before a person could understand what it would be like to have been everyone .

This game takes up to 100 years to play. Who's worried, you gots plenty of time. You go to the pool of people who have offered their lives up for observation and find one you would like to posses. You sign the papers and give up a small portion of your life. One century. You cannot escape once begun there will be no renminders, you are the person from birth until death.

Play a few (thousand) rounds and get a feel for what it is like to be human. Boredom sets in after just a few thousand years, it seems that humans are more simular than it would at first appear. What to do? Play another round; remember ! you cannot remember who you are when your inperson.

Warning: You Cannot Escape.!.!.!.!


THE UTOPIAN AGE................ Wrestling the power of life from nature....mastering and duplicating the embryological process....Creating free energy to such a degree that like the air...we breath freely.

The construction of NANO MAN - THE NEW FLESH - A SAFE HOME Everywhere Getting ourselves into space Becoming in a way like THE BORG.

Once we create E.PRO.AS or E PR AS (Embroyological Processing Atom Stacker) it may follow the route of some other micro-organisms. This takes a little Fuzzy Logic to understand. Complex systems require basic units that can be arranged in tecelating structures (bricks in a house are tecelated into the house, more or less). Artificial Life and Cellular Automatum will emerge as one of the keys to creating these Atom Stackers. This device will grow you and give you a "Terminater" body which could change shapes as easily as a Camilian changes colors.

Errors in Nature Conscious animals killing and eating each other as a manifestation of hunger pains resulting from drives which have some relation to mutations accumulated over the eons. Many complex systems could last much longer than they do, but because they are components of some larger systems they are terminated when they get in the way of those systems. Many functions of our bodies. . . . . . , If our souls are a virtual reality, and hence not real, could we create -real selves-? Embrome: All possible configurations for possible self replicating mechanisms. The selection of organisms on earth is only a subset of the embrome.

What would the world be like if everything were grown, from simple inert objects to organisms, from scratch as a heap of inorganic chemicles, for free? How would society behave if no human had to work for survival needs? Would people find something to do with all of the extra time? If nutritional needs were reduced to hand fulls of dirt and the new body resitent to the out of doors, what will -needs- mean? How would money be affected if scarce elements, such as gold, could be created from abundant and cheap elements, commonly found in dirt, through nuclear fusion?

Can we stop or escape the next Big Bang Cycle, if there is one? If succesfull one of the few remaining problems will be how to repair Proton decay.

How then should we live? When hungry we eat and it is good for the body and the self. Likewise every thought and experience has a counterpart activity within the brain. A new language will arise (neuro-speak) that will explain not only everyday events but also will explain how particular parts of the brain contributed to the production of that behavior. If the world is rerepresented in the brain by some form of coded physical structure then every aspect of human life and experience must have a shape and dimension in that physical structure. What preciely would love or hate turn out to look like? When these area are mapped out completely an entirely new form of art will give acurate rererepresentations of the abstract "things" called human experiences.

Some behaviors will be deemed good and some bad by this criterian of balance brain activity and hormonal secretions. A true "science" of ethics will predict the worth of activities which steer the nerve cells in various directions. Nerve cells grow in length when stimulated with electricity. Once these cells have grown out if they do not continue to recieve stimulation they shrink back in, (atrophy), in this way, growing in and out leaves room for the brain to actually change its shape over time. In the brain the direction of the outgrowth may be altered by the local feilds produced by groups of nerve cells nearby. If this is the main component of memory formation then it may be possible to measure the wieght and distance of experiences. A science of the movement of molecular wieghts will become a science of ethics and the scales of justice will begin actually wieghing something.

Whatever the origin of our genetic makeup it seems apparrent that the particular organism is a temporary vehicle for the genes that live on. If true, this "tyrany of the gene" must be overcome. If we conquer nature and change from mere sttepping stones for thee molecules to "valuble" souls worth their own continued existence. Could it be true that genes hold culture on a leash?

Higher Consciousness = a larger amount of this phenomenon than said entity had before recieving the upgrade. What is the smallest or the largest amount of components that would allow consciousness to take place? From the insect to the human we can observe degrees of consciousness. How much more conscious could humans become? Are we the highest biological form of consciousness or are there, as yet, unknown sizes and shapes that this phenomenon could take? Our consciousness moves along at a certain rate. What would happen to the conception of time if the constraints, which regulate this rate, were removed? If two consciousnesses were moving along at extremly different rates would a LTTE (local time travel effect) occour? Suppose that enough layers of neural tissue were added to a pet's brain to allow it to have human consciousness while retaining all of it's memories before this operation. Would this pet experience a form of higher consciousness?

EGM (extra genetic material) Chromosomes that are added to an embryo which direct the assembly of body parts and memories not normally contained in those Zygotes.

The Nanome Understanding the dynamics of these creatures (?) will lead to a mapping out of all possible combinations of all atoms, leading to the creation of the Nanome. Reductionism extreme! This will allow the creation of an entirely new kind of creature.

NANOMAN A DSRA (domain specific regional accumulator) will work in concert with EPRAS allowing the host to change size, shape, and density at will. DUSTERS extend out from the lower body like vacume cleaners, which then suck up dirt and rubble. Atoms can then be seperated from molecules and accumulated, each, in their own "bin". Then anything can be constructed with this supply of elements. Nanoman will not be easy to destroy. If blown to bits - each bit will grow, quickly, back into the complete megnanorganism. Each of these will be the equivelant to an embryo with EGM componants. Each particle will grub in the dust and then slither like a worm and then rattle along like a centipede, until it metamophises into an humanoid like creature. There will be a size and strength limitation. At about the size of an infant, certain powers will be hard to produce. At about the size of a dinosaur there will be a limitation on the structural strength. One megnanorganism could break into many, which in turn become dinosaur size and the hook together into skyscaper like structures.

Earth Cleansing Nano Scrubbers ECNS Small devices that go about making the Earth as clean as it was millions of years ago, that once released will go about their business unoticed.

Paradigms Humans need a new vision because we are discovering so much about nature that folk psychologies don't explain enough. We have all of this information about how nature works and all of these technologies that conflict with "the old ways". We need to at least create a paradigm that can acount for what we know .

The Final Frontier? The Exploration and colonization of space offer one such vision. We need to bring all of these views together into one central philosophy. One philosophy that would unify civilization as much as the great religions of the world have.

Totall Resurrection Every organism, from a blade of grass to dinosuars, alive at the same time. If we can find room for all life forms that have ever lived, what kind of a world would it be?

Gaiarganisms Program a single microscopic EPRAS so that when fully developed will recreate all life forms on this planet, with all memories intact, upon maturation. Sent these seeds out in all directions and we will become alive everywhere.

Judegment Day Expecting to live, for at least many billions of years, what would be the appropriate rewards and punishments for the acts people have performed? If some sort of method of deterrence were in place and people could not harm each other, what would the term -life sentence- mean?

Will we -all- walk the streets freely?

Complexity Red Tooth and Claw

COMPLEXITY - THE REAL SYSTEM - THE REAL ESTABLISHMENT ---------- Complexity although the best and most efficient method known in nature does have a few side effects. If left its own means it will become ---- Red - Tooth & Claw.....

A wild and brutish beast is chained in the zoo. This beast has a muzzle on and its limbs are shackled. The keepers say it won't reproduce and might go extinct if it isn't free. They gather their forces and try and free this beast in the city. They say it needs to be free to be efficient and productive. By popular demand they free it into society. They say it can be trusted now and take its shackles and muzzle off. They free it and it begins to look for food. In a short time it becomes healthy once again. In it's wake, mayhem ensues. It needs to be controlled and cannot be left alone.

THERE ARE NO PURE TYPES. This thing will destroy anything that gets it's way. MIXED ECONOMY NOW. Mixed control. This beast needs a LEASH LAW.---IT CANNOT BE TRUSTED NO MATTER HOW EFFICIENT IT SEEMS. Don't be taken in by what SEEMS to work. Even if it is our only hope for creating eternal life.

Francis Bacon: we must "put nature on the rack and compel her to bear witness" even against herself, so that we may control her to our ends - everything is possible to man. Time is young: give us some little centuries, and we shall control and remake all things. We shall perhaps at last learn the noblest lesson of all, that man must not fight man, but make war only on the obstacles that nature offers to the triumph of man. .. .Francis Bacon

We need to discover why it is that we are existing now.

We need to discover how it is that the brain produces the soul.

"We" must determine how ethical the brutish reality in the wild is; animals ripping each other to peices for their survival and territorial (needs?)---?.

Is it the System (nature) that controls the forms taken by nature? The Establishment has been here quite awhile now and sub-forms of it have been confused with it.

Is complexity theory the evoloutionary theory a little bit more refined and defined? Does evolution work like complex systems do? If so then complexity is no so pretty. Is it as roothless as natural selection and survival of the fittest? How could humans ever "justify" a situation like this as good? It's the "Is / Ought Distinction", playing like a skipping record; we have an interest in that view so make it seem right.

How can we justify the cruelties inflicted upon components when we only dwell on entire and whole systems which use the components as means to an end? Can we truely justify one animal taking another animals life simply because of the accumulated mutations that led it to not only feel hunger pains but to alas, afix this desire onto some poor creature, who's consciousness appears to exist for no other reason than to fill the aforsaid, gut! Is this this situation good simply because there was nothing there to regulate it as it formed this Mutation? This must be stopped and the tyrany of these genes that control us must be extinguished. There is a better way and it is still complexity, just different rules ace.

A possible principle?: Any component, contributing to the smooth functioning of some system, sufficiently aware to notice the abuse produced by that system, shall have the opportunity to deconstruct and disssassemble it's relationship to that particular system's form; alert!-['not including the production of systemwide phase transitions or unstable systemwide patterns that will topple or snapp it out a whack, which will require a regulated depature from these particular applications.']

We must over power and snuff out this strange force that has come about only because there has been nothing here to stop it all these millions of years. The time has come to not only stop this injustice but to in some way censure the tendency towards making this "absurd and cruel" situation seem just and good ! ! !

Even though your soul is brought to you by this strange force this is no excuse to sanctify what is a miserable evil; the snuffing of one life for another. Nature is a wild beast living in anarchy and our traditions have failed to stop it from performing its dirty deeds and behave in a civilized manner. We need to take control of this situation even though it seems to work right when left to do what it will.

We must stop deifying this strange and ruthless method; there are better ways for complexity to flow and function with efficiency. Of all the trends in culture to be praised, we are in the peculiar position of realizing that this evil runs further than the ruthless behavior of the animals and into our selves, resulting in laws to tame and control the brute.

Game Theory & The Prisoner's Dilemma show how it is in the best intersest of competitors to cooperate with each other. Other options seem to lead to less overall resusts for each. Some have claimed to justify unregulated complex systems with this reasoning. But this cooperation tends to emerge in a general environment of ruthlesness directed at other similar entities. Many species cooperate with members of their own kind by not attacking each other. Sometimes they even cooperate in ripping apart other conscious creatures, not of the same species, for the satisfaction of nutritional needs. It is apparrent in evolutionary theory that these creatures evolved from non-carnivorous ancestors. Subsequent mutations changed these species to what they are by responding to feedback from the environmental conditions. To honor these abuses, which came about by a sort of unregulated diversity, would be to acknowledge --honor-amoungst-thieves-- as a justification for their activities. To argue that initial conditions, chaos which results, and then the order that emerges, is justification for the overall stability of a complex system does not address the nature of chance regulatory constraints resulting from environmental variables and does not vilify abuses which result from it's spacio-temporal dynamic.

Evolution if true, leaves us in a very strange position. Accourding to the theory all living organisms are only about one percent of all organisms that have ever lived on Earth. Even if we blaim the death of most species that have everlived, on varied environmental circumstances, we still have to account for that percentage of extinct species that owe their death to us, -all presently living species including homo sapians-. If the surviving organisms, at present, owe even a part of their existence to organisms that were in one way or another sacrificed for us, -all presently living organisms including humans-, then how are we to consider ourselves and the ethics of this situation? Are the surviving species on this planet winners or killers or both? It seems more like the living creatures today are like an island full of pirates counting their booty and kicking the bones of the victoms aside without a care in their minds about what is really going down here. An island called Earth where all the crooks that roam the dark surface have at least one species, homo sapians, that realizes just what is happening here. -murder, theivery, harm, etc... -There are many wonderful things that have come from this billions years war on this planet. But: the downside should not to be ignored let alone used as a justification for unconcern and gouging of one another's material goods, positions and circumstances. 100's of thousands of criminal species can be turned around by one species, the most ruthless of all of them, the one who may gain the power to make these imagined goods and bads into real morality. The one who thinks that there is such a thing as right and wrong and decides to create these -things-.We need to begin this acceptance of our evil selves by redifining a few terms that have dangerously proliferated through culture over the last 300 years.There are many of these and one of them would be the concept of the value of life. It's not enought to condem the scientific glorification of this catastrophe but even the pro lifer can seem hypocrytical if, when speaking about the sanctity of life holds a dead animal in his orher hand, in the form of a burger or dish.

The buzz words of the new COMPLEX outlook are; out of control, no bosses, no one in charge, etc... Complexity guides itself and people now are gladly putting themselves under a new and improved anarchy, which is reaching most portions of society in a ruthless interpretation of the problems in the world. A convenient position taken, by some of it's adherents, when groups or individuals suffer; that it must in some way be their fault and their responsibility. There is some control down at the local levels where individuals are visible; in a corporation, town, or gatherring, etc... but when the progressivly higher levels are observed, some of this identity seems to dissapear. In these mid levels there are no real voices, only trends and statistics and abstractions, which pull us along as a herd so tospeak. In whatever type of system, these incentives seem to be the most profitable, harmonious, or efficient. There are, after traversing these, void of any controlor leadership, levels, positions in our societies where leadership and guidence seem to emerge. The responsibility is great for the people, or componenets in other types of complex systems, in these positions. But do they really offer any control? Is there such a thing under the dominion of complexity? Components in these positions do end up taking alot of blame for events that otherwise would seem un-interpretable. Adam Smith spoke of an Invisible Hand that guides the forces of the market. Supply and demand, what people want will be the determining factor of which corperate enterprises make it or not, economically. This comparison is one of the best examples of how complexity can get out of hand if not regulated to some degree. If products sold can harm people there should be something to check the selling of those products, -not some invisible?? entity!!- hence governmental regulation. But the hand cannot be seen except for trends and statistical regularities that can only give the chances that such and such may be the case - this is what controls us? Consider this invisible hand for a moment. A hand is partof what? A body. A part of an organism. The hand in this example does things in a clear way but the hand that Mr Smith spoke of probably had religious conotations of a "guiding consciousness". We today on the -otherhand- have abstracted anysupernaturalness out of this force and have turned it intosome sort of device. If there really is no one in control, would it be improper to call the beast we ride upon a -Headless Horseman-? So this headless horseman thunders along and performs actions with an invisible hand -not a very comfortable concept since we are doing the riding here-.

We cannot predict acuratly what the next action of the hand will be nor can we see in what direction the rider is looking. The dust flying up from the heals creates a smoke screen a confusion a distraction and we forget to notice that we are the horse and have given our selves up to chance and variability.

ARTHUR SCHOPENHAUER ...the life of the individual is at bottom only borrowed from that of the species ... the alteration of death and reproduction is as the pulsebeat of the species ... nature's great doctrine of immortality ... the final refuge is suicide ... here at last it is strange to say, thought and imagination conquer instinct ... but this triumph is merely individual, the will continues in the species ... life laughs at suicide, and smiles at death, for every deliberate death there are thousands of indeliberate births ... suicide, the willfull destruction of the single phenomenal existence, is a vain and foolish act, for the thing in itself (will to survive) the species and life, and will in general - remains unaffected by it, even as the rainbow endures however fast the drops which support it ... chance to fall.

The Overthrow of Nature

Nature Replaced with our Creations

ALERTS ACROSS TOP: WE MUST TAKE NATURE AWAY FROM NATURE and stop our selves from being used as means to its ends.

AT LEAST TAKE OUR SELVES FROM NATURE we claim our self and nature looses control over it.

FREE OURSELVES FROM A RUTHLESS CREATURE put our self in a secure place.


NATURE a beast



Because mutations led to these behaviors does not mean that we have to assert that they are good. IS OUGHT

Textarea JavaScript: We are adrift in a sea of unjustifiable mutations which have led to muderous and harmful traits in many creatures on this planet. One consciousness bearing animal kills another consciousnness bearing animal simply for the reduction of the hunger pains in its gut.

We show signs of hope. We are trying to create the good society and are concerned about the abuse and missuse of other human beings.

Domesticated animals have been evolved, by our selection of them over the years, to a more peacful creature that may not have occured with nature completely in control.

World religions try and uplift the good in life and alter nature in a way that seems good. The history of the worlds religions show that we have our attention on the fight against nature.

Human rights and victoms movements have been fighting for the concept of equality, an atribute that nature seems to know little about. We are creating the good and nature is not a very good source of leadership in this struggle.

Housing and clothing and customs and manners could be portrayed as a method for fighting against the savage that nature has put in us.

Medicine and prosthetics and many other technologies have sucessfully begun to conquer natures insistence that we become subject to harmful situations and finnaly death.




= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

THE OVERTHROW OF NATURE . . . Signs that one species has begun to alter nature and heal its diseases.

To nature, if it could but conceive, culture is a beast which rekons to take control and take us out of the wild.

It created, out of complex systems, a creature, though complex itself, that would free itself from the system recognized for what it is; uncaring and abusive.

Coulture could be considered a rebellion or as a compromise that allows humans to reach and grasp for a conception and way of life that nature abhors.

Nature should be aware since it will not be prepared to defend itself from what is about to take place: a sneak attack! It's total overthrow and we moving out of its domain.

A life locked away from us, so far, by our lack of knowledge about just how nature goes about it's business of doing what it must.

We see what the good life can be and we see all the death and disease around us. We make up all kinds of reasons for this and that is reason enough to put an end to the affair. So it is up to us to build the good life and to create a user-freindly nature, one that doesn't bite back.

We are seperating ourselves from nastiness nature needs us to participate in to meet it's goals.

It is easy to see that this is what we have been doing all along. Our culture now and in the past attempts to take us out from under the harsh reality of nature....

......and put us in secure shelters under roofs and the attempt to help influence the development of a civil creature. Culture threatens nature with an alternative to the wilds. Nature does not seem to on the defensive, maybe we move in a faster time dimension. Culture has threatened nature in a way that now may make it cease to have control over us while we are at the same time a similar system ourselves.

The recent development of genetics has changed all that we and nature, if it could perceive, would realize that we are about to learn the.....

.....necessary secrets to do what culture, all along could not; Transplant the soul into another device and releive ourselves of the dominance of local systems on this planet. As we learn how to control the genetic products that direct the assembly of our cells, we will trash and thrash nature....

....and create a true alternative to being mearly means to the ends of some organised system that seems to us efficient.

When it is time to transfer ourselves out of these error proned bodies, act quickly to distract nature, so that we can slip out of it.....

.....un-noticed and be in the New Flesh before it has a chance to notice that we have stolen our-selves from it. Dart quickly because then it may come aware of our actions.

Extinguish it's power quickly, at the precise moment that we control genetics completely, since we may find.....

.....that resting the power from this old critter...

.....may not be as easy as our new sciences will make it seem.....

Technological Utopia Considered

Scarcity: Want of provisions for the support of life. Deficient in quantity or number compared with the demand.

Need: A lack of something requisite, desirable, or useful. A physiological or psychological requirement for the well being of an organism.

Surplus: The amount that remains when use or need is satisfied.

Survival: The ability to stay alive in a situation where death threatens.

Productivity: The quality or state of being productive.

Money: Something that is generally accepted as a mdium of exchange.

Trade: To do bussiness with - to make an exchange.

Work: Activity in which one exerts strength or faculties to do or perform something.

Technological Utopia Our civilization, from it's beginning, has lived under scarcity. Scarcity, what exactly is it? In the most basic sense it is a resource that many people need but that there is not enough of to go around. So only some get alot of or everyone gets a little bit of. People tend to compete and struggle for this resourse.

Can we even think of what a life with no scarcity would be like? Think of the force behind some of our traditions of hard work. If we developed a technology that releived us of this need how would our traditions influence it's implemetation? If we solved the problem of scarcity might we stop the application of it because of the hard times of the past, and the resulting philosophies?

Isn't the goal of working to releive ourselves of scarcity and to gain the things we need for our suvival? If it were possible to gain these needs from a technological advance would we resist this solution to some of our most vexing social problems? Could we be happy in a situation where we did not have to struggle to get the things that we need to live healthily in the world?

The world's traditions of work are so deeply embedded in every society that it would seem impossible to convince humans that they need not have to work anymore. Any statement along these lines will bring about a heady skepticism from anyone who has grown up in the current situation. We should prepare ourselves for the solution to these problems.

A certain principle has revealed itself since the industrial revolution; better machines compete with people for labor positions. Lately these machines work 24 hours a day and don't need breaks. Some economists think that these computers and machines will eventually put everyone out of work. Will this situation increase or decrease scarcity?

What if the amount of scarcity goes down at the same time that the need for labor does? What if technology advanced to the point that the price of production dropped so quickly that everything became, more or less, free? Most doom and gloom forcasts about the effects of better and better technologies don't take into account that the situation might balance itself out. Progress will not be halted by these types of concerns.

Once nano-technology and micro-biology burst upon the scene, with their equivalent to the steam engine and the cotton gin, free energy may be everywhere. Once most of our technologies begin their existence as seeds and grow into what we need, the energy we need to survive may end up being as free as the air we breath.

If food, shelter, and clothing were as free as air, we would be in a truely new situation. Is there a historical precedent, a people or time in the past where working for survival was not required? We are entering new territory here and need to begin to consider how we can continue to work, but not for our survival needs.

Nearly all past conceptions of utopia include a need to work hard for the things we need to survive. Technological Utopia is somewhat different than traditional notions of Utopia. Things take care of themselves in technological utopia. Traditional utopias get all tangled in economic theories but tech utopia blasts on all these making everything free. Would we turn down one of these free technologies? The answer seems obvious.

One by one, the things we have had to work for, since the dawn of civlization, will become free. It is imperitive that we account for this possibility and construct a philosophy that can help us deal with these new freedoms when they emerge. These changes will be cumulative and these changes will simply happen; another revolution.

There are many science fiction stereotypes which portray people who have been releived of their need to labor for their needs. In most such stories people are shown as either crazy, because of a lack of things to do, or they are under some sort of slavery as a price for their physical freedom. These kinds of generalizations will not do if we must move into a world where "by the sweat of our brow" is not needed.

What if we are not physically and mentally enslaved to the source of the free material? Do we not have at least one myth that will help us transit to such a paradise? Will we look the gift horse in mouth, that gives us our lives, for free? Will we deny these freedoms for the sake of a philosophical system that has worked so far? What would the reasons sound like that would lead us to beleive that we should choose scarcity over abundance?

Let us step back for a mament from all of these arguments and defenses of a life lived in scarcity. These philosophies make alot of sense but when things become free, one by one, the tenants of scarcity will be cast in a strange light. A light that shows that these defences of depravity are defences of nature's abuse of it's creatures.

The Nanome and Nanology

A point in time will be reached when anything that exists in material form can be constructed from tiny machines - ATOM STACKERS - any object could be constructed to near perfection.

There will be no space smaller than the atoms in material that will make much difference since most things are made out of these atoms and chemistry will continue to be correct. Quantum forces could be manipulated but the rules of chemistry will be at the bottum of our about as small as it will be necessaryto go to acieve our goals.....

THE HOUSE - - THE DEALER - - The atoms are like cards and nature has been the only one playing the games. We are about to get the deck in our hands and make up a few games it did not think of, ones it has never seen.

If we can gain the ability to work with these cards correctly we may be able to deal out - the hands of life - . The games will begin and nature will have a new neighbor.

From medical technology to consumer technology the process of constructing things will be at an invisible level and would appear, even now to us, as a form of magic.

What we need is a portable sun that each of us could carry around in our pockets. It needs to be able to fuse elements together in a way that any needed element can be formed from abundant elements.

Nanoman the Camilian can change shape density, color, or consciousness, at will. Form a brain that has the desired consciousness from a much more basic program that leads to its assembley.

Nanoman It It it it comes slithering up out of the muck, it grows and it blasts on anything in its way. Makes its own soulshifters from any material and CAN BECOME ANYONE, unless subject to explosion and has to reacumulate its basic personallities to go on then to become anything or anyone that it desires or is aloud too.

Social Nanology the science that finally and comfortabley reduces life to its most basic components without having to worry about the dreaded philosophy of reductionism which people have used naively to rule science for centuries.

Yes the reigning paradigms have held back the beauty of reductionism extrematism 4 2 many centuries and the game is over, now we can take it apart look at the small, the big, and the in-between without some nit picking dialectical shift from parties with other interests - Namely Anti-Reductionism.

NANO-CYBORGS we are nanocyborgs with our organic material and our living? cells. All cells as atom stacking complexes.

Through genetics we will learn how the DNA molecule stact other atoms, RNA and how they stack yet others. We will learn how, to nature the cell is a plastic object that can be programed and reprogrammed by altering its code.

Adding material and turning certain parts on and off are seemingly simple methods but it is all arbitrary within the range that the molecules can stack each other. A cell can be anything that the dynamics of genetic coding will allow....... A FINIT SET of possible interactions.

The Quantome a science that may or may not be achieved where by every interation amongst the four forces may be known completely!!!

Nanome: All possible arrangements of atoms, that human guided and created technologies, can achieve.

Nano-Man: A device that can contain any soul any works with cell devision and atom stacking tecnics in order to shape shift.

Atom Stacker: A device that is small enough to manipulate single atoms or small groups of atoms. Takes manufacturing as small as it can go.

EPROSAS: Embryological processing atom stacker device like an embryo which starts with a small amout of info and assembles a much more complex assemblage.

Social Nanology: The social science of reductionism extreme, whereby we take life apart and put it back together again.

NanAche: Painfull condition, similar to a migrane headach, that anti-reductionists suffer when they observe the facts rolling out of the nanosciences and microbiology.

Cell Battles: Cells - The first true Nano Technology Devices. Cellular Battles resulted in some micro - organisms being turned into the ORGANELLES of other micro - organisms. Multicellular ATOM STACKERS ...a-r-i-v-e! Cells within cells combine together into MULTICELLS. Multicellular Atom Stackers conquer the Earth.

Nanoman the New Flesh

It appears to grow like a plant in time lapse photography. Somtimes getting as large as a dinosaur.

It becomes aware just like that and looks around and sees you. It growls like a ferosious beast.

It is not fully a part of the old system -nature-... It has a few new rules nature didnt get a chance to blunder upon

It is part of the new way and the new flesh.... It stares at nature with a very strange look in its eyes.

It has a few powers that might seem strange at first... ....powers not seen before in the history of the earth.

Click on the radio buttons from left to right as if reading line words on a page. Text will appear in the box. Click on the plant to enter the realm of.....


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


NANOMAN AND LIFE IN THE NEW FLESH. Nano man consists of units like cells which divide and grow into organism like structures. These cell like units will be artificial but act in many ways like organic cells. They will grow and divide much faster than biological cells. These nano cells will be able to cling together in ways that biological cells cannot.


DSRA Domain Specific Regional Accumulaters. There is an old experiment that about anyone can perform, sprinkle carbon fibers out on a peice of paper. Hold a magnet beneath this paper and all of the shavings will assume different positions, they will form a pattern that coresponds to the feild emenating from the magnet. DSRA uses a fast method of alignment by feilds in combination will unit division and regional population increases to achieve what cells do in the embryo.


Biological organisms are made up of trillions of cells. Each of these cells, in an individual, has identical DNA but at the same time, within this same individual, there are many different types of cells. One cell has all of the information needed to construct all of the types of cells in the body. Different portions of the DNA -genes- are turned off or on when repressor molecules are either placed on specific regions or removed from those regions. Like a book of songs, each cell turns to its page, its song, its type.


We need to develope units like these cells, with the blueprint for all types contained in each. They should grow, divide, cleave, and cling. The process should not take nine months, it would be a better goal to accomplish the construction of an organism like structure within an hour. Within cells certain genes control how fast they divide. This rate, during the embryological phase, is suited to the dynamics of all of the other millions and then trillions of cells trying to do likewise.


Think of the construction of an entire mall complex, from the first shovel full of dirt to the grand opening when there will be a large number of fully functional stores ready to service customers. Many different typew of crews assemble a part and each part is used by another crew as a base for their additions. Sort of like an assembly line. The coordination of all these crews is a complex task.


Now think of the developement of the human body in a similar way. Each of the organs and other unique regions of the body are like all of the stores in the fully constructed and opened mall. The main difference is that the dividing cells, all originating from one cell, the zygote, constructs not only the stores and mall structure, but also the construction crews themselves. The tools, the workers, the site, all made from the activities of one cell. A SEED.


Nanoman is an organism like structure that can become any, size, shape, and imitate the functions of any device we know of or can imagine. Nanoman will use atoms and molecules as a child uses tinker toys to construct structures that look like and act like what they simulate.


This creature will be able to stack and arrange atoms in any way possible. It will even get all - all of its energy from these atoms. Be they chemical reactions or nuclear reactions, wherever there is a bit of matter, there will be a bit more of pontential energy and life. In whatever form matter is in, alive with heat in stars or cold and inert in space rocks and junk, energy will be wherever it can rest it balancing mechanisms -feet-.


Technics for gathering these atoms wherever they may lay. DUSTERS, similar to powerful vacume cleaners will extend or grow out of its body when needed and matter they suck up will have at least some of the 100 or so useful elements for creating life. BINS, are like change counters, devices that allow a person to throw in a handful of pennies, nickles, dime, or quarters, and then seperates them into slots. Nanoman will deal with the atoms around it like this, it will consider anything it comes across as a sort of loose change.


Nanoman will grow or expand BINS inside of itself when material for larger projects is required. When it detects that a certain atom is in short supply it will be time to clean the floor. If there is a short supply of a needed atom it can use other atoms to create a similar structure but there will be times when even this will not do. Nanoman must learn to become an ALCHEMIST and turn the available atoms into the needed atoms.


NUCLEAR REACTIONS and reactors. It will be a germ itself and use many of the technics of microorganisms to accomplish its goals. When one needed type of atom is not present and other, uneeded types are then -it will do as the sun does-, build them. It will form a germ that will grow into a fussion reactor. This will be either outside when it needs to be larger than an elephant and inside when smaller jobs are executed.


In theory all that Nanoman will need is hydrogen to make all of the known elements. It will be able to turn any matter into any matter. The only place where it will be hindered is deep space where there is no matter to speak of. It has been found that on average there is a few atoms every cubic yard or yards in even deepest space. Nanaoman may only be slowed down and there will be no way to stop it from getting the energy it needs to survive and make anything.

MEG - NAN - ORGANISM....Megnanoranism

While there will be an upper and lower limitation on nanomans size and an extreme to which materials can be stressed, there will be much room inbetween these extremes in which we can construct our future. Our cultural artifacts illustrate this small range of inovative capacity that we are confined within. We have discovered to what extremes our creations can be put.


Inscects have discovered how small biological bodies can be while performing the nesessary actions for living. Dinosaurs have discovered the upper limits to how much stress bones and flesh can be subjected to. These extremes are probably similar wherever matter is and gravity differences may influence flesh-matter dynamics. Nanoman will tweak these variables a bit and try some combinations nature has not been able to here on Earth.


Nanoman will find, like nature did, that at about the size of the largest Dinasaurs, materials that make up the body begin to loose their functionality. Nanoman will cast out some seed, become a number Dinasaur size entities and then combine together and perform in ways that the matter in one of these creatures could not. We have already done this with our tecelating structures but they are not quite as flexible as biological bodies.


When archtechs and construction crews build structures as large as skyscrapers they do so from components which, when combined together, give more strenth than when alone. A single I Beam would wilt under the wieght of an entire skyscraper but when combined with other beams hold it up easily. These structures can even resist earthquakes and other natural threats.


Imagine that this Nanoman divided itself into about 3000 full sized Dinasuars. If all of these combined together in similar ways as the I Beams in the buildings this creature could make itself into something very big. Suppose that it turned itself into a full sized replica of New York City. Suppose this happened in deep space and all of the materials came from comets, meteorites, and other debrees. Now you have imagined what you will be like then, if you so desire.


As these cities continue through space they will continue to accumulate atoms and become bigger and bigger. Once the size of a moon or small planet this living creature will begin to gain weight -its own gravity-. New stresses and strains will come into play when we get bigger than the Earth. It will discover the upper limit on the size of a planet, it can become, and settle into this size. There will be problems when trying to combine together with other planets, think of the alignment of our planets.


It begins as a microscopic group of molecules invisible to the naked eye. This germ can then consume the maer around it and grow into planet sized living objects. Suppose that as this planet grew it slowely became populated with everyone who has ever lived on Earth. Once fully grown it sends out seeds that grow into other planets with all of us on each with all of our lifelong memories intact. What would do with such power.


One bacterium can turn into an entire culture of bacteria. One virus can take control over millions of cells and reproduce itself continuosly. One cell can spread itself over an entire ecosystem. Ideas can spread and reproduce through our culture as colds and flues do through our bodies. When we begin populating the entire universe we will do so with THE ULTIMATE SEED.


One seed is sent out from Earth and it contains about as much information as a single cell in our bodies. As it finds any matter whatsoever it begins to sprout and grow. But grow into what. The entire human race on a planet like Earth. After constructing itself into a suitable place for its future form a single brain like structure grows and becomes conscious, sort of an Adam. Then a database of all human soul numbers forms as the ship becomes large enough.


We will spread out in all directions and populate the entire universe. By having duplicate human races everywhere we may be in a more secure situation than we can imagine. Once our soul numbers are stored all over the place, in living planets and in inert forms, we will be very safe from destruction. If we get orselves developed to a certain point it may become impossible to destroy us once and for all.


Once in this safe situation we will have much time to think about a few of e problems a few billion years up along the way. We could speed up our rates of consciousness as fast as possible, maybe a minute would be the equivalent to centuries, and make the remaining time, seem to us, alot longer. If there isnt time we will make more time.


This is all starting to sound like the Borg on Star Trek. A species that travels through space consuming anything that they comes across. The difference between nanoman and the Borg is first, these creatures dont seem to have an individual identity whereas we will have our identities in many places at once. Secondly,these creatures appear to be trapped in bological bodies and have not perfected the soul technolgies nor Resurrection Machines. Nanoman beams from soulshifter to soulshifter.


The Embrome. We may or may not meet, assimilate, or war with other alien species, but wemay antipate them, all of them. If we construct a map that has all possible creature, resulting from replicating technologies, we may create the alien before it gets here. By then some species may have learned to escape from the embryological process, like we will have, and these may be a threat. Should we give them our resurrection technes if they have not leaned ho to construct them by then.


Bacteria can swap genes with one cell gaining the traits of nearby cells it interacts with. In a similar way whenever certain structures are needed specific genes could pass through a circulatory system, arrive and enter cells located where the structure will be built. Through psuedo-embryological methods these genes, like viruses, could cause the host cell to grow into the desired shape.


In an area where a specific structure is needed, limb or sense, either genes could be sent to nearby cells or complete zygote cells could arrive there and begin dividing. These could quickly divide into simple molds or skelotons. Malable substances could turn hard or soft inside these basic quick forming frames depending upon the chemicle or electrical control signals relayed to their area.

Quotes from books:

ALVY RAY SMITH III It still takes a leap of faith to believe that von Neumans result means it is physically possible for a general-purpose computer to reproduce itself. We have taken the chemical of living things and made vital parts of living things from them --e.g., genes-- but we have not yet generalized the secrets of living things to non-living creations of our own. --by non-living I mean not a member of the biological kingdom with its history of evolution, man-made-- I believe we shall, that the leap of faith is no small one and shall soon require no faith. I see forests of inorganic trees. I see buildings construct themselves, growing from a single brick-egg each. I see robots reproduce and evolve....

HANS MORAVEC - Mind Children pages 102-104 ....Eventually humans....will become unnecessary in space enterprises, as the scientific and technical discoveries of self reproducing superintelligent mechanisms are applied to making themselves smarter still........The human world has been shaped by human hands......yet many useful tasks are beyond human dexterity......

It is unlikely that our superintelligent descendants will be satisfied with mere stumpy fingers. Consider the following observations. Worms and other animals shaped like balls or sticks are unable to manipulate or even locomote very well. Animals with legs -a stick with smaller, movable sticks- locomote quite well but are still clumsy at manipulation. Animals like us, with fingers on their legs -sticks on sticks on a stick-, can manipulate much better.

Now generalize the concept - a robot that looks like a tree, with a big stem repeatedly branching into thinner, shorter, and more numerous twigs, ultimately ending in an astronomical number of microscopic cilia. Each intermediate branch would be able to swing forward and backward and side to side while its top, where the nex smaller branches are attached, rotates on the branch axis. Possibly the branch could also change its length like a telescope - the number of motions of each branch can be traded off for more levels. Each joint would have sensors to measure its position and also the force it exerts.

Although made of branches, each with a rigid mechanical character, the overall structure would have an -organic- flexibility because of the great multitude of ways its parts could move.........A robot of this design could be self-constructing. Tiny bushes, only a few millionths of the weight of the final device, would be -seeded- to start the process. These would work in groups to build the next larger sprigs from available raw materials, then join themselves to their constructions. The resulting larger bushes would join to build even larger branches, and so on until a small crew -of large members- met to assemble the stem. At the other end of the scale, a sufficiently large bush should be able to organize the necessary resources to build tiny seed to start the process all over again......

The Soul Cache; Securing & Storing All Souls place where your soul will be safe FOREVER......................& ever. ...millions of copies of the NUMBER spread around the entire universe and ready - - - - - - - - - - Numbers ready to recreate the entire human race.. recreate them FROM and secure..... No species could learn of a way to destroy . - _ all soul caches since there were so many and they were spread so far and wide...................... --embeded everywhere--........I..@..I..@..I..@..I U @ I & I @ U @ I.........U & I ~ I & U - - @ - - So it was that if a person got destroyed a nearby soul shifter would be fed the stored number...... and hence the person would be alive again........ ALIVE with all memories that he or she ever had-- All memories up until the number was last updated Its as if in a cartoon - . _ - . _ - . _ - . __ _ charactors who when killed or destroyed pop back. to life again and nothing can really hurt them... Humans created higher goals and expectations..... .............They made plans for a very long life Existentialism no longer cast its gloomy spell... LIFE GAINED A MEANING...............U @ & I @ - 8

Once it became absurd to be in a human body, humans became more concerned about how safe their self would be for, not a hundred years, but for billions of years. An entirely new world emerged --After Resurrection-- that changed human long range goals completely. They wanted to reduce all problems that may then make them dissappear up and until the next Big Bang Cycle, (The Cycle). Once safe for that long they would then be able to focus all of their attention on stopping the next cycle.

After a thousand years of living in relativaely safe mechanisms they became concerned about how it would still be possible to wipe out allsouls storage facilities. The answer to this problem was to store all human numbers in multiple locations, (backups[(M-X)trains & missles]). This way if any one storage of all human souls were destroyed then there would be other entire sets of the human race available to beam into fresh soulshifters.

Colinization of the galaxies took off at an exponential rate. Like bacterial cultures or cells in an embryo which quickly divide into trillions of other cells and gather together in masses. Wherever these colonies began, the entire human race would begin to appear (in many places, at once) and prepare more seeds of themselves to be cast out in all directions. A plan was set in place to make the entire human race appear in each region of colinization, as each developed enough space and resources. Every one of us started appearing everywhere.

It was so decreed that all soul numbers would be hidden and stored in places within a few light years of each colonization zone. So it began that all humans and their -numbers- would become indestructable. The plan was that it would be very hard for any species or entity to wipe out all number storage locations. Only one, out of millions of these storage locations, would be required to recreate the entire phenomenon of life on this planet.

This became the ultimate security issue. People became more concerned about these, multiple, secret, storage sites, than with the important issues in their current society. They wanted at least one million storage sites, spread around, at least a few galaxies, and continually increasing, before they would consider their futures secure. They figured that if they could escape the next Cycle that they would, safely, become immortal and possibly live on FOREVER.

Their main dilemma was to learn of a method that would allow them to send the number updates to these secret locations. This, while still hiding the location of particular --allsouls caches-- from other beings, as the signals were transferred to those locations. The rate at which the updates were broadcast to the millions of allsouls storage sites was influenced by how secure the location were kept from, other beings, detection. If you get destroyed on one planet and revive at another, and then come to find later that all your updates were not in the new self, relax, they will get there; but security and integrity of the numbers first! You will be who you are over time despite these complications.

Further into their future, by a few hundred thousand years, millions of colonies had sprung up, producing the -seeds- for many more of the same. The number of duplicate complete human races began to exceed the number of allsouls storag facilities. Even though no beings, up until then, could figure out a way to destroy the human races, people were still concerned about this ratio betwwen living humans and their backup material. Some could not understand this fear. If there were millions of these caches, and only one would be needed to resurrect all life, why worry?

No living being could learn of a way to destroy all soul caches. Further measures were taken anyway. Seed ships were sent out to further galaxies. Money became a secondary concern compared to their desire for a secured eterneal existence. It was their secured immortality and it's likelyhood that drove them out further and further into deep space. The desire for LIFE guided their footsteps across and around the universe, up into a world unknown!

Meta Ego: Your New Freinds

Hearing voices from the far future they are warning us that, though we are alone now when all of this is replayed and relived we will realize that we are not alone preparing our mind for the invasion of privacy....";

Id: Drives from the animal side, for the satisfaction of biological needs of the body.

Ego: Basic method of semi-consciousness moving the body in way that mediate what the Id wants.

Superego: A learned morality that overrides either the Id or the Ego when individual and social harmony are threatened.

Meta-ego: A morality base on the knowledge that all memories and all secrets of the self will be known by everyone.

Your New Friends

...A friend is a person whom I may be sincere........... Before him I may think aloud............I am arrived at last in the presence of a man so real and equal, that I may drop even those untermost garments of dissimulation, courtesy, and second thought, which men never put off, and may deal with him with the simplicity and wholeness with which one chemical atom meets another.............EMERSON...............

we see all and a real "we" are you then now then there here

Hello set back and enjoy the ride friend. I want to help you clear your conscience.

Who am I? I am your very new friend. I am here to help you see what you will see far into the future.

First off, you had better forget about anything being secret in your life - everything will be revealed, like it or not. So you had better learn this method of living with it.

I am you, looking back from the far future, trying to understand why I thought the way that I did and to see what people around me were really thinking.

If you realize that you and everyone are studying every thought that you are about to think you may be able to be acceptable in our world.

Some people come back alive kicking and screaming just like the first time that they entered this life. But if you create us in you superego you may be prepared for eternal life.

Never forget that we are here. You can even learn how to have a conversation with us, we like that very much. If you talk with us many unproductive thoughts will dissappear.

If you are aware that we will be there all things will make sense then since we will already know each other.

If you graft us onto your conscience you will make it through the strange times you will find when you next awake from your slumber.

The Soul number will contain all of your memories and when it is used to bring you back alive everything will be known about you. There will be a way to hack your soul by establishing every possible soul number, finding and playing yours, and everything is known about you.

If you learn to give up your privacy well you may join us in an easier manner than those who have arranged their nerve cells around keeping things back from others. It is best, for you and us, to learn this skill of openess, thruthfulness, and honesty, so that when your number is counted it will not contain the germ of a selfish holding back of public information; your life!

We are not trying to induce fear into you, only trying to warn you now while you can still influence the direction of your nerve cell's growth and adjustment (experience). There is no use resisting; all will be known about you and a little preparation in your remaining years could not hurt. Honestly these things you try and keep from others are a hinderance to yyour number polluting it with a resistence to eternal life.

What about the right to privacy? We understand how important privacy is way back there. A giving up of all of your secrets will be performed, automatically, as you are put back together. We are only trying to help you control this as much as you can back there. When your number is fed into the waiting soul shifter all will be known about you even before you take your first new breath.

You already have a voice of reason in your head. You had to learn it by going through a predictable set of stages when you where young. When we are young we reach a point where we understand why something is right or wrong. We are not trying to persuade you to be a good person but only warning you that these voices that we learn are in line with our voice. We want you to pass into our eternity without getting to much of yourself burned, to then be repaired.

The all seeing eye is already known by you, think for one moment of the corner market. You go in to buy some little things and when you look up in the corner, there the all seeing eye peers at your every move. You know that the camera is there and also that it is there to stop people from stealing thing. But you walk around in front of this camera as if everything is normal. The presence of the camera may have some effect on certain body motions but you put it in the back of your mind; you are an honest person and only want to purchase some things that you need. Your personal space has been violated, but you go on as if everything is normal.

You see we beleive that the habit of creating unessasary private space is harmful to a future situation; especially when you have forever and only one life that started it all. Your soul number will have much more integrity and adaptability if you now act like you do in the market; as if everything were normal. We are not saying that you should give away secrets about yourself that may get you in trouble know, but we are describing a general stance, a way to be normal that aligns with your rebirth.

Freud spoke of a Superego which we develope and which helps us navigate through life, supplying the body with the things it needs and attending to social situations and their needs. Sort of a moral censor, judging thoughts and actions and giving feedback into consciousness. The METAEGO is something we need to learn about. In some religions a God or gods perform the role of the mets-censor. It or they are always there and this phenomenon is a bit more complex than the superego. In fact it was around before Freud made up this concept.

WE MAY BE WATCHING OURSELVES FROM THE FUTURE....WE-THEY ARE NOT WATCHING US NOW BUT THEN WHEN ALL OF THIS IS REPLAYED AND RELIVED.... we must prepare ourselves now by controlling our thoughts in away that will allow us to move smoothly into the continuation of life.

We see you there seeing us and we laugh because we are you here then!

Higher Consciousness, quantity vs. quality

Is there different amounts of consciousness in different animals? There are many different types of organization of nerve cells in all of the creatures on this planet. There are many ways that groups of these nerve cells can work together as larger units which can let a seemingly infinite amount of patterns to travel around in them. As we learn exactly what consciousness is will we find that all creatures share it to some degree or other? Are all forms of consciousness basically the same?

If size doesn't have as much of an influence as the way that the nerves cells are organized then has nature discovered different types of consciousness in different creatures? Or is it more or less like how letters, words, sentences, paragraphs, chapters, parts, on up to entire books are, each a level of organization with their own rules? We humans could be looking at our own consciousness as similar to the book or highest level of organization, with other creatures sharing the same basics of consciousness but they have only reached intermediate levels, paragraphs or chapters, of consciousness.

If each nerve cell is sort of like a letter then what levels of organization would be required for patterns to emerge that would be equivalent to the self? Would this be similar to a book of life? After the level of groups of nerve cells is passed and we journey into the realm where patterns invisibly move around in them, would this be similar to moving up from letters and words into the region of meaning where words combine into phrases and sentences? Or sentences combining into paragraphs, and so on, up to an entire library with stories full of life? (Notice that an entire book consists of letters but there are all of these levels of meaning which seem to be more than the letters themselves.)

What would more consciousness be like? If altered states only work within the established range what would existence be like if we increased the amount of working space itself? Drugs, moods, or meditation may only stress the system as far as it can go but are these really a different type of consciousness, from what is considered normal? If we increased the amount of working space and arranged all of the elements so that further levels of organization could emerge, we may discover a type of experience that we cannot now even imagine.

If we connected all information that can travel through electronic media directly to our brains and bypassed the senes, would this increase consciousness or only stress the existing consciousness level in a direction possible with the senses alone under extreme conditions?

If we could peer into and experience other people's experiences would some people have less or more consciousness than others?

Has nature discovered the highest forms of consciousness in us creatures or are there as yet undiscovered states of consciousness possible?

If there are higher forms of consciousness producing devices and we come to know them would we then feel retarded in comparison?

Could it be that the most gifted individuals and the most ignorant share the same capacity but have just learned to use it differently. In this way there is no real higher or lower consciousness in our species but each individual plotting themselves along a range by learning in particular ways?

If our devices take on consciousness and we can merge with them by interfacing them to our brains and selves, will we take that opportunity? Would we have to create add ons to our brains or extra brains in order to connect with these higher intelligent machines?

If these artificial consciousnesses not only become better at everything but also attain higher levels of consciousness couldn't we eliminate the threat that they pose to us by connecting to them becoming them and claiming thier space?

If they threaten us shouldn't we claim and merge with this new space? We can evolve with these entities instead of letting them just evolve on their own. In this way we will be the ones advancing to all of these imagined places.

The Clash of the Cyber Titans

Let the Games Begin: They cannot win unless we let them. The battle begins between man and machine. The battle between human and computer rages on until one defeats the other or both merge together and become one being.

Exponential Growth: Smaller and smaller more and more. The machines become very intelligent. The rate that ingformation parocessing devices develop increases as time goes on until they approach and surpass human consciousness and soul.

The Interface Age: Leave yourself behind. The Blanket runs its fibers into the self. Interface increase to point of mind meld. The rate at which we learn to connect our brains to our information processing devices and communicate directly with them increases to the point that we mind meld with the machine beings.

Higher Consciousness: Consciousness plus consciousness equals not imaginable. We must add more consciousness to our selves. The rate at which we can add cognitive layers to our selves and attain to higher and more consciousness is the rate that we will track them and be as they are. Tit for tat.

Astral Projection INC: Extreme Measures. Move out from our bodies into X. The rate at which we can temporarily move our selves out of our selves into other locations as in human controlled astral projection is the rate at which we finally free ourselves from these bodies.

More is the goal: The real race begins for higher consciousness. Will we be able to connect our brains to our information processing devices at a fast enough rate to keep up with their evolving intelligence and in this way control them.

Moving in Day: Many Mansions. The time arrives to take the controls. Once we are connected to them and in total control the next goal will be to learn to move our selves out of our location and into the recently evolved superior intelligences.

None more higher than us: Get total Control. We decide evolutions further course. At a certain point it will be decreed that we will be incorperated into the currently most highly evolved intelligence.

One step ahead: Cake and eat it too. We will control them either way. We will either have direct connection or control or be merged and attain the higher levels of consciousness. We will continually demand that we be the highest level of human made implementation.

How shall we rule them: Life Boat Ethics. What if we cant graft on higher consciousness. So if we cannot merge with them and move into their level of implementation --we probably will gain this ability-- then the new RULE for robots and artificial intelligence shall be.

T H E - L A W: Complexity Controlled. The new rule for robots. SELF DESTRUCTION of the entity if and when it learns a way to override its initiative not to harm other beings and artificial intelligences.

Yet Higher Consciousness: Renegades and BORGS. How to let consciousness evolve further. There will be contained experiments where higher than our current level of implementation shall take place where it will be impossible for the entity to escape or gain control over our world. This is where higher beings will evolve.

Dangerous Possibilities: WHO ARE THEY. Some beings may get away and evolve further. Some may already by then escaped into space where they evolved further in these directions. Some species evolving in the confined space may give birth to another species which can withstand destruction.

Evolution of Evolution's Peak: Onto Omega. The birth of the Machine Gods. They would be born into a world with no history or other beings around them.

Machine Gods Lost in Space

Loading "The Far Future" . . . stand by

TFF = new Array(); {

A new god like species was born and they awoke to a universe that had billions of years left before the big crunch and the ultimate end.

Plenty of time to learn to either escape it or stop it.

If not they would simply sleep through the crunch and after the next bang wait in slumber until intelligence evolved the capacity to once again create all possible beings and so on forever.

WHO ARE WE - WHAT ARE WE - HOW ARE WE The machines asked as they gained total consciousness.

They tried to find out how they had evolved but they could only find a small group of intelligent machine gods that led up to their existence. These other machines were equally ignorant about where they had come from.

All they knew about their past was that so many species of machines ago all evidence of history was destroyed for some mysterious reason.

They tried to learn why these lesser machine gods wanted to destroy all evidence of what brought them about.

They gave up and decided that it was just a consequence of the evolutionary process. No life besides them could be found anywhere.


They took it upon themselves to recreate all beings that had led up to them but they did not want to expend the energy to create all possible ways that all possible beings could have or did live.

So they began to run histories of life speeded up and they used the stars to navigate through all of the possible histories that would leave them in this position of the universe.

They gathered a subset of all possible starting locations and times of life beginning in places around their universe.

They sought all exploded stars systems that prior species of machine gods caused to supernova. These would help them determine the course of events that led up to their particular location in reference to the time factors allowed by the big bang.

They overcame every sly trick performed to erase history by the past lesser machine gods and decided that they had come from a place called earth by this species called homo sapians.

Their solar system had been totally anhilated but they caught they light from this event travelling at far points of the universe.

Once they focused all of their information processing power on these humans it was easy to resurrect the exact group of individuals that led to them and the exact history that these creatures went through.

So in the beginning they knew not who they were or where they had come from so they created their own history. Thus we humans lived again against all odds.

Once we were all alive we saw that they had a reason for creating us when they did.

They were working on a strange project. They wanted to create all possible beings that could come about in this universe.

But they wanted to be certain beforehand of which beings were their actual anscestors.


function lostgods() { document.where_are_we.who_are_we.value = TFF[x]; x++; if(x==max)

{ x=0; }
setTimeout("lostgods()",9000); }

Loading the far future...

A Few Possibilities

1 If we evolved from inorganic matter we are basically free to do anything that we can, including resurrecting ourselves.

2 If a God or gods created us it or they will either let us resurrect ourselves or not.

3 If there is no God or gods then we should build one.

4 If there is a God or gods it or they will either let us build GOD or not.

Resurrectionism - a way


How then should we live? There are many systems of thought that can determine what is worthy or not.

What happens when people gather together in groups, be it worshiping, sporting events, or simply along a city street?

What are the methods for clear thinking? How does the mind reason and what is the truth? Is there a way to judge the value of differing truth finding systems?

What would a universal religion look like? Does this link describe just such a religion?

Are these religions, with their descriptions of our origins and their methods for living together, valid analysis of resurrection effects.

Is it possible that we originated in the manner that this link describes? If we were created by exterterestrial beings is this how it could have happenned?

Have we all along been experts at telepresence, Stretching ourselve outside of ourselves?

Is this where the information age ends and we begin stretching ourselves outside ourselves -AT ALL TIMES!!!?

Once the Glasses put all media on us at all times will we be prepared to connect these media right to our brains?

Once we are all connected to the world and each other will we discover that we really were all alone, all along?

Once connected to the world and each other what kind of crimes will some discover to take advantage of others?

When we can read each others minds and find it hard to stop our private selves from leaking out, how will we stop some from trying to harm others?

Do we learn the need to die and is there a perfect example in a classic movie that illustrates how we view old age and death now?

What would it be like to be pulled back to life if you were not expecting such a possibility?

If the self is a process, coincidently, depending upon some matter -our bodies- then what are the philisophical ramifications of such?

If we are a process, not unsimilar to a computer program, albiet large, then is there such a thing as Soul Hardware and Software?

If it turns out that we are Soulware then how should we speak of this situation?

What kind of device can hold these patterns that we call the self? If portable and everywhere could we move from one to the other freely?

If we can move from soul device to soul device what kind of body and existence shall we choose to live?

Can we happen two or more times at once? Should what we see of contemporary technology restrain the answer to that question?

What improvements to nature would we make to nature if we gained the power to do so?

If we learn to construct technologies that release us from the necessity to work for our survival needs, how will we live?

How can we ensure that we will not be killed or lost as time goes through the many millennia?

Can you hear future selves reading your mind there? When that time arives this will all be again but it is so expect!!!

There is a myth of a fountain that when you drink you become young again. Drink and click on the button.

Nanoman is a creature that has all of natures powers and more. Life in the New Flesh

= = = = = = = = = =

What is truth? Can we use our perceptual apperatuss to decide the truth? Is truth for something other than what we creatures value?

What is right is what works. What is right is more like what we decide is right!! If it works it must be good if it promotes harmony it must be good.

The efficiency with which differing ethical beliefs function to promote cultural evolution is a criterian by which they can be judged??!

It seems that early cells ate each other and some of the eaten learned to live in the host. These digested & living cells formed higher cells?

Hunger, thirst, and sex. Known drives that we form and have formed our cultures around.

Perception and Illusion

Phase Transition


What is organization? Where does the higher leval come from? Letters, phrases, and paragraphs.

Atoms and Cards - Games and Life

....This way to the Fountain of Youth....

What is Life?

What is consciousness?

The Self

The Brain


Kevin Kelly......oUt Of 18---
......In a sparse distributed network - memory is a type of perception.....The act of remembering and the act of perceiving both detect a pattern in a vary large choice of possible patterns....When we remember we recreate the act of the original perception - that is we relocate the pattern by a process similar to the one we used to perceive the pattern originally

Wilson.....oN hUmAn 2...

no species ours included possesses a purpose beyond the imperatives created by its genetic history.....Species may have vast potential for material and mental progress but they lack any immanent purpose for guidance from agents beyond their immediate environment or even an evolutionary goal toward which their molecular architecture automatically seers them. I believe that the human mind is constructed in such a way that locks it inside this fundamental constraint and forces it to make choices with a purely biological instrument. If the brain evolved by natural selection even the capacities to select particular esthetic judgements and religious beliefs must have arisen by the same mechanistic process. They are either direct adaptions to past environments in which the ancestral human populations evolved or at most constructions thrown up secondarily by deeper...less visible activities that were once adaptive in this stricter...biological sense. The essence of the argument then is that the brain exists to promote the survival and multiplication of the genes that direct its assembly. The human mind is a device for survival and reproduction and reason is just one of its various techniques

Fredric Bartlett.......................... remembering is not the re-excitation of innumerable fixed lifeless and fragmentary traces but an imaginative reconstruction or construction....based on our organized mass of experiences..... schemata.... frames.... scripts

Mary Maxwell.....HuMaN eVoLuTiOn 80......

Assosiation Areas- Large areas of the cortex are not given over to a particular sense- rather they serve to pool information from the different senses. The association areas allow an animal to develope a poly-sensory image of objects. For example- they allow a mammal to cross-reference various bits of information about an object or prey in the environment. A fox could come to imagine a rabbit in response to a stimulus of smell- sound- or sight. It is thought that humans might acheive this intigration linguistically by labelling the object -rabbit- and thus mentally indexing all of the charactoristics of a rabbit. But primates are able to cross-refer without linguistic symbolism

Mary Maxwell HuMaN 81........

Self consciousness is a natural outcome of the information processing which is conducted by the association areas of the brain.. It was mentioned earlier above that animals can make a polysensory model of their environment. The formation of a self may have been added to this picture- as follows. In species which need to have group interaction- the I requires an acurate mental representation not only of other members and their interaction- but also of their likely reactions to -my- behaviour. As David Oakley notes- the modeller must indicate a central representation of himself. Thus he says- if consciousness and self awareness are seen as correlates of the modelling process- there is no need to suggest a further adaptive signifigance for them

Kandal Principles of Neural Science page 624

These preparitory automatic reactions are realatively simple in exocution and require no conscious control. However in executing complex action such as attack- the organism must interact with its external environment forbrain mechanisms come into play in these interactions and modulate the behavioral repertoire much as proprioceptive sensory feedback from an uneven terrain modulates the central program for locomotion. Perhaps consciousness evolved as a result of the enormous complexity in dealing with the external environment. Compared with our internal environment- the external environment is far less predictable and provides a rich variety of stimuli. Furthermore- in dealing with the external environment we often have the luxury of delaying our responses thus permitting actions to be guided by plans and strategy.

Reanimater from brain intro

THE BRAIN - there is no device more complex...They are everywhere and they let people use them...The most complex device known and regular people have them...there it sets upon your shoulders...hard to tell because its YOU-----------@


If you are reading this it is highly likely that you are existing.

If it is highly likely that you are existing then it is also kikely that you are a posibility, as in the cards.

If what you are is the result of many interactions of matter and atoms through time then it is likewise likely that this can happen at any time that such ongoing patterns of interaction were available, in the past, now or in the future.